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  1. The yacht cruises are $500pp for FCC, which they do take out of the deposit amount they refund.
  2. Yes! Exact same thing happened to us with British Airways. I was blown away with how great the experience was...no questions even asked.
  3. We have some progress! I filed a credit card dispute on July 27th for our July 10th cruise that we canceled for a refund on April 6th after out return flight was cancelled (British Air refunded our FULL flight to/from in just three days!). Received the full deposit and final payment temporary credits on 8/18 (when the case changed to researching on the credit card site). August 26th received a refund from Crystal for the deposit minus $300 FCC ($100 pp). Do not see a Crystal refund for the final payment, but I'm wondering if that won't be officially refunded from
  4. I requested a full refund. Yes, I’m talking regarding the 25% cancellation fee. Not sure why you are saying agree to disagree because Crystal DID change their rules and cancellation fees were not based on when you booked, but when you canceled. Like I said, we booked in October for a July cruise that we cancelled on our own for full refund before 90 days. We did not have to pay 25% anymore, but there was just the $100pp FCC. I was just trying to help as $1000 seemed expensive, but I see now you were on a cruise more than 22 days and it is false and confusing to others when you say cancellatio
  5. Ok, that makes sense. Yes, it changed significantly. 25% admin fee before 90 data ($2,550 in our case) to just $200. Just trying to help you out to make sure you were refunded the right amount. Also, it may confuse others in the thread when you say it’s what you agreed upon at booking, which is not accurate as they changed it to new rules depending on when you cancel.
  6. They actually changed those rules and it isn’t based on what you signed at booking. We booked in October, but canceled in April and pay $100pp with the changes they made. Are you on a over 22 day cruse? It looks like that is $500pp. https://m.icruise.com/cruise-lines/crystal-cruises-cancellation-policy.html
  7. Is it a river or yacht cruise? I still see it bring $100pp on ocean cruises in 2021.
  8. Is the $500pp FCC because it was a 2021 cruise? I know they were now doing a $100pp FCC.
  9. When did everyone receive notice of their FCC? When you canceled, when you were refunded, or another time? I'm still awaiting my refund (file credit dispute on July 27th), but never received the FCC that my travel agent said I should get a few days after cancellation. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get in contact with them either. Thanks!
  10. Wow...that response is shocking, actually. "I hope" Why not give statistics on how many refunds they've processed, how many left to do, and what timeframe they are working on...that's pretty unacceptable.
  11. After reading these posts and seeing people who canceled after me receive refunds, I put in a dispute today for our July 10th cruise for three people that we canceled on April 6th. I had to call Bank of America to do this as they only allow you to dispute 60 days ago online. It was easy to do, but they said it could take up to two billing cycles, not to exceed 90 days for an answer. But, my travel agency has not responded when I've asked for a status, so feel this is the only way at this point as I'm not able to get any updates. Hopefully, this will help...
  12. Did you dispute or wait? Thank you!
  13. Sail Date: July 10th, 2020 Cancelled: April 6th, 2020 on our own after our flights back from Venice were canceled. We were paid in full, but cancelled before the 90 days, so we get a full refund minus $300 FCC (for me, my husband, and daughter). Have not received the refund or FCC as of June 11th, 2020.
  14. So true! That was our thought too...in case cases spiked again and then we were stuck. I'm glad you found some 2021 cruises! We are limited when we can travel due to my daughter in school, but found a nice summer 2021 crystal cruise to book when, hopefully, things calm down.
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