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  1. Had to inject about the TP. The Haven suites, I would imagine, are running the same plumbing as ALL the other cabins on the ship, which is a delicate system...they use the thin TP because it breaks down better and will not clog the system. Just part of ship life folks.
  2. I also found out, you don't have to apply all of your FCC to one sailing, you can choose how much you want to apply to each sailing, and get 20% off multiple sailings that way 🙂
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys, thinking about booking the haven on the Getaway next year. What category is your favorite and why? Right now it's between a forward facing penthouse or a courtyard penthouse. The courtyard penthouse is 200.00 more total. I have never sailed the haven, so this will be a special treat for me and my husband. We don't really use elevators when we cruise (Always take the stairs to help burn some calories), so how essential is it to have a smaller courtyard room for courtyard proximity vs a larger forward facing penthouse?
  4. I agree, Alaska/Med cruises roll calls can be really inactive, since they are very port intensive and a "bucket list" cruise for most people
  5. I was on March 29th Encore, going to play it by ear week by week...as it stands right now, in order for me to go on the 12th, the virus situation needs to be calmer, they need to be confident they will resume sailing on the 12th, and the prices need to come down. 1kpp for an inside is insanity!
  6. I plan to take the FCC...have some balances on other future cruises booked I can use it on, but sad that I can't do the Encore in april because insides are 1kpp 😞
  7. right! Im fine with the 125% but I was hoping for 150%, since t he price to rebook will probably be higher
  8. Not sure, not an expert. If most of the ports refuse cruiseships, I think they will postpone sailings, but the financially sound thing to do is to wait it out and keep it "Fluid" as NCL keeps saying, situations can change very quickly, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
  9. yep I agree with this, UNLESS there is a big incident that forces them to react more aggressively.
  10. Definitely post from you cruise, a lot of people will appreciate it! I plan to do so on the Encore on the 29th providing my sailing isn't cancelled!
  11. following along, thanks for the review, we all NEED this!
  12. I don't see anything on Disney Cruiseline website saying this???
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