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  1. Just curious, how soon will you be sailing again? we have five in the not so far future and I'm still not comfortable going.
  2. We were just told yesterday that Any booking with a NRD will not receive the deposit monies back. I waited over 40 minutes to speak to a resolution specialist and had the same answer given to me. I was furious with this answer. We have 34 Celebrity cruises in our history and have never cancelled a cruise before. We understand NON Refundable, but does the management there understand Corona Virus and the implication on peoples lives it has created. Anyway we ended up choosing a cruise so far out in 2021 so as not to loose our deposit. My $200.deposit will just sit there for another year. Meanwhi
  3. The" Big Wheels" and many others don't want More sick people in the state.
  4. We couldn't agree more with you. Someone at Celebrity should do a study on all of us (in the states too) that sailed back on the Connie than the Eclipse for years doing the14 nights. We strongly feel X makes more money doing 9-11 night sailings knowing they can sell the drinks package and other "perks"(what a joke") over and over. The idea of dollar bidding for a higher cabin is also a farce!! luvstosail Boston/Cape Cod
  5. Be kind , or don't post signed an old Perry Grant fan luvstosail
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