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  1. We were at Coco Cay last week. We swam in the lagoon pool which is free, used the beach which is free, ate the free lunch and drank the free drinks. Our cost to have a fun day at Coco Cay was $0.00
  2. Ha! Same looking duck sandwiches as when I was there. Enjoy your cruise, wish I was still there.
  3. Yes they still sell White Rain. I found it in the dollar store. Just off a cruise last week… The dispenser in the shower says body wash/shampoo.
  4. Thanks, actually there are three of us and I’m just starting to gather information.
  5. Are we able to get a table by ourselves or will they assign us to a large table with other people?
  6. When you get off the ship there are trams to take you to the entrance and then at the entrance you get on a different tram that will take you right to the lagoon pool
  7. Here are two pictures of the oasis lagoon pool which is free of charge to use. Water is very shallow and there were several families with small children enjoying this pool. Also lots of chairs available many of them with umbrellas.
  8. All I know is his name is Leonardo and he calls himself Leo, didn’t catch his last name.
  9. Just anyone know where Leo worked before he came to the mariner diamond lounge? I can’t find him on the spreadsheet. Just wondering…
  10. I just got off the mariner two days ago. I had D24 it was outside on deck 4
  11. Well..... The duck sandwiches did not look very appetizing!
  12. We didn’t spend a single cent at Coco Cay. We used the free beach, the free lagoon pool, ate the free food and drank the free drinks. We had a wonderful time.
  13. The tram has certain stops to pick up people or let people off. Also it comes around to every stop about every 15 minutes. You can do a search for a map of Coca Cay and take a look at it.
  14. As I said in my earlier post I just got off mariner this morning. Tao is not there, someone named Leo instead
  15. I just got off the Mariner this morning. On embarkation day we went to the diamond lounge at about 1 PM and there were duck sandwiches and some other sandwiches I can’t remember what kind and also cookies and apples.
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