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  1. Thanks cruiseguy1016. Do you know what the large white space is opposite 4500 - 4503?
  2. Have cabin choice of 4500 - 4503 which are near theatre and 4546 or 4542 which are near casino.Also 4542 is next to a white space. Thinking this could be a cleaning cupboard. What cabin would you choose.
  3. Hope there are some New ports for Azura.
  4. Remember you have to do a minimum of one cruise every three years or your membership expires.
  5. Can anyone confirm if the staircase next to cabin D443 is for passenger's or crew only? On some ships the staircase can only be accessed by crew.
  6. Looking at cabins E428 or E429.Both are below seawalk and was wondering how affected they are by blue light from above at night. Also are there any noise/smoking issues as the promenade deck is directly below.?
  7. Can anyone confirm what is the nearest area to cafe caribe for smoking and is it port or starboard?
  8. Does anyone know what the large white space directly opposite cabin 8163 and between cabins 8159 and 8165 is?
  9. I was interested in booking a 2021 cruise and gave a list of preferred cabins to my TA. I have been offered a different cabin, on a different deck and in what I consider a poor location.I was also inform by my TA the cabins I preferred were available but the cruise line would not release them.Has anyone experienced a similar situation?
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