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  1. Nice to read your review. Im coming from the X side and we have been curious about the Yatch Club experience.
  2. I agree! I am coming from cruising exclusively celebrity for about 5 years and used to an all inclusive experience. Now celebrity prices are getting out of control but I started comparing with Royal and it is difficult to do a side by side comparison. So far it looks like even at the inflated X prices, what you get it is still pretty good value. I was thinking that maybe I am not looking in the right places for Royal. I just turned elite with X, which means Diamond here and trying to understand how / when balcony discount applies. And I am starting to think that I will miss having an included
  3. Wow, thanks everyone! I am in the US and sign in into my account when looking. I noticed that RC has non-refundable deposits and that is what I found in a TA website for next March. I may have to call to see what tge cost of a refundable deposit is. Celebrity just started this non refundable deposit pricing but the difference is not much in terms of savings. Oh, are there any perks for booking suites? Like a bev package, internet, obc? Good info on this thread!
  4. Thanks @Host Clarea and @Biker19 This is very helpful. Now to go back and check what I would like to do! Last time I was on a Royal cruise was in 2012!
  5. My status with Royal just changed to Diamond due to been Elite with Celebrity. I am now considering Royal cruises but I don't understand how the balcony discount works. I have been looking at some cruises and do not see where the benefit of this discount is shown. Also, if I book through a TA and I mention this benefit, is there a fixed % off that is taken? Thanks
  6. I am a Beachbody on Demand (BOD) subscriber and and follow the programs from beginning to end. When I go on cruises, I download the workouts for the week with the intention of doing them but then cruising gets on the way and I either run on the deck or do the treadmill. There seem to be some interesting classes: The HIIT - Class Package: $49 - 4 classes or more Contender - Cardio Boxing Class Package: $69 - 4 classes or more I would be interested in either one of them but my questions / concerns are: Is there a minimum required for the class: What happens to m
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