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  1. Hello - can anyone who is currently sailing with a non-alcoholic premium package verify whether the package includes frozen drinks (e.g., virgin margarita)? Celebrity website does not indicate frozen drinks as inclusive although it is mentioned on other non-Celebrity websites. Don't want to purchase only to find out after we board that they are excluded. Many thanks!
  2. Aww shucks, your blog/review is over?!? Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to share your family vacation with us, I definitely felt like I was traveling along with all of you (and having a great time). This has been one of the most entertaining reviews I've read in a long time. Have to say I absolutely loved your little one's pineapple sunglasses and cat ears headband, lol. My niece has a similar headband, what a fashion statement.😄 Wish they had such fun gear when I was a little girl. So now the question is....how can we all convince your hubby to book another cruise soon so you can do another review? 2020 is too long to wait! Here are some ideas which I think would work well for your family: Norway or Galapagos - I haven't been to Galapagos (yet) but both destinations are great for scenery and adventure. We were really blown away with Norway (and yes, we hiked Pulpit Rock - where latest Mission Impossible movie was filmed - and were sore for the next several days so fair warning). Btw, I know you were considering Oceania which personally I loved, however, when traveling as a family, I really feel Celebrity is a better fit, at least for us. Thanks again for a great few weeks of entertainment!😃
  3. Terry, I have enjoyed following along on your journeys. Many thanks for taking the time to do such comprehensive reviews, they are chock full of good info and photos too! Appreciate you sharing all your insights. I just booked a cruise (with Celebrity) to Asia and will have to dig up your reviews to that region as part of my research and planning. I'm curious though....you've been to so many destinations, what would be your top 3 and why? There are so many gorgeous places that I know this will be a tough task to narrow down to just 3 so if you want, you can include more. :)
  4. Linda, You are such a gifted story teller! I can't tell you how much I (and apparently many others) have been enjoying your review. It has been informative, engaging, and totally entertaining. I can't believe you walked out of your car accident without any broken bones, you are one amazingly fortunate chick! And thank goodness for that or else we wouldn't have this wonderful trip report to enjoy. Can't wait for your later installments. And happy to read you booked another cruise (and yes, you just HAVE to do another report) so something to look forward to later. I was going to suggest you nudge your hubby for another cruise but you beat me to it. You have a beautiful family, your girls are lovely but I have to admit, I am smitten by your youngest....she is so, so cute and if I were to ever sail with you, I would have a seriously hard time saying 'no' to that face. Endless supply of candy? Sure! :)
  5. Nicnol, We hiked Pulpit Rock back in July 2014 while on a Norway cruise w/Celebrity. Not sure if this will be your situation with Viking, but Celebrity actually offered this excursion but only as a small group and you had to ask the shore excursions desk as this is not normally offered with their 'regular' shore excursions. After hiking it ourselves, I can see why they would not want to be responsible for a large group. So you may want to ask Viking if they can take you as a private group. While you could certainly do it by yourself, all the logistics/transfers have to go just perfectly and I didn't want to worry about missing the boat (literally). Just a few other tips I think would be helpful: 1) Use the excursion as an incentive to get in shape (if you aren't already). I was so concerned about my 8 year old son having a difficult time w/the hike but he breezed through it with no effort! It was my husband and I that had the difficult time! My husband carried a heavy backpack which really weighed him down, so limit what you have to carry. We took about 2hrs for the uphill climb and another 2hrs for the climb back down. We went during peak tourist season so you will likely be able to go faster with less crowds and also when the weather is cooler. 2) The climb itself isn't terribly difficult - but walking on very unstable rocks/boulders can be a hazard. You can easily twist an ankle with all the wobbly rocks so take it slow. And wear good shoes!! Either sneakers or hiking shoes will be fine. I actually saw a young lady with dress shoes (heels) on the hike, apparently she did not do her research! For comparison, we climbed the trail to reach the vista/overlook of El-Khazneh treasury @Petra this summer and while it was definitely challenging, I felt Pulpit Rock was more difficult (again, with all the wobbly rocks). 3) Highly suggest you take an Advil BEFORE you hike rather than waiting later. Man were we sore afterwards!! The good news is that our excursion to Briksdal glacier the next day, which was labeled as 'strenuous' by Celebrity's excursion team, was a piece of cake compared to Pulpit Rock. Enjoy the hike and Norway's scenery - it's truly spectacular. Hope this was helpful.
  6. Thank you for your reply. Would you mind sharing who you used for your Plitvce lakes tour? Enjoy the rest of your vacation, thank you for letting us follow along.:)
  7. Thanks for sharing your trip, I’ve been enjoying reading along and all the great pix. Two quick questions: 1) I noticed you did several food tours, was there a particular favorite? and 2) when you were docked at Zadar, did you take the ship sponsored excursion to Plitvce Lakes or use an independent company? I’d love to do the same when we’re there next summer but am concerned about the trip being too rushed/crowded and making it back to ship in time given the distance if we went independently, so any insights you can share would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  8. Sorry, can’t answer the spa or gym questions but do know why deck 17 was skipped....in Italy 17 is not a “good” number, similar to our 13 in the US, i.e., people associate it with bad luck.
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