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  1. Hello all, we currently have 8 guests booked in 2 rooms, one regular and one crown loft. After calling RCL it’s about the same price for us to combine all 8 of us into the 2 bedroom aqua theatre than we would all spend on the beverage package and internet for the regular room. So, for any of those who have experience, is the room/royal genie experience worth having all 8 of us in a room? Is it spacious enough, or would it just be worth us staying in 2 separate rooms and getting the alcohol packages? We are all college studies not two families or anything. The royal genie and speciality dining is appealing, but just not sure about having all 8 of us in there.
  2. The method that eventually got an outcome was the Michael Bayley email, but before this I used all of the above methods and got nothing but semi-rude and aggravated seeming agents, and I really think I was extremely friendly the entire process, just confused. I was basically on the phone with RCI customer service and resolutions department all day Wednesday, bouncing back from agent, to supervisor, to agent, to team leader, etc. I contacted via twitter as well and received this response: "I'm truly sorry about this, Grant. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide the rate in the e-mail sent since pricing is subject to change. This is why we indicate this on the actual e-mail." I am extremely happy with my outcome, although I do believe a better system should be in place for issues, whether is be more power to lower level customer support agents to help resolve issues, or having them able to get you over to the correct person who is able to help with the issue. Had I never gotten that email via this thread, I would have never gotten a resolution. I do think it is a bit crazy that it took emailing the president in order to resolve their mistake, but I am happy with my outcome and just left it at thank you.
  3. Update: Just got our call, so the original two guests on the room were price protected and moved back down to their original rate, and the other two guests new added were given 25% off, bringing our new balance to around $700 instead of $1200. We also were given $200 onboard credit and 2 bottles of champagne per room. Much better than just being told "sorry." Thanks for the support everyone, we are so excited for this trip!
  4. For some reason what I’m seeing in a quick search it can’t be booked online for oasis, I know I’ve seen it pop up a few times when I was doing my original searches, but it would always say it wasn’t available. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. It’s not gone, it’s just called a four bedroom villa suite now. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I really am not trying to be one of those people who complains and demands things, which is another reason I posted here and asked for opinions on the situation. I truly would have been happy if Royal had said, sure, we see our mistake and can go back to the original two and original price, would that work? Instead, I was basically told, we messed up, we gave wrong information, but you can either pay it in 3 days or cancel your cruise and we still keep $1000 deposit. Just doesn't seem right, but after being on hold and transferred all day long, I really wasnt giving any other options, and figured I couldnt do anything else other than suck it up and be positive. I really am thankful for this post and getting the correct email!
  7. Yes the $2600 is for four. It was originally $1400 for two, which is what is bringing on the $1200 difference. It is an extremely confusing situation, hard to explain to the reps, and hard to explain on here. SO we paid in full $1400 for the original two. Monday, we saw a cabana in labadee opened, and opted to have a more chill beach day, so we cancelled out zipline, jetski, and mountain coaster (this total was about $1200 as well.) SO when you cancel an excursion, and it says its going back on your card, it really gets added to your royal caribbean account, sits for about a day causing an overage, which THEN gets put back on your card. Since we called before the credit had left our account, that extra $1200 for the added guests was being taken out from the excursion balance that was on hold on our account. The agent didnt look at this, simply saw the computer said -$21, told us that, and booked it. Still may be confusing, but thats the best way I can type it all out.
  8. I guess you're right when you put it that way, and I would see if it were all adults, but were all really close college buddies, as long as we have space to lay were all good.
  9. Update: Just received a call going over everything from executive office via the Michael Bayley email (thanks for that tip to whoever gave it). They said they were working on getting a resolution approved, but didn't want to let me in on the exact details yet because it is "pretty significant." Should be back in touch tomorrow!
  10. Original cabin for 2 was around $1400, now we are at $2600. Yes, it is a decent price, but if I would have been told this I would have waited and talked with the family of course before diving in. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Like I said in an earlier post, I was just calling to get a quote, really not expecting to book right that moment. When I was told this price, I figured why not go ahead and do it? This is where I’m frustrated, as I was never expecting to pay an additional $1200 right then and there, was just going to see what the price was and talk about it with the family. But no, the previous day we cancelled all excursions in Labadee since we saw a cabana open up, and opted to do a beach day instead of zipline, jet ski, and mountain coaster. When we cancelled, these credits sit in limbo in your royal Caribbean account for about a day before they actually refund to your card (I had no idea about any of this, as when you cancel it just says your getting a refund to the original point of payment.) since these funds were sitting in our account, the agent missed that and just saw the quote the computer was giving him, which was -$21. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. No charges have been made yet, just added to our remaining balance due Sunday. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. I was still unhappy with the resolution but didn’t know I had access to anymore resources that have now been brought to my attention from this post. What’s the point of being negative, as that’s all the comments you have made here have been quite irrelevant. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Thanks, shot him an email in hopes, but if this fails wil probably be my last try. I did include our status, and that we have occupied the presidential suite on oasis and allure, not at all for snooty reasons, really to show we aren’t just trying to get money back and mess with Royal, I really do think we are pretty loyal customers who have spent a good amount of money and time with these guys. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. The way you worded it made me a bit more frustrated, but hey on a brighter note I see your in North GA, were coming down from Woodstock! Hope you enjoy Harmony, that’s one we want to sail on next! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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