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  1. If you log in you might be able to see your new cabin number on the upcoming cruises page. That's where I spied mine. (EDIT: Just reread your post, never mind)
  2. Booked directly with RCCL, so that might be why it's done before yours.
  3. I JUST refreshed my upcoming cruises and the Adventure 30 May has changed to Jewel and my stateroom has been updated.
  4. I just spoke to RCCL and they have confirmed that this is the case. Fairly horrible tactics, and I'm in the same boat as yourself when it comes to this. Have set an alarm to check my email every 30mins today just in case. Could it be that they are waiting for enough people to panic and cancel so they can then allocate staterooms more easily after the 28th? If so, that's reprehensible.
  5. Booked on Adventure 30 May and got the email to say we are now on Jewel. Reading the email it says: "All moves will be completed by September 28, 2020 and we'll send an updated reservation confirmation with your revised details to the email address on file as soon as your reservation has been updated. If you prefer to cancel your cruise, please call us at 888-281-9344 or contact your Travel Advisor by September 28, 2020." Am I correct in interpreting this as they may not have a new booking/cabin allocation until 28th September, and that to avail of a refund, we have to
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