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  1. I know when NCL used to sail out of Texas, if you were in a DOS or OS, you didn't get your bottles of alcohol until the next day. I think the mini bars in the cabins were sealed as well.
  2. Remember that there are some weird alcohol laws to deal with when you sail out of Texas -- I'm not sure how much that matters to you. Good luck making your choice!
  3. If you are travelling in the day before, were you planning on going back to the airport from your hotel and then to the port? That just seems like a huge hassle. With that many people, you are likely not to save much money (or any) if you use NCL's shuttle. Look into shared shuttles or car services. In the past, we've mainly used a car service to get from FLL to our hotel and then from the port to the airport. We use a taxi or Uber to get from the hotel to the port. Costs are reasonable for us -- about $100 for a private car and $15/person for a shared shuttle). We stay in Brickell and the trip to the port is less than $25. If you can split people into two vehicles, that might work out for you. The Florida departures board has a lot of information that should help you.
  4. You might also want to consider the DOS. Two of them have two bedrooms and a sleep sofa -- and they are often less expensive than the other suites simply because they don't have a balcony. We stayed in 12500 in February and would book it again if we needed the second bedroom. We enjoyed the forward facing view. We've also stayed in a Family Suite with Balcony (SD) and really enjoyed this cabin -- for two people. I think with two teenagers, you would want a little more privacy, but you could make it work. Think of the Family Suites as really big hotel rooms.
  5. We always ask for them to take off their name tag so that we can get a photo of it.
  6. I'm not sure about walk-up, but I booked a day pass through Resort for a Day for the Colonial Hilton last year after looking at all of the options -- including booking straight through the hotel. It was less expensive using Resort for a Day and what was included was the same. Andrew and family -- I've enjoyed reading your adventures the past two weeks. Are you sure you can't extend it another? What am I going to do at work next week??
  7. We had to go to the Latitudes desk to get the certificates for the third in our cabin. Well, actually my name (#2 in the cabin) and our friend's name (#3 in the cabin) were on the certificate in the cabin. My husband (#1 on the reservation) wasn't included because they made the determination alphabetically, not by the guest number. We got the certificate without a problem once the Latitudes desk opened.
  8. Smaller ship...but we were at the San Juan airport on a Sunday before 7:00 am in March. We walked off the NCL Dawn and had no lines at customs, the agriculture check, airline check-in, or the TSA. We actually could have been there earlier -- the ship was cleared, but they didn't make an announcement (it was about 6:15 when we wandered down to see if we could walk off). Also, we ran into some traffic issues because roads were closed for a race. The previous season, we did got off the ship pretty early and were at the airport before 8:00. Can you make it? Barring any issues, yes. The friend that cruises with us booked at 7:45 am flight home (ours is at 9:15). My only concern is that the Epic is a bigger ship, so there are going to be more people (but not that early) and the fact that they might be more strict when it comes to walk-offs. As an FYI, we fly Southwest, so that was the part of the airport we were using.
  9. We used Rony's as well and loved our day. I think we paid $30 or $35/person and our driver took us wherever we wanted to go (any admission fees were on us). He was great to work with and I would use him again.
  10. I think as long as you are not splitting the cost equally and they know things might be tight, this is fine. Definitely ask for an egg crate topper. Enjoy the cruise!
  11. We usually sail in 2-bedrooms and our friend stays in the second bedroom. The room suits her fine -- it is like having her own single cabin (small) inside a bigger cabin in the Haven. I think it would be tight for two people -- especially if anyone is uncomfortable in tight spaces. I would never consider splitting the cost with another couple -- there is no comparison between the master bedroom and second bedroom. The only way I would consider it coming close to equal is if the couple in the second bedroom received the included alcohol/dining package (and the couple in the master paid for theirs).
  12. There are windows in the shower/tub areas on two-bedroom suites (H4s) on the Epic, Escape and -away ships.
  13. Does anyone know whether lobster is also being offered in the Haven?
  14. If you are comparing the Escape to the Getaway/Breakaway -- do the Escape. The Haven is much nicer (bigger restaurant, outdoor seating area), plus you have the District Brewhouse, wine bar, and Food Republic. If you are looking at the Escape vs. Bliss -- I haven't sailed the Bliss, so I can't offer a comparison. Good luck choosing your cruise!
  15. We've stayed at the Hoilday Inn twice and are in no hurry to return simply because of the horrific elevator situation we ran into both times we were there. The location is great, but that's about all there is to recommend it. We prefer staying at the Hampton Inn Brickell. A few minutes longer to port, but an awesome hotel with a good free breakfast (plus a free drink at the hotel bar). There are tons of restaurants and two Publix within walking distance.
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