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  1. The Vancouver to Seattle at the beginning of the season and the Seattle to Vancouver cruises at the end are spectacular for the itinerary on Carnival. Princess did a little more than carnival, like the puppies in the piazza, but I much preferred the younger crowd on Carnival both times we went that way.
  2. We've done Carnival twice and Princess once. The one way itineraries allow more time in ports than the closed loop week long sailings from Seattle. Princess service was generally better. That said, I would not hesitate to take another Carnival Alaska sailing. Our first one was an 8 day Vancouver to Seattle at the beginning of the season and it was a better itinerary as it included both Tracy Arm and Glacier Bay and was in ports until pretty late.
  3. We were on the first cruise after the Legend came over from Australia one year. There are two outlets in the room, one american style and one european style. I don't think they changed anything out between sailings. Maybe the Australians use plug adaptors full time on cruises? According to Carnival's Australian site, they have either 3 prong Australian plugs or adaptors with additional adaptors for sale. https://help.carnival.com.au/app/answers/detail/a_id/73/kw/electric
  4. We've had some good ones. Ufuk and Alexsandra on the Legend, a different Alexsandra on the Valor, Atilla on the Valor and then the Vista, Adri on the Conquest in 2013, Svatava on the Magic, Phillip and Eliza on the Triumph, and many others. We have not had a bad one yet.
  5. Chief, Thanks again for providing clear information about how this may go down. Would they use the original prints of the ship to fabricate the new section to replace the damaged section? If they have all the drawings they likely would need minimal additional measurements outside of the exact dimensions of the damage.
  6. That is what I am thinking. If they are actively welding/grinding/painting tonight they would need it closed. That would also mean that tomorrow it will open while at sea because it would be hard to do that making 20 kts. All things considered even with those inconveniences, I am envious of my friends who are aboard right now.
  7. Agreed, but I have heard it from two different families and one poster on page 14 that I do not know (or at least, don't think I know).
  8. I would guess that they closed it because they are actively welding steel sheets onto the hull during dinner time and noise/smoke would interfere with dinner.
  9. I have friends onboard right now, about 30 of them. They are saying the same thing. Aft dining room closed, being directed to midship and Lido. I can't imagine how busy both of those places are.
  10. I wish they hadn't stopped the live stream, that was interesting.
  11. The steakhouse has always been there. This area did not change. It is not listed on the list of restaurants because they consider it part of the buffet. It is open for lunch. https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/lido-marketplace (you can choose the ship and it will show that bbq is available). Edit to add: You can see it listed here: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4252
  12. That is pretty standard though. I wouldn't take it as proof yet.
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