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  1. If I take the refund, do I get the existing OBC from the previous cancellation or do I forfeit that?
  2. How do I find my cruise planner? is it somewhere on my info page or do I have to call carnival to get him? I lost the paper I had with his contact info. Thanks.
  3. I think something is broken on my account, no email about the cancelation for my april 19th, and I never received email earlier this month about the $200 obc to not cancel.
  4. I still have not received the obc offer for my April 19th cruise ugg
  5. do you play lots of slots or table games or both? I usually spend 400-700 on slots each cruise and have never had an offer? I know Im not a big roller, I 've seen people have the free drink card by the first evening, lol
  6. this happened to me, I sent in a price drop and my chefs table and steak house bookings disappeared for 24 hours then showed back up.
  7. GT is our favorite port, we sure will miss Topher 😞
  8. I got 152$ a couple weeks ago. nothing lately.
  9. just wondering if I am just in a que to receive it or if I should make a call, sounds like the phones have very long waits so Im hoping someone here has experience. We sail April 19th, paid in full months ago, but did apply for a price drop a couple weeks ago.
  10. take the amount of obc you have and transfer it to your casino account, then go to the window and cash out.
  11. wait, they don't have coke for rum and coke? eww now thats gonna be a problem
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