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  1. Deposit only for five people, we had not made final payment yet. We did not have any purchases through the cruise planner either.
  2. One email to my travel agent and I had my money refunded five days later.
  3. US Army 1967-1969 45th Surgical Hospital, Tay Ninh 1968
  4. this happened to us once when the third person dropped out. The other two of us had an increase in our rate and we were able to keep the same cabin. Just to be sure why don’t you check with your travel agent.
  5. I spoke to a rep at RC yesterday who told me to give the doctor note to my travel agent and he would get it to RC. I think this is ridiculous and I’m sure he was misinformed. This can’t possibly be the way they are going to handle it.
  6. I have known that a dr note was going to be required but why call me? The strange thing is telling me to give the note my travel agent. I just don’t see how this can possibly be accurate information.
  7. Yes, I thought it was strange to get a call but the strangest thing was telling me to give the doctor note to my travel agent.
  8. I just got a phone call about an hour ago from Royal Caribbean telling me that I will need a Dr note to sail on my July 27 cruise because I’m over the age of 70. The man I spoke to said to get the note from the doctor and give it to my travel agent and he would send it to Royal Caribbean. Somehow this doesn’t sound right. Has anybody else gotten a call like this?
  9. So you booked the cruise with a non refundable deposit and with an agent that charges a cancellation fee. Some people do not even realize they are booking with a non refundable deposit. Next time be careful and use a TA that does not have a cancellation fee.
  10. I am in the same situation with a cruise at the end of July. School starts mid August so we cannot go any later. If we have to cancel the July cruise then will not be able to go this year.
  11. I sent an email about 2 weeks ago on the same subject but have not heard back yet.....they probably have a million inquiries about this.
  12. My cruise for the end of July dropped by $500 per person… Hard to believe… So I had the price adjusted with my travel agent. Hoping we will still be able to go.
  13. Our cruise is July 27. We are just waiting til final payment due May 3. If things have not improved by then will most likely cancel then. We want our money back, not FCC, booked with a refundable deposit.
  14. Thanks. Our cruise is not until the end of July so we’re hoping for the best
  15. So we are assuming if we cancel before final payment we get our deposit back in cash instead of FCC since we booked with a refundable deposit.
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