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  1. brookie848

    Calm Beach

    Email info@beachlimerz.com and put in the subject line that you are interested in booking a day and they should get back to you shortly.
  2. brookie848

    Earliest disembarkation from Dawn San Juan

    We sailed in the November of 2017. We docked a little early and the ship cleared early (before the scheduled 6:00 a.m. time). We had never sailed out of Puerto Rico before, so I was a little worried about customs and the airport (especially since this wasn't long after the hurricanes). We walked off the ship maybe around 6:30 and ended up having to kill time at the airport before we could check our luggage.
  3. I print out the T&C and have them in the cabin in case this comes up. We're often told we can only order one of anything and I want that back up just in case. I wouldn't argue with the server, but I would immediately clear up any issues after the meal. We have never been charged for anything extra we might have ordered. It is annoying, though, that NCL continues to give its employees incorrect information to pass along.
  4. brookie848

    Is ncl.com search box working for anyone?

    I tried using it last night to look for something I knew was there and it didn't work. Thankfully I was able to find the information with a little digging.
  5. brookie848

    Recent Suite Alcohol Bottle List

    I'm hoping we can substitute Captain Morgan for at least one of our bottles.
  6. Online reservations can be a little wonky. Sometimes days aren't available. You are correct -- it is 130 days out for suites. If you can't make your reservations online, call the pre-cruise concierge and get them to make them for you. Make sure you get the name of the person helping you. The last time I spoke with someone there they were completely unhelpful (and giving me information I knew was wrong) and I wished I had written down their name. If you are making reservations for an odd number of people (three, for instance), it is often easier to make reservations for four people and then just change things on board. You will have more time options available to you for four people.
  7. brookie848

    Seeking info on Epic Haven

    I honestly thought the Getaway Haven was the worst of the three big ships we've been on (Epic, Escape, Getaway). If you liked the Getaway Haven, prepare to thoroughly impressed by the Epic Haven. The restaurant alone is enough to end any comparison between the two. There are tons of windows in the Epic Haven restaurant and the "outdoor" eating area is a nice to have and it doesn't intrude upon the actual courtyard. My husband loved having a gym right in the Haven and Posh was amazing. And the short trip down the elevator for afternoon ice cream and snacks was great! Enjoy your trip.
  8. brookie848

    Late Evening Sail Away on NCL DAWN

    We're on the February 24 sailing. That is the week we normally sail, plus it has the added benefit of going to Antigua. We really enjoy the southern itinerary.
  9. brookie848

    Late Evening Sail Away on NCL DAWN

    We were in this cabin (or the one on the opposite side of the ship -- we were port side). We didn't use the balcony nearly as much as we thought we would. The forward view was cool and we had one lounger and one or two chairs on the balcony. Our issue with the balcony was that there was a lot of water on the balcony even though we didn't have any rain. In February we are doing the DOS without a balcony. We don't think we're going to miss it. This is a port-heavy sailing and even if we do miss it, the lower price (don't bid on this without checking the prices to upgrade outright), the three bottles of liquor and the unlimited mixers will make it worth it not to have a balcony.
  10. brookie848

    Late Evening Sail Away on NCL DAWN

    A couple things -- muster will probably be at 4:30 (that's what it was last year when we sailed out of San Juan with a 9:00 departure). So if you don't want to do the make-up drill, you will want to be there for that. We were in one of these cabins last year and thought it was great for two people (and for a family as well, just a little more crowded). There was a nice table and we appreciated the living area. We didn't use the balcony as much as we thought we would, though. We only had one sea day and it was busy. On our February cruise we decided to do without the balcony and get the DOS so our friend could have the second bedroom. The only thing we didn't like about the cabin was the step up into the bathroom. You will likely trip/fall/stub your toe at least once during the week!
  11. We sailed with Silas twice (Escape and Getaway) and enjoyed interacting with him. After talking to him at the Captain's reception, we received an invitation to the Ice Bar, which was a nice way to do that without having to pay.
  12. brookie848

    Catamaran to the Pitons

    Just to provide some information, we booked a monohull through Bateau Mygo for our trip in February. It is $600 for the day. We are doing water-only since we have a tendency to get car sick.
  13. brookie848

    What to do in port when not on an excursion

    In Belize, are you actually going to Belize proper or are you stopping at Harvest Caye? There is a big difference between the two and plans will be completely different depending on where you are stopping.
  14. brookie848

    What to do in port when not on an excursion

    Taxis in Roatan are not regulated, so if you plan on leaving the port to go to the beach, you are better off hiring a car for the day. We did this when we were there. We booked with Rony's and paid $30/person (there were three of us) for a driver for the entire day. We wanted a tour of the island and then we stopped for lunch on the beach. We made a few other stops as well. Book a private tour/driver in Roatan. The companies have some pre-set tours, but are accommodating about letting you hire a driver for the day. When we go back to Roatan, we plan on using Rony's again and doing a few different things on the island.
  15. brookie848

    Specialty dining question

    Exactly. I print everything out and take it with me. I always print the terms and conditions out for the dining package just in case. We've never had to use them, but it annoys me when the waiters tell you one of everything, even though the only limitation is on the entree. The funny thing is that we never order more than one appetizer or dessert, but we may want to some day!