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  1. How exciting!! I hope you have a wonderful time! If you happen to notice how much they are selling the drink package for on embarkation day, that would be great knowing.
  2. Thank you for the review! Can’t wait to hear abt your casino experience!! Does the chat feature on the app work on the Freedom- where you can text other guests without having to buy the internet package?
  3. That’s awesome! What e-mail address/sender name did it come from?
  4. I wouldn’t make a blanket statement that travel related tests are not covered by insurance, as it depends on the insurance company, I imagine. I Posted it because I thought it strange, and worth looking into as I know many are considering at hone testing. Obviously, I would confer with my insurance company if I ever decided to order the tests and try for reimbursement. This is all so fluid....
  5. I called the eMed ppl about the procedure code/diagnosis code they are putting on the invoice they send us after we are tested, and they said the code will be Z20.822 – Contact with and (suspected) exposure to COVID-19. I am guessing this is not a problem as RCL is selling these tests to presumably healthy ppl (not necessarily only those who have been in contact with suspected Covid exposure) to fulfill their requirement for pre-cruise testing...?
  6. Thank you for the review! I’m glad you posted the menus.... just noticed they removed our favorite dish from Giovanni’s -Gnocchi Gorgonzola.. 😩. Seriously considering cancelling our unlimited dining plan now. How was the singer in the pub... looks like John Winters...? I don’t think I have heard him before. We sail in a few weeks and really enjoy when they have a great singer.
  7. Unfortunately, October is a long time from now. Protocols can (most likely... will) change numerous times before you sail. I wouldn’t hold as the gospel anything said to you today, for a cruise 2 months from now.
  8. Seriously???!! And then wait in terminal, or in the parking lot...?, for hours before you can reboard at whatever ur check-in time is..??What??!!? What happened to testing during your first leg of cruise to qualify for the 2nd leg?
  9. Can the 50% off any 2 glasses of wine, beer or soda "throughout your sailing"... be used more than once, throughout your sailing? The "throughout your sailing" is throwing me off....
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions!! Sounds like a wonderful time!!
  11. Thank you so much for the info!! How much did taxi charge? From pier to airport? I'm surprised the bar stools in Solarium were not open for seating...especially if the casino was. Not sure the difference.... We will be on Ovation, but I'm guessing things might be similar. I have not used Port Valet, but supposedly it is a service (they claim letter will be in stateroom) where you can leave your luggage out the last night, and the service will take your luggage to the airport, and check it in for you, so that the next time you see your luggage again is when you arrive at your home destination. Keeps you from having the schlep it around Seattle until you fly out to go back home, and saves time at the airport when you go to fly back home.. I inquired with the port about this yesterday, and they said it was running....although I have not been able to preregister, so not sure if I believe them. Were the ports deserted, or lively with shops open?
  12. Thank you for sharing!! I have a couple questions.... Bar stools at even the vaccinated bars were off limits? Did you use the Port Valet service? Was there some sort of crowd control for getting off the ship in ports?
  13. On the 4th try... WE DID IT!! Moved to deck 7...!! Thank you everyone!
  14. I was afraid of that. While I don’t mind being on hold all day and keep trying to get an agent who will change my cabin... my travel agent has other things to do and people to service. I hate asking her to do more than she already has. She’s on hold with Royal now... this is call number 4 into them. I think after this, we are done.
  15. Will they do it for me, or I have to get my agent to call? She is swamped with work, and hold times are an hour +.
  16. So... cabins on deck 7 opened up and my TA tried to get me moved. She called twice, and both times was told because I have a gty cabin I was not allowed to be moved. 😩. Since hold times are over an hour, I think that’s the final word we will get from them. Bummer.
  17. Thanks everyone!! I called my TA. She called Royal abt moving me to a deck 7 cabin, but Royal said I cannot change cabin location, even within the same category. I had an inside gty years ago and could have sworn I was able to move within the same category. Oh well... looks like my deck 6 is not as awful as I originally thought. I can’t thank you all enough for you responses!!
  18. Great to know, Chiliburn!! I will definitely keep that in mind.
  19. Oh, wow! Thank you for those pics!! I never noticed a davit before!! I can manage the lifeboat like that. Not sure why the you tube video showed them looking literally in the windows of the lifeboat... it had to be the camera angle. Whew! You guys talked me off the emotional edge... thank you! This forum ROCKS and you all are AWESOME!!’
  20. That looks like a great one! No obstruction... I would b thrilled with that!
  21. That makes me feel better.. thank you!
  22. Hmmm... thank you! I saw a you tube video of a cabin a handful of cabins away and on the opposite side of the ship, and it looked like they were looking smack dab at the middle of a lifeboat, and it literally filled up their view. It must have been the angle they took the video from. I understand I booked a balcony gty, for the first time ever, but that would be crazy! I would rather have an ocean view than have my entire view be of a lifeboat. I didn’t even think abt the davits, thank you for the info. Live and learn, I guess. ☹️
  23. That is incredibly sweet of you!! Thank you for checking for me! ❤️ I hope you had a blast on the test cruise!
  24. Ok. Thank you! I will try to get moved. Little obstruction is better than full obstruction.
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