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  1. For cancelled cruises - many are still waiting on cruise/cruise planner refunds from Royal well beyond the promised 7-30 days & without any updates. Some of whom requested a refund but were instead “accidentally” issued FCC. What are you doing to get your money back? What worked and how long did it take? 1) Keep calling Royal (share # and dept you spoke with) 2) Email Royal executive (share email address) 3) Dispute charges with your credit card company 4) File a complaint with Federal Trade Commission (share example) 5) Anything else? L
  2. That’s not right, unless the cruise was paid with a previously issued FCC. Did you escalate this? Curious as I think we see a lot of FCC “accidentally” issued. 🙄
  3. Got our refund today for items we proactively cancelled in the cruise planner for our March cruise on Oasis. Just waiting on the cabin refunds. Seriously doubt, anyone will sail in May on Harmony, but will wait on Royal to cancel that one too. It’s really bad y’all.
  4. For those wondering about the refund confirmation email, I created a thread about that and experiences.
  5. @mariamtzj (844) 278-9745 Is the number for AirtoSea questions. Good luck!
  6. I would call Royal to confirm. Be sure to ask what, how and when👍🏽
  7. This is part of my rationale for refund instead of FCC - they rarely get it right and it’s applied wonky.
  8. I know that Royal Carribean is super busy. However they need to do a better job with communication. If they say an email is going to be sent confirming something, I would expect to see that email in a timely fashion or an update explaining the delay/ why it isn’t happening. I canceled my packages in the cruise planner yesterday and hope to see those refunds soon. Not sure when I will receive a refund for the actual cruises, but will give it up to the allowed 30 days. Thank goodness I put this on my credit card which I have the right to dispute charges of canceled items. Document e
  9. If your cruise is within 30 days, it will automatically be cancelled and 125% FCC issued next week. However, if you want a refund instead of FCC, you must request it. Those impacted by the 30 day cancellations should have received an email from Royal with these options. If your cruise is over 30 days away, you can cancel within 48 hrs of the departure date and get 100% FCC. Either way- contact royal or your TA for options. No one is receiving refund cancellation acknowledgment emails from royal, despite them saying we should..
  10. Update Finally got through to big box warehouse. They wouldn’t call over to Royal to cancel, but completed another cancellation form on our behalf AND sent me an updated invoice which stated “Your cruise was cancelled on 3/14/20” along with the amount to be refunded. I feel a little better now that I have some documentation. I also cancelled all my packages (dinner, beverage & zoom) on the Royal cruise planner and received emails confirming such. Whatever you do - get documentation!
  11. @CentralNY1 Thank you. I booked via big box warehouse so also submitted a refund request through them. Also cancelled beverage and dinning packages on the cruise planner while the cruise is still showing on Royal website. I don’t have confidence that this will be taken care of (refunds issued) so doing all I can!
  12. Our cruise in 2 weeks was cancelled. I followed the steps in the email sent by Royal for a refund (rather have my money back), instead of FCC. However, I didn’t receive the referenced confirmation emails (2 reservations) which I want for documentation. Has anyone received refund confirmation emails? Thanks!
  13. Same- just make changes, not to cancel. Hung up..
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