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  1. While I know things are different in the UK (no such thing as “refundable deposit”, for example), at the end of last year I added Plus to the three Princess cruises booked for 2020 at the rate of £35 per day. No reference at all to any price changes. The sad bit of course is that we only went on one of the voyages 😏. Paul
  2. Nice to see everyone getting things done for what will surely be the strangest Christmas on record. Most of our conversations seem to be about how we can see our children and the mother-in-law on Christmas Day without breaking the UK maximum three households rule. Let’s hope it’s back to normal soon. To give ourselves something to look forward to, we’ve actually booked a cruise! 12 nights round Britain at the end of August on Sky Princess. And it hasn’t cost us anything yet to take the gamble that the voyage will happen - FCC from this year covered the £50 deposits.
  3. Our letters today re the cancellation of our 21 May cruise confirm that we have until the end of THIS year to claim a refund. As they cancel more and more cruises it presumably benefits their cash flow if fewer refunds are made. Personally I don’t believe cruising will resume until a vaccine is developed and delivered because social distancing is impossible on a cruise ship and there will still be cases of the virus in every port you visit. By the end of NEXT year hopefully it will be clearer on the vaccine the situation and the FCC could have merit. By bringing the refund decision
  4. My apologies. I should have written “In my opinion”. Sorry.
  5. Yours is a very considered response and I hope if this has happened or does happen to others that they take your advice. In our case I am not concerned about the money spent so far or even the new demand for a little bit extra. The purpose of my OP was to warn travellers to keep looking at the website to keep up to date. If Princess cancels a cruise you have a prima facie case to claim on your travel insurance. If it is deemed that you cancel, then you need to have an insurable reason to support any claim. In the UK deposits are not refundable and significant amounts may be at stak
  6. My point is that it wasn’t part of the original terms. The original terms were £1 each on booking followed by final payment 90 days (since changed to 60 days) out. There was never any requirement to increase the deposit. Princess have changed the terms and added a new payment with no notice and a penalty of cancellation if not adhered to. And, as I didn’t learn about this until today, it was impossible to satisfy the new terms demanding payment yesterday. The understandable thing that Princess has done is move the final payment date to 60 days out in the hope that thing
  7. It's the timing of everything that makes me suspicious. No emails or warnings, just a new booking confirmation issued late on the day that I was supposed to make an extra deposit. As of yet I haven't received an official cancellation notice.
  8. This is normally the case with £1 deposit schemes through online travel agents, but our previous confirmation just said balance due on April 5th - no interim payments.
  9. This morning (2 April) I read a new Booking Confirmation from Princess which must have arrived in my inbox yesterday evening after I closed my iPad down. It relates to the 4 July 2020 cruise from Southampton to Scandinavia on Crown. The new confirmation stated that I needed to pay an additional “deposit” of £98 by April 1, 2020 or my cruise would be cancelled. I then checked the Cruise Personaliser and checked the Payments section. Sure enough, suddenly in red was a request for this extra money by yesterday to avoid cancelling the cruise. This wasn’t there on Monday when I checked
  10. We are booked on the 5 night Grand Prix cruise from Barcelona on 21 May. This cruise is still being advertised, despite Spain being in lockdown and the Grand Prix having been cancelled! Personally I don’t think there will be any cruising in Europe this year and the cruise lines need to recognise this. I understand there will be major cash flow issues and that some cruise lines, like many other businesses, will not survive. For this reason I think we’ll be faced with accepting FCCs if we want to cruise in 2021 and onwards. In the meantime, Azamara please recognise realit
  11. We are Azamara Newbies this year, going on the Monaco Grand Prix Cruise. Lots of the tips on this board have been very useful and thanks for them. We have done about 20 cruises on other lines but I have to say that the excursions available for our cruise seem incredibly expensive. We have booked the GP trip itself but for the other ports we’ll do our own thing and we’re really looking forward to the whole cruise. Any other tips which might persuade us that paying for the cruise line excursions would be worthwhile? Paul
  12. The only way I was able to get “Ocean Ready” was on my laptop. I was able then to print off the Medallion boarding passes and we will collect the medallions when we embark (UK passengers so they won’t post them). The only need for a phone or tablet that I can see is to have the useful new version of the Princess at Sea app.
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