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  1. I typically tip liberally ( but small amounts) at all venues on Azamara. Yes I am from the US, but I always appreciate the good service I get. I have not heard of the Crew Fund. Does anyone have details on how we can do this. Is it really preferred by the crew to individual tipping?
  2. You are quite right . I stand corrected. I guess i was having so much fun I forgot.
  3. We booked the PALAZZO VENEZIANO in Dorsoduro. From the website it looks great.
  4. We were in GN/Taormina a couple of years ago. We did "The Godfather Tour" as a private tour to Savoca. It was amazing! Of course I'm a big fan of the movies. We are on the Venice to Rome cruise in August with stops at Ravenna and Giardini Naxos . I see Azamara is offering its own Godfather Tour this time.
  5. We were in St. Maarten last month. Along the boardwalk near the Court House there were plenty of beach bars that had sporting events on TV. I'm sure if it is a big match it will probably be on at one of them. Sorry, i'm an American..was more interested in the baseball playoffs.
  6. Thanks for all the information. Would you be able to post a few of "The Insiders", the daily planner? Would like to see some of the daily activities.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I think I settled in on a location. I am looking at Dorsoduro. It is close to the cruise terminal and still walkable to the San Marco area. Plus the location has attractions in its own right. The hotel I'm looking at will assist in transfer from the airport and to the cruise ship.
  8. I am not unlike you in that I want to stay in the "center" and "be there". My only concern is getting from the airport to the hotel and then the hotel to the cruise port. We have no problem with walking, bridges, stairs or luggage. I will study the website, but would welcome your specific hotel recommendation between San Marco and Rialto. Thanks!
  9. We are very mobile and can manage our luggage! Thanks for all the information
  10. I am starting early for my pre-cruise stay ( 2-nights) in Venice for Aug.2020. I have all the basic questions. 1. How do we get from the airport to the hotel? 2. At what hotel should we stay? We would put importance on location, being it's our first trip to Venice. 3. What are the must sees? 4. How do we get from the hotel to the cruise port? I have spent time online looking this all up, but Venice seems particularly tricky. Also as I have found with past cruises, the CC members are much more knowledgeable! Thanks for help and suggestions.
  11. Thanks for posting the Compass. Looks like the format has changed. We will be on in two weeks.
  12. We did! It was worth it and a lot of fun. More than half had some sort of theme dress items on.
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