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  1. First time in a Suite (Junior) on Royal and interested in trying the Coastal Kitchen. I know it is only available to us lowly JS'ers for dinner on a "if available" basis. My questions... ...Is this something we try to reserve ahead of time or upon embarkation? ...Should we try for reservations each morning, hoping for cancellations? ...Should we just show up to the CK and hope for the best? UGH! First world problems!
  2. The bottom line is you are suppose to be on the ship and sailing to get DAYS CRUISED counted... If one or two of you happen to get it without actually sailing, then good for you but someone at Carnival didn't do their job properly and might even be paying for it now....fired. let go or gone Plus, what if someone who was close to Diamond decided, I can afford to pay the cheapest inside upper/lower cabin, not show up, get my days counted and then be Diamond on my next sailing... You'd be surprised how many people would be willing to do that to "work" their way up the ladder....
  3. Newbie here doing the Equinox in January.. Wanted so badly to rent an Alcove/Cabana but looking at the pictures, very disappointed and changed my mind... Was hoping for some privacy and shade but this doesn't look like either... Not a big deal but thought it would be something different … not this time...
  4. Looking for possibly a hotel that offers a day pass when docked in Freeport.. Has anyone done this and if so, which hotel, how much was it, how did you get there and back? Any information you can offer is appreciated. I did go to the Wyndham Resort & the Grand Lucayan Resort websites but could't find anything about them offering a day pass... Thank You
  5. thanks we'll go as soon as we board... the good thing is it's just the 2 of us so we're pretty much open to anytime that is available..
  6. Thank you... How do I know if space is available and can I make reservations prior to boarding or do it as soon as we board? I know on Carnival PRIORITY is on the boarding pass... how is it done for Royal? AND.... most important... My husband is going to be THRILLED to see a coffee maker in the cabin!!! lol
  7. We booked cabin 7644 on the Symphony of the Seas... Have ALWAYS done ocean view only so wondering... what can we expect with a Jr Suite... I tried reading up on it and got so confused decided you guys would answer me better!!! Am I correct in saying we can eat in a different restaurant other than the main dining room? Is it free? Does a Jr Suite come with priority boarding or any other "perks"? I read something about getting double points? Does that mean RCCL doubles your days counted? Is that for both people in the cabin? I'm very excited about the Jr Suite but also a wee bit nervous looking at pictures... I may never want to go back to an ocean view after this!!!! Thanks for any and all the info you can give me....
  8. You are Amazing ... thank you so much... Now more excited than ever to board the Allure...
  9. What is the Concierge Club Package all about? I am booked in cabin V1 on the Celebration... does that come with anything, i.e, like Priority Boarding? Thanks for any info you can give me...
  10. Too Funny... BUT PLEASE not my car!!!
  11. You are awesome for doing this... thank you so much.. I will be on the Allure 10/28 in cabin 3656. If you have a chance, I got a little bit nervous tonight when someone told me we'd have a lot of traffic of passengers going in and out of the dining room... Can you confirm if that is true? And if you happen to pass 3656 any additional information you can give me would be so appreciated. Also, upon boarding, where would you recommend we go to eat before exploring the ship? I am going to be following you the entire 2 weeks as I'm fairly new to Royal and looking forward to your review... Thanks so much for those pictures too ... WOW to some of those cabins...
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