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  1. The "Library" on the Symphony is located in the Card Room, Deck 14, just behind the aft elevators. Not much of a library, but definitely a quiet place to read or do homework,
  2. It could be because I told them I've been there lots of times previously and that I'm cruising with my 85/90 year old parents and wasn't going to put them in a taxi to get there and find out there are no lounge chairs around the pool left that they may be doing this for me.. BUT.. I will definitely report back and let you know what happens...
  3. Excellent point.. thanks for pointing that out... Looked it up and Adventure starts next month out of Ft Ldle so if someone sees this or I can ask again early December....
  4. I tried to goggle it, I tried to search it here, I even posted on the Royal Caribbean site can someone PLEASE show me where I can find the menus for the 6 night Western Caribbean sailing on the Adventure of the Seas.. We want to make reservations for Chops but would like to know which night to make it based on whats being served each night... Can anyone please show me where to find the menus? We're not sailing until March 8th but want to put in our reservation request early. THANK YOU SO MUCH...
  5. Thanks everyone.. I finally found a telephone # and called.. They only have package deals on line for reservations but yes, I was told I can call them right before I leave home and let them know we're coming and they'll save 6 lounge chairs for us around the pool... Just that type of Customer Service is the reason we keep going back there...
  6. I have emailed them now twice with no reply. There are 6 of us and we just want to go to Paradise Beach, know we have lounge chairs reserved for us around the pool and eat/drink off the menu... no "special" package... Do they still offer that? Do I have to make a reservation for us? What can I do to get them to respond? I do not want to grab a taxi, get there and then find out (1) there are no lounge chairs available for us and (2) they only take reservations that include their package deals and no walk in... Can someone help/advise me... Thank you
  7. First time in a Suite (Junior) on Royal and interested in trying the Coastal Kitchen. I know it is only available to us lowly JS'ers for dinner on a "if available" basis. My questions... ...Is this something we try to reserve ahead of time or upon embarkation? ...Should we try for reservations each morning, hoping for cancellations? ...Should we just show up to the CK and hope for the best? UGH! First world problems!
  8. The bottom line is you are suppose to be on the ship and sailing to get DAYS CRUISED counted... If one or two of you happen to get it without actually sailing, then good for you but someone at Carnival didn't do their job properly and might even be paying for it now....fired. let go or gone Plus, what if someone who was close to Diamond decided, I can afford to pay the cheapest inside upper/lower cabin, not show up, get my days counted and then be Diamond on my next sailing... You'd be surprised how many people would be willing to do that to "work" their way up the ladder....
  9. Newbie here doing the Equinox in January.. Wanted so badly to rent an Alcove/Cabana but looking at the pictures, very disappointed and changed my mind... Was hoping for some privacy and shade but this doesn't look like either... Not a big deal but thought it would be something different … not this time...
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