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  1. I was trying to make a $95 payment using 2 gift cards. $5 on one & $90 on other. It was one transaction and let me enter it it showed 1st card $5 and 2nd as $90 but would not let me submit it.
  2. Question: What can you do with GCs that have just $5 left on them? I did not know there was a $10 min and last month used a 100gc to make a 95 payment towards cruise (95 is amount need to pay each mo to be paid off by due date) so this month I tried to use the $5 on old gc and $90 off new one and it would not let me with error message min 10 required. I will adjust my payment amount for future now that i know but what can be done with $5 on the one gc? Thanks! Lisa
  3. Still waiting for my 3 100 cards to arrive.... Ordered last Monday 1-27 should I be concerned yet?
  4. I buy $100 cards cause it is what fits my budget and allows me to have 2 cruises pending. I took balance due and divided among how many months. 1st cruise is this year and final payment is in September so I pay 170 per month for it. The 2nd cruise final payment is Sep 2021 and the payments divided equally came to 110 a month. Together I paid 280 a month so I get 3 100 cards every month to pay off cruises in a smaller monthly payment rather than 1 large payment in sept. The left over 20 on cards will help pay for cheers program.
  5. Years ago I booked a cruise through travelocity. I called Carnival with a few questions end at the end of the call they allowed me to switch to them as the "agent" and get more obc for doing so. I dont know if the still allow that but if your parents are willing to switch to Carnival as direct agent that may solve your problem because once i did that i paid carnival direct. Again that was 17 yrs ago but worth a shot. Otherwise just use it as obc credit for u? Good Luck & Take Care, Lisa
  6. Orderred my three $100 cards & 1000 point code. Ty all so much! Good till next month....
  7. scliq


    Thought it was on Grand Turk 😢
  8. They run out before I get a chance because it seems they add them while I am at work. Hoping they will start adding them at different times! All I want is 3 a month to pay for my 2 cruises...
  9. IMO absolutely! The main benefit for us was bypassing the long lines at check in. We arrived at terminal at 1130 and in our cabin at 1155. It was raining and cold and the line out the door.
  10. Im an allstate customer and I am have the same problem.
  11. Same, we can hope they r updating with new items!
  12. I only know about on Carnival Sunshine. Their areas were both open for breakfast and lunch. At breakfast it is made to order omelets at both with extra items at Cucina. At lunch its a Mongolian Wok & Italian pasta with whatever meats, vegies and sauces. They give you a pager for when its ready. Imo best breakfast on ship!
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