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  1. Been on Cruise Critic for a lot of years, and haven't ever heard of this site. Thanks for posting. It will be very helpful. Rollie
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. I thought we chose wisely. The cruise is 2 years away, but it sure is fun planning. Rollie
  3. Thanks for your reply. We picked this cabin for all the reasons you stated. We’re not worried about the sun on the balcony. Rollie
  4. We just booked an A1 cabin [1106] on the Millennium. Just wonder people's thoughts on deck 11 cabins. This will be a Caribbean cruise, visiting the ABC Islands. Any pictures would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Rollie
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. alcpa1 hit the nail on the head. We are loyal Celebrity cruisers, but with their new price structure, we're thinking about a change. We want to upgrade our cruise experience, so have decided on three cruise lines, Azamara, Viking, and Oceania. We would like to try one of these cruise lines in the Caribbean first. That pretty much eliminates Azamara, unless your doing one of their really long cruises. Oceana has two Caribbean cruise. We like the Riviera round trip from Miami. Viking has a nice round trip from San Jaun. Rollie
  6. We're thinking about taking our first Oceania cruise. We are experienced cruisers, with 40 done, mostly with Celebrity. We like the Riviera with the extra restaurants, and just wondering why people would prefer the R Class over the Riviera Class. Rollie
  7. We have been cruising with Celebrity since 2001. We just loved the experience on the Galaxy, and thought we were hooked for life. Their product a been downgraded to a degree, that one must book a suite to get that old Celebrity experience. We've been very fortunate to be able to afford it a few times, and loved it, but Celebrity has priced us out of the market. We will now be cruising with Azamara, Oceania, or Viking. Azamara would be our first choice, but we are looking at a round trip Miami itinerary. Oceania is the only line with that itinerary. Rollie
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. Sure is food for thought. Lol. A little insight on us, we are Elite Plus on Celebrity. We’ve been cruising with them since 2001. We want to get back to those days, when the service and food were over the top. I’m thinking Oceania will be a good fit for us. Another reservation question. If we book through a ta would we call them to make reservations? Rollie
  9. We’re thinking about booking the Riviera in a concierge class cabin. I understand we get priority restaurant reservations. Just how does that work? Rollie
  10. rollie

    2022 Itineraries

    I guess I should have said round trip from Miami. They have a round trip sailing in Nov 2021, but was told that is because of the pandemic. Rollie
  11. rollie

    2022 Itineraries

    I called Azamara yesterday, they said they don't do the Caribbean. The reason they have Caribbean sailing in 2021 is because of the Covid reboot. We can't book in November of 2021 because we already have 2 cruises booked for Jan of 2022, on Celebrity. Rollie
  12. rollie

    2022 Itineraries

    Thanks everyone for replies. We were looking for a Caribbean sailing like they have in Nov. of 2021. Nothing being offered. Rollie
  13. rollie

    Food Questions

    We also liked Blu. We asked the Matitre d' for a table against the wall. Very nice and quiet location. Rollie
  14. rollie

    Food Questions

    Thanks everyone for your replies. You have been very helpful with our decision to book a future cruise with Azamara. Rollie
  15. rollie

    Food Questions

    Thanks for your reply Phil. We will be sailing the Apex in Jan of 2022, in a sky suite. We got a great price and really wanted to try the Retreat. Price for suite have gone through the roof on Celebrity, and we can not longer afford the prices. Rollie
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