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  1. Thank you for your helpful comment. Especially when the body of her(jacinta) response clearly shows that there is a STANDARD of a free drink, as well as a free photo in response to your saying there was no standard, blah blah blah. Also, the op thanked me because she didn’t know about the second bottle, and was going to ask. But go back to yelling at kids for being too loud(a figurative expression showing the extent of your negativity)
  2. By the way, you can bring 2 bottles of wine per adult for a btb,
  3. If you are planning to arrive before cabins are usually accessible, then I would say totally worth it, and then some.
  4. Not right at the port, but a few blocks away there is a little city convince store. Extremely overpriced there, I don't recall if they had Red Bull.
  5. Unless things have changed, children have to be potty trained before going to camp.
  6. My point is that the Actual paper that you have to carry or remember. I was surprised that is wasn’t something on my sign and sail card. Offering more information that I thought others might appreciate.
  7. They do have a few different wine packages. Unfortunately they are paper "tickets" that you need to turn in for each bottle.
  8. Or maybe when you check the child in, they check the passenger manifest to see the child's age...
  9. We bought fttf for our June 1 2019 horizon sailing on may 6 2018
  10. I just checked the receipts, and I bought fttf on May 4, 2018 for cruise june 1, 2019. Before it opened up, the shore excursions tab was completely blank.
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