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  1. Not sure why COVID stops Plan A - it’s exactly what we did! Have a great cruise, you’ll know what to do when the time comes.
  2. I must be missing something. Celebrity makes great play of the “Always Included” deal. “Drinks. WiFi. Tips. Always included”. We prepaid Murano for one evening on our cruise in August and never considered tips - they’re always included. Having said that, our service from the waiter and wine waiter in Blu was so consistently good that I slipped them a few pounds in cash on the last evening. 😂
  3. We got our email on 25th July for our 14th August cruise, so about three weeks before.
  4. You’re right, it will be going there. We’ve just booked (Aqua).
  5. We’re considering the now UK itinerary for the three nights at the end of October. Currently Aqua is showing £599 and Retreat £799. From what has been said I think, although not much extra, we should do as you suggest and save our suite experience for warmer weather. I disagree with you about Blu however. We were on the 14th August cruise in Aqua and Blu was a great highlight. While not everything on the menu suited me, there was always something and we found it always cooked excellently and to our liking. The real highlight was the intimacy of the restaurant and wonderful waiting staff. The wine flowed freely (literally, with a Premium package), including some good organic wines which my wife can only drink. They do say “never go back” and it’s possible if we rebook Aqua we might be disappointed - but we’ll probably take the risk! Paul and Karen
  6. From experience I can tell you Celebrity does (although just the outskirts)!
  7. Keep checking. We wanted to do the Titanic trail on our cruise just ended. Initially we got the message “fully booked”, but a couple of days later there was a selection of times. Good luck!
  8. Remember the half hour from Invergordon to Inverness!
  9. Thanks for your reply. Even if we have a drinks package, we have often bought a bottle each (assuming can find an organic wine she fancies) and drunk them over a couple of nights. I think we do get some sort of discount on the advertised bottle price.
  10. When drinking wine, my wife Karen can only drink organic wines. Can anyone on board - or anybody else who might know - tell me if the wine list contains a few organic wines please? Otherwise she’ll be sticking to expensive cocktails 🍹😳 Paul
  11. Because we have to choose a tour to get off the ship, and because Karen can’t manage any significant coach travel, we have booked the Glenmorangie distillery excursion from Invergordon. I’m not complaining 🥃😂
  12. Yes, I had forgotten that - it was another factor in our choice. In addition on the last Celebrity cruise we took (Eclipse) we were on a hump, so the similar location this time attracted us. Two weeks to go!
  13. It has been many years since we last cruised with Celebrity so are unsure of what all the facilities are like, but the availability of Persian Garden was an important factor in our settling for an Aqua cabin. Hopefully it’ll be a pleasant place to relax from time to time.
  14. The latest weather forecast suggests another heatwave mid-August. I’m pleased to say that we’re on the ship from 14th. Sounds ideal 😎🍹🍾
  15. For our 14th sailing we were offered both “West Midlands” and “Midlands”. Two extra locations to those already listed that I recall were Hereford and Barnt Green (which we chose). Solihull, Hereford and Barnt Green are all just about equidistant (c. 40 minutes drive) from us.
  16. Although only a 2 hour and a bit drive away we always travel to our departure point the night before, whether it’s flying from Heathrow or sailing from Southampton. Indeed if we’re leaving from Fort Lauderdale then we travel to Heathrow the night before the night before so that we are in Florida the day before we cruise. Adds to the cost, but it’s all part of the holiday. See you on board (or in the hotel the night before!).
  17. You’re right, no mention of limits there. It won’t be long now and we’ll find out how many others are sailing with us!
  18. I was basing the limit on this article https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/6285/ You might be right about the crew, but Silhouette is specifically quoted; And yesterday, Jo Rzymowska, Celebrity's vice president and managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, told Cruise Critic that the line was ready to increase passenger numbers on Celebrity Silhouette to around 1,500 as soon as government guidelines allowed:
  19. The latest rules say that cruise ships can now take 50% of their capacity, which in the case of Silhouette would mean 1,443 passengers (compared to 1,000 until 19/7). Our 14/8 cruise is still being advertised widely and I guess Celebrity will want to fill to the legal capacity.
  20. Sounds like a lot of unused cruise credit 😳
  21. Let’s hope that we will be also be able to get off the ship without being on a cruise line tour.
  22. My point was based on post #661 where the onboard poster said that he could order up to $18 on the premium package, which appears to be the normal limit of $15 plus VAT. As you say, the bar menu may still say the standard price with a caveat about tax in the small print.
  23. Not trying to be clever or too pedantic but, based on what was quoted earlier by someone on board, the prices on the ship include VAT. As does your limit. Hence the $10 drink will be shown as $12 on the price list and your limit will be $10.80. The difference payable will be $1.20 (including VAT). I assume that the 20% tip is added to this.
  24. Thanks, that’s great information. Looking forward to it all.
  25. Our dining is listed as “Cel Sel”, which I assume is Celebrity Select Dining. However we are in an Aqua stateroom and I understood we would have access to Blu restaurant. Do we need to (indeed can we) book tables in Blu in advance or is a table guaranteed for all Aqua cabins?
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