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  1. We gave up and decided to do a charge back from our CC. We only had two deposits and two charges for beverage packages for a b2b. It took only 1 day to have the funds credited to my account.
  2. Thanks.....sounds as good as any other explanation.
  3. If you read the OP’s full post...stated that they received their full refund on their credit card.
  4. Wait....you received a cash refund for a cruise you had booked for January... that hasn’t been canceled by NCL ? Someone has to explain this to me. We canceled and were only offered a FCC.
  5. You’re lucky to have gotten one. We have a August 1st cruise on the Oasis....don’t know if it will come off. Have the $18 package for it. I would have been proud to hear that.
  6. How many folks here have lost their $18 drink packages with all these cancellations?
  7. It really doesn’t make any sense. They have our money and they issued a FCC to us to use for another cruise. What difference does it make if it’s a new booking or existing one?
  8. Have you actually done this? Our TA is advising us that NCL is saying it can’t be done.
  9. Can a FCC be applied to a already booked cruise?
  10. We received our FCC emails today indicating that two certificates were issued, but neither email had any facts and figures to show what was returned. I contacted our TA , who indicated that they didn’t receive any info either and it should be in my Latitudes account. I. Do not have a credit or coupon choice in my account. So I guess it will be a lengthy phone call tomorrow.
  11. Thank you for taking the time and sharing all this information. I very much appreciate it. Francine.
  12. I have my work cut out for me. Thank you! I very much appreciate all the information.
  13. Thank you both for all the great information. I’m now going to explore and hopefully book. Again, many thanks.
  14. I’ve posted on our very slow roll call and the port board but feel I’ll get quicker assistance here. We’ll be on the September TA stopping in Southampton for 12 hours. We’d love to grab an Uber/Lyft and visit Highclere Castle as its only about 45 minutes from the port. I’d like to purchase my tickets now, but need assurance that transportation is reliable and available at this stop. Does anyone have any knowledge about Uber/Lyft or even a taxi at this port? Thank you! Francine
  15. We’ll be docking in Southampton for 12 hours in September and we’d love to visit Highclere. How is the availability for Uber/Lyft or taxi for the 45 minute ride to there and back. I’d like to purchase our tickets as soon as possible. Thank you. Francine.
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