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  1. If I had a chance at a rear facing balcony, I’d jump on it. That being said, both cabins are great. Rollie
  2. Make sure to check out models. Celebrity sometimes sells older models of Apple products. Rollie
  3. I do remember those days when Celebrity put out ice and water in your cabin without asking. We always ask out room attendant for this now. A few cruises ago out attendant was reluctant to do this, but did with so prodding. It seems to me, a lot of things that separated Celebrity from the other mass market lines have gone to the wayside. It may be time for a change. Rollie
  4. We booked our upcoming cruise on the Reflection through Celebrity. I'd just like to say how professional their people are. We've had to make changes in our reservations on at least 3 occasions, and on each occasion they were very helpful and courteous. I know a lot of people book with a TA because of the extra perks, but I'm not sure they would be willing to invest the amount of time that Celebrity did with us. Thank you Celebrity. Rollie
  5. Is bottled water in your cabin a welcome aboard perk, or is it available everyday. I've heard both, and Celebrity's website says it's a welcome aboard perk. Rollie
  6. That wasn't the OP, I'm the OP, and this thread has kind of been hijacked. Rollie
  7. Thanks for that, it's exactly what I was looking for. Rollie
  8. And what is your point? Thanks everyone else for your help. Rollie
  9. Ok, we've pretty much decided to book our very first Oceania cruise. We are Elite Plus with Celebrity, but are looking for a change. I understand that one needs reservations for the speciality restaurants. How do you make reservations? Can they be made pre cruise? I understand that there are priority reservations depending one cabins. As we will probably be in an inside cabin, how hard will it be to get reservations? Thanks for any help. Rollie PS, not sure how much difference this makes, but we are looking booking the Insignia.
  10. We're thinking of booking our first Oceania cruise. We are loyal (Elite Plus) on Celebrity, and have most always booked right through the line. Not sure if this would be to our best advantage on Oceania. Rollie
  11. Thanks everyone for the feedback. We have two upcoming cruises on Celebrity. A transatlantic in November, and a b2b caribbean cruise, in Feb. We were able to get a very reasonable price on the b2b, in a suite cabin. After that it will be Oceania. Rollie
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. We are Elite Plus on Celebrity and find it hard to try another line, but as said, Celebrity has gotten out of hand with their suite prices. We still have 2 booked cruises left to go on Celebrity, then we will try Oceania. Thanks again. Rolle
  13. We have cruised over 20 times on Celebrity, the last few times in a suite. We really loved to suite perks and would continue cruising Celebrity but their suite prices have gone through the roof. We are thinking about trying out Oceania. The cruise we're looking at is the 7 day out of San Juan on the Sirena. We're looking at an inside cabin to keep the price down. We really enjoyed the suite life, but the cabin itself is not that important. What we really enjoyed was the food in their suite only restaurant, and the services provided. With all that being said, I think we may like to try out Oceania. What are your thoughts? Rollie
  14. I thing she is scheduled for refurbishment in November of 2020. I'm not sure why she is one of the last ship to be done. Rollie
  15. Thank you for your Infinity review. We will be in a sky suite, B2B in Feb. Good to know that she is still a great ship just before her renew. Rollie
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