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  1. You have to scroll all the way down to the end to get the free dining choices.
  2. I did the blue lagoon excursion two years ago before Covid. It was a very nice beach for small children with no waves to knock them down and crystal clear water. Assuming it’s still the same there were ample beach chairs to sit on. My excursion also included a lunch
  3. You are better off cancelling the RC transfer and just take a cab to the ship. With the RC bus you will end up waiting at the airport for more passengers to arrive so the last time we did that we sat there in the airport for 3 hours. When your plane lands just get a cab and you will be at the ship in no time at all.
  4. We recently used Cortrans, it is $50 pp round-trip and took 45 minutes each way. They were on time both trips. Will use them again.
  5. My sister and I were on the Mariner recently and she eats GF. Talk to the head waiter on the first night. They were very accommodating with her meals. They even have gluten-free bread but you have to ask for it. They even made her a gluten-free dessert each night.
  6. We cruised the week of August 30. Each morning we asked for the breakfast trays to be brought into the room and actually there were two trays and they were heavy so it did not seem to be a problem they just brought the trays in as we asked.
  7. We asked for the room service trays to be brought into the room and they happily did so
  8. I cruised the end of August. Only half of the Windjammer was open but then again with such a reduced number of passengers there was plenty of room in the half that was open and a large variety of food to choose from. The crew does serve you. I don’t know about the breakfast selections because I always ordered room service for breakfast. We only went to the Windjammer for lunch and they are not open for dinner.
  9. Actually when I was on Mariner the end of August there was a flyer in my cabin saying the American breakfast was free of charge.
  10. I was on the August 30 sailing of the mariner. The continental breakfast and the American breakfast were both free of charge. I ordered bacon and eggs every day and never got charged but there was the $7.95 fee for food beyond breakfast. I think the no charge breakfast may have been because of the ships just starting to sale again so I don’t know how long it is going to last.
  11. Sailed from port Canaveral on August 30. My scheduled time was 1 PM but the shuttle got us to the port at about 1130 AM and they took us right in. Not many people around we were on the ship in 10 minutes.
  12. We have stayed at the Crowne Plaza or Sheraton at the Miami airport. Both have a free shuttle that picks you up at the airport to the hotel and then the next day we take a taxi to the pier to board the ship.
  13. Just off the Mariner. Windjammer open only for breakfast and lunch but there were plenty of people wearing shorts and sandals for dinner in the dining room.
  14. You didn’t say where are your cruise leaves from… Fort Lauderdale or Miami? If you’re flying into Fort Lauderdale and your cruise leaves from there it is best to get a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Otherwise you’ll have to find transportation between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We stayed at the Four points by Sheraton Fort Lauderdale airport. They have a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel so it’s very easy. The next day we took a taxi to the port. Very few hotels have shuttles to the port and if they do they’re going to charge you extra.
  15. We just are off the mariner of the seas last week. I traveled with my sister who eats gluten-free due to celiac disease. On the first night at dinner she spoke to the head waiter who arranged for her to have gluten-free food for Each night in the dining room. We were very pleased with the service and attentiveness to this matter. So you may want to do the same and speak to the head waiter on your first night at dinner. They even went so far as to send her gluten-free bread via room service for breakfast.
  16. Thinking about booking a cruise for January that stops at Coco Cay and just wondered if anyone can tell me if the ocean water or the pool water is warm enough to swim in that time of year. Thanks in advance.
  17. I was in Coco Cay last week. There were drinks servers everywhere around the pool and beach.
  18. Forgot to say there was never any explanation about why we did not have customs and immigration. Nobody said a word. We had booked a shuttle with Cortrans and they picked us up at 8:45 AM and we were at the Orlando airport by 9:45 AM in plenty of time to catch our 12:10 PM flight.
  19. I am just off the Mariner. There was no customs and immigration getting off the ship. The only thing that happens is the facial recognition device that takes about three seconds. Then you’re free. From the time we walked off the ship it was only 10 minutes until we were outside waiting for our shuttle.
  20. Had a wonderful time, everything was great. We ate in the main dining room and the Windjammer and I thought all the food was very good. Excellent service with crew happy to see us. They were 997 passengers on my cruise so everyone well spaced out. It is not crowded any place on the ship. Enjoy your trip!
  21. I just got off the Mariner yesterday that sailed out of Port Canaveral. My check in time was 1 PM and my sister had 2pm. We arrived at 11:30 AM and they took us right in. Within 15 minutes we were on the ship.
  22. We booked 2 guarantee cabins but did not get a assigned cabins until one week before the cruise. My cabin was at the back of the ship and my sons cabin was at the front of the ship and the travel agent was unable to get us any closer. Our reservations were linked to each other.... A lot of good that does!
  23. If anyone is interested you can get the rapid antigen test at the Orlando airport. This is my back up plan now.
  24. I did this and the closest CVS that does the rapid antigen test is in another state!
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