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  1. Let's all hope that things improve quickly and get back to normal. For everyone's sake.
  2. Up to now, the departures to Alaska out of Seattle have been on Fridays. In 2018, Explorer did two 7-night and a 3- and 4-night Coastal cruises after Alaska and prior to the Transpacific. Ovation did not, in 2019.
  3. I was just there and still want more Hula Pie. Believe me when I tell you that it will comfortably serve 6, as it has for me in the past. Great photos and travelog, Bill, I enjoyed the fireworks from your Hale Koa Hotel, right next to HIlton Hawaiian Village. Again, thanks for taking the time to bring us all along.
  4. I read this article and did not see any reference to an RCI ship, just an opportunity for someone to come in and develop a multi-use facility capable of handling a mega ship. What did I miss? You won't see the itinerary until it is available to book. This thread does a lot of educated speculation, but until cruises are released on the website for booking, we won't know specifically what the dates and itineraries will be.
  5. Bill, I think you have done more to promote tourism on Molokai than Trip Adviser, lol! Judging by the local sentiment, however, I'm not sure that's a good thing.😱 When I lived on Balboa Island in the 70's, every summer someone would chalk "tourists go home" on the sidewalk next to the seawall. It's a universal sentiment for those who are lucky enough to live in a desirable area. Absolutely gorgeous photos!
  6. Congratulations! It will be the cruise after Liberty when you receive the benefits.
  7. Sorry I didn’t clarify in the post. The recognition should come on the cruise when you reach 700 points. The benefits come on the next cruise. I hope you and Norma Jean are well.
  8. You *should* (emphasis on should) be recognized as Pinnacle on the cruise that you reach 700 points, regardless of which day of the cruise that happens. I don't know who told you otherwise, but it is not accurate (and not surprising). Email the Loyalty Ambassador ahead of time to alert him/her of your upcoming Pinnacle status. The address is (two letter code for ship)_LoyaltyAmbasssador@rccl.com. Congratulations!
  9. Nothing perks up a gal quite like retail therapy -- I hope it worked its magic on Marie! Regarding the t shirt: 💙✈️🌐
  10. Lovely photos, Bill, I'm glad you had a plan B for Lahaina. And I'm glad you finally made it to Mama's Fish House. I can see why you have wanted to go there!
  11. It’s a typewriter eraser!! Love it! So glad for the link to this thread. Even though I just returned from Hawaii on Radiance 2 days ago, your threads are so interesting, I wouldn’t miss them for anything. It’s almost like taking another cruise, only much cheaper! Connie and Stan say hello and recommend Zippy’s restaurant. If you’ve never been, it’s a treat. All local and casual. There are locations everywhere in the islands except for one — Kauai, I think, which you’re not going to, anyway. Hello to Marie!
  12. I got this email yesterday, as well. IMO, it was terribly misleading. I am aware that the second half of 2021 deployments usually open in late October/early November, but the email got my hopes up. I wish Marketing would get their act together and send emails that are clearly written. Or actually do what the emails say, which is to release the sailings for ALL of 2020 and 2021. I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Interesting that Catalina wants to restrict Royal to one visit, Wednesday, per week. If Royal is tentatively planning 3- and 4-night sailings, they would have to find an alternate port for the weekend cruise. Royal had requested 2 visits per week, per the article. It’s only for 3 months, however, during peak summer season traffic. Waiting for the next chapter. 😊
  14. I am also waiting for this group of sailings to go on sale. I'm depending on this thread, but also monitoring the ship and potential sail date I want to book. Late in the year is when these sailings appear.
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