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  1. I have just been getting partial refunds, 177 here, 296 there, 383, 366, I am still owed 1819 I am pretty sure the 177 was steak house or chefs table as it said "funshop" Anyone else getting it this way?
  2. I was just confused, I tried again and see that $879 each for first two and $399 each for next two occupants, thanks for your replys
  3. I was looking at a new booking and didn't see a way to add kids, only total number of guests? This more than doubled what I typically pay. Is this a new change or did I miss a step during booking?
  4. We had a cruise for april which was cancelled. I took the offer of $600 OBC and rebooked 2 cabins for Sept 27th, I have roughly 2500$ for the 2 cabins, and show $400 and $200 OBC on the cruise docs. I received the email about our new cruise being canceled with another offer of $600 per cabin if I rebook. I called to rebook expecting I would have the original $600 OBC and receive the new $1200 OBC for the new booking cancellation. The carnival rep said I could only choose one offer! either loose the original $600 or the new $1200 This makes no sense to me at all, anyone else experience this and what was your outcome?
  5. If I take the refund, do I get the existing OBC from the previous cancellation or do I forfeit that?
  6. How do I find my cruise planner? is it somewhere on my info page or do I have to call carnival to get him? I lost the paper I had with his contact info. Thanks.
  7. I think something is broken on my account, no email about the cancelation for my april 19th, and I never received email earlier this month about the $200 obc to not cancel.
  8. I still have not received the obc offer for my April 19th cruise ugg
  9. do you play lots of slots or table games or both? I usually spend 400-700 on slots each cruise and have never had an offer? I know Im not a big roller, I 've seen people have the free drink card by the first evening, lol
  10. this happened to me, I sent in a price drop and my chefs table and steak house bookings disappeared for 24 hours then showed back up.
  11. GT is our favorite port, we sure will miss Topher 😞
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