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  1. Thanks for posting your video! It brought back great memories of our first cruise with our children on The Gem 😊
  2. One of the main shows on the Joy is Footloose.
  3. We are a family of 3 & NCL gave our FCC to each of us in three different amounts on each of our Latitudes Accounts. Our two Cruise Next Deposits were put back in my husband’s Latitudes Account labeled Cruise Next Deposit, since they were originally purchased in his name.
  4. Believe me, I would have asked for a refund if I could have, but we canceled our cruise before NCL did. So the only option we were offered was FCC. Ridiculous that the credits are all separate! As far as I know, my son doesn’t have a Latitudes account. So if he signs up for one, then FCC will appear in his account?
  5. My 19 year old son doesn’t have a Latitudes account because the one prior NCL cruise he went on with us was when he was only 10 years old or so. The FCC’s for our March 15th cruise that we canceled are in our Latitudes accounts. Does anybody know where his FCC would be, other than on the email we received for him from NCL? We booked through travel agent & I sent question to her, but she is on limited hours & next time she is working is tomorrow. So irritated that this isn’t just one FCC for the amount I paid. My son didn’t pay for it & we d
  6. Are there many Mini Suite with Balcony staterooms that are fully obstructed?
  7. Do you think there is a better chance of having a minimum bid accepted now with people possibly cancelling their cruises?
  8. This photo seems to have been taken in the Haven waiting area at the cruise terminal. I don’t think she’s on the ship yet, so no adult beverages 😉
  9. Hope you & your sister enjoy every minute of your time together on the Bliss!☀️⚓️🏝 Looking forward to your photos & whatever you are able to post.
  10. People who are following this wonderful & informative thread: PLEASE I beg you, STOP quoting posts of multiple photos from the original poster!! Just make your comment or ask your question. Thank you! 😊
  11. And actually from what I remember reading, you don’t make reservations for cavern club. You just show up & people say it gets mobbed, so try to get there very early the night of show.
  12. Can only book those once you’re on the ship, from what I’ve heard.
  13. I wouldn’t rethink The Breakaway. Yes, it does get crowded in places, especially the Atrium, where they hold many games and events. Still don’t know why they hold so many activities there....it’s just not a big enough space with not nearly enough seating for the # of people who want to attend. So that gets a little frustrating, but no reason to skip this ship. There are areas that aren’t crowded, like the Waterfront, which has lots of great seating & a relaxing place to spend time. Also, Spice H2O was really nice and no children allowed there during the day. At night there are so many venu
  14. The 3 Meal Specialty Dining Pkg. is currently $118.80. Does anyone know, is that the final price or is there additional tax & gratuity added to that $118.80 once you put it in your cart?
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