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  1. Thank you for the correct spelling of his last name, I never would have gotten it correct. I remember Captain George -- he helped me and my husband celebrate our 100th cruise in 2007 on Serenade. He came out to the West Coast sometime after that, I believe he was on Vision.
  2. Third time is the charm. My desktop computer is being finicky this morning. I have tripped over that big glass dome a few times myself. It’s a hazard. Thank you for the information.
  3. Where is the Pinnacle Lounge located on Jewel? Is it Deck 12, where the LA used to be?
  4. Thanks for that information, Karen. I have always enjoyed sailing with him. Sadly, I do not have anything booked on Liberty.
  5. Is NAVICA the app we download to create an account? Can we do that ahead of time, prior to purchasing the test kits? I'm having difficulty sorting through all the information, but I think it's beginning to come together. TYIA
  6. You are correct. Captain Claus was very perturbed with the Canal captain. It wasn't the locomotive crew that caused the damage. He told my husband and me later on that he finally told him, "It's a cruise ship, you have to treat her like a lady."
  7. Well, carp. That's the day I leave for b2b's on Harmony. I was so hoping their first cruise would be earlier in the month. At any rate, thanks for the information.
  8. I was on that cruise — that’s when a truck with 40 passengers’ luggage never made it to the ship. They had to live in their boarding clothes for 5 days, until we got to Hawaii. We had boarded in Florida and came through the canal — we had special permission to stay onboard for the short ride down to SD, thank goodness!! We were really flying! First cruise was Viking Serenade, to celebrate our anniversary.
  9. Anyone see any sign of NV cruises open for booking? I am not a TA, so I don't get much advance notice. I would love to see this, has it been determined that Voyager Class can navigate the Canal?
  10. Thanks for all the responses to my question about ships departing out of San Pedro, specifically, Radiance.
  11. Did anyone notice that the West Coast Radiance cruise from LA/Vancouver in April, 2022 is now missing from the website? In addition, some 3rd party and TA websites were showing a WB PC cruise on Radiance yesterday, also for April, 2022, and it is now gone from the website, as well. Speculation?
  12. It's still 19 months out, and I'm not getting any younger, lol! I hope things can return to some semblance of normal by September, 2022, and that I'm not too old to go. I've been reading up on altitude sickness. I've never had it and understand it can be debilitating, so I'm hoping for the best.
  13. After slogging my way through multiple cruise, hotel, and airline cancellations, and having to fight with Hawaiian Air and Air Canada over refunds, I am very wary of booking anything at the moment. I just can't handle all the paperwork and useless phone calls. But I can't leave money on the table, either.
  14. I am all vaccinated and immunity is built up. Now I'm sitting at home, just like before being vaccinated, waiting for cruising to start up again. Hope you and Mary are well. I'm doing my bucket list trip during this time period -- Galapagos and MP, canceled last September. Fingers crossed.
  15. Either works for me -- I live between LA and San Diego.
  16. I am booked on a Serenade b3b Jan.14, 18, and 28, so I'll be joining you. I just wish the ship was going to do a partial Canal transit, but I'm satisfied with the itinerary. I noticed the same thing and wondered about the choice of photos. I'll be watching. Please post if you see anything. It's been 10 years since we had a ship home-ported in California.
  17. Since our admittance to the SL is questionable, it is no longer a priority to be close. I decided to book a cabin on a high deck (11) just for viewing purposes. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. It's always appreciated.
  18. I've done Hawaii to Vancouver more times than I can count, and I never worried about the sun. I am fairly warm-blooded, so I'm hoping that will tide me over. I ended up on Deck 11 hump. Happy with my location. The cabin category was no longer available on Deck 12. I wish I could take credit for Blursday, but I got it from a friend, who got it from ???? Did Royal do any major changes to their deck plans from one Quantum Class to the next?
  19. I looked to see where the ship was coming from and guessed the starboard side. 50-50 chance of getting it right. 😁
  20. Definitely a consideration, but not so much if we don’t have access to the CL and CK. Handy, though, for Windjammer and Solarium.
  21. I was also trying to figure out which side of the ship would have the best view of the NaPali coast at Kauai.
  22. Sorry, yes, since the pandemic started I seem to have lost track of time. (Every day is Blursday, lol!) April 26, 2022 is the sail date. I see all the J4’s on the hump, which is good. Is any one deck preferable over another for the J4? While the itinerary is not great, it seems better than the other two Hawaii sailings I looked at. I would prefer the Radiance Class ship on this route, but it probably won’t happen. And I’m hoping that the volcano and NaPali Coast sail by might be a place holder for an eventual port of call. I can always hope...
  23. I am currently looking at the Quantum 13-night HNL/YVR sailing for April 26, 2023. I have not sailed a Quantum Class ship before so forgive me if the answers to these questions have been covered previously. 1) JS with larger balcony: Has anyone booked one of these? How does it work out that the smaller cabin is adjacent to and shares the small hallway with the JS? Is it a problem with noise, etc? 2) What decks are considered the best for the regular JS with the smaller balconies? By best, I mean noise and proximity to a lot of the venues. Many thanks for your help!
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