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  1. In my opinion, a good bartender would serve the person who was there first. Everyone has paid the tips on the drink package. For the bartender to pass up a person who was there FIRST (obviously first, not like you both arrived at same time) to serve someone who had a "Discreetly folded bill" , if I was the person with the extra tip, that would make me put that bill back in my pocket. I know other people tip extra in hopes the bartender will favor them over other people in line before them, but not me. I tip extra for good service, and good service means serving people in order.
  2. The waterfront is the best part of an NCL cruise...that and the mojito bar.
  3. So sometimes I tip 1.00 per drink if I am sitting at a bar and get great service. Sometimes I wait until the end of the cruise and give a bartender I like 10.00 if I didn't have ones on me much during the cruise. I used to be like 'ugh I probably shouldn't tip anymore, already did 20%" but then I thought "Is the 1.00 tip going to change my life at all if I give it to someone for good service?" and the answer is no, it's not. So my personal tipping for drinks is "when I feel like it deserves it or if I simply just want to" I definitely do not tip BEFORE getting served in hopes of getting better service. the service should be industry standard, without an extra tip. To me, tipping before getting the drink/service is a little too much like a bribe. Everyone is different though and there's no right or wrong answer.
  4. Exactly. I don't mind NCL selling these things, but it goes in with the artwork, so many "lies" are being told. If you like it, buy it by all means but I wish cruiselines were held to a higher standard of the truth so so many people aren't disappointed when they go home and find out what they bought was not "rare" or "authentic" or "one of a kind"
  5. Where can you order the Basil Berry Julep? I feel like most bartenders wouldnt know what this is or how to make it!
  6. thanks for the review! And I think you should pause and think about the other passengers perspective on the observation lounge seats. They had no idea how long your friends were gone or what they were doing. I've asked people "is someone sitting here" and they respond "Oh yes they went to go grab a drink" and I find a seat nearby and I NEVER see the other person come back. So I can understand both sides to the story.
  7. I always love reading about people's "terrible" cruises. I took a 4 day Carnival cruise a few years ago where the bathrooms onboard were not 100% operational...that's right, we had to go to the bathroom without the ability to flush (You can imagine the smells) and had to really make use the opportunity to use restrooms at port. The staff refused to acknowledge the problem on board and no one was given any compensation. While definitely my least favorite cruise, I just set my mind to "I'm going to have a great time" and I did have a fun time! Do I wish that the whole ship didn't smell of sewage? Yes. But I chose to focus on being positive and having a good time on my hard earned vacation. I did leave a pretty low review and haven't sailed with Carnival since, though. When people complain about their meal not coming with the correct fries and how that ruined their cruise, I can't help but roll my eyes.
  8. thanks for the review, following along. Just booked for Aug 25th, eager to see all your experiences and tips and tricks
  9. I agree! Also, I've definitely have switched seats so parents could sit with their kids (flight attendant approved) before. Most people are understanding if you just ask them and explain the situation (Providing that they aren't asking you to give up a different class of seat)
  10. Really? I have always thought that NCL mixed drink prices were really affordable, especially for being at sea. I know I paid WAY more per drink on RCI!
  11. I agree with most of the posts here about the pricing being insane from Sailaway rate to "perk" rate. On our last RCI cruise, we didn't do the drink package because it was 800.00 for both of us and paid as we went...which basically equaled us not drinking. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I see it go on my bill, even though I KNOW its irrational, I don't want to have that bill be so big at the end of the cruise, even if it WOULD have evened/been less than if we HAD bought the package. It's a complete mental thing for me, I like to have a pretty all inclusive onboard experience because otherwise I am just a penny pincher onboard. In the interest of discussion, I think i got a pretty good deal this time around with my TA on our Getaway Feb 24th sailing. She is paying our beverage tips/room tips instead of giving us OBC, so we are paying 1850.00 for two people in an inside cabin, where we got to pick the room (deck 12 I think) with the UBP, no extra gratuities. Ended up being a savings of around 450.00 over booking through the cruiseline. I do think this was a pretty massive deal, which I doubt we will ever get again. Plus I had a 250.00 FCC which brought our price down to 1600 for two people, so 800.00 for two people with alcohol for 7 days = a fun time to be had 😄
  12. I never get when people freak out about what other people are wearing while eating. Honestly, my eyes barely leave my plate and I don't pay attention to other tables unless its a big family drama show or something.
  13. Surprised to see this thread! I am a go with the flow person, and I wouldn't have been upset at any of these things. However, on my last cruise on the Escape, I got seating in the MDR and sitting there for 1 hr with our menus and no one took our order, we got up and left. I mentioned it politely to the maitre d at the front and she went above and beyond for me the rest of the week. I've always had any slight problems I have had with NCL fixed with such detail. For example, with the MDR situation, I got a free meal at Food Republic, as well as 2 bottles of wine of my choice off the menu. Really, the whole thing was WAY too overboard as I wasn't even mad about waiting in the MDR for that long. I understand that other people would have been mad, but ultimately, I'm on vacation to have a good time, not to sweat the small stuff. Just try to enjoy yourself and let all this other stuff go!
  14. WOW that is so awesome, how did you make them?
  15. I went to hamilton even though we docked at kings wharf. Wasn't really too impressed with hamilton, at least the part that I toured...thats just me though!
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