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  1. I miss these as well. We had them on our first cruise and then they were gone. The weird thing is that they still have mozzarella sticks on board -- we've gotten them at meet & greets. But I can't figure out where I can actually get them when I want them.
  2. I came here to look for this sort of information. If we would sail VV, we would do it in one of these suites. Until I hear some real details about the experience, I am definitely hesitant to move away from what I know we are already happy with sailing.
  3. We've been on cruises with Silas twice -- on the Escape and then the Getaway. After we spoke with him on the Getaway about the differences between the two ships, he invited to a special session in the Ice Bar. There are a handful of NCL employees that stand out for us and he is one of them. I'm really enjoying the review!
  4. Which brewery? I'm down near Albany. I haven't spent a lot of time up in Saratoga County the past two years, but we will be spending the next two weekends up there doing the Showcase of Homes.
  5. The "standard" often quoted is for the butler is $10-20/person per day and for the concierge $10/person per day. We don't tip that much. We tip based on how much we use their services. We often tip our steward the most because they do the most for us. If we order food delivered to our cabin (rare) or make special snack requests, we will up or base tip for the butler. On some cruises we don't really use the concierge and they barely acknowledge our existence. In these cases, we don't tip much extra. We've had a few concierges that have gone out of their way for us (and have just been really awesome/friendly). They get more. Our base tip for the week is between $50-$100. We adjust from there, but never tip less than $50. In addition, we fill out Hero Cards for our butler, concierge, steward, and many others who wait on us/help us out during the week. I know these matter to the workers.
  6. We stay in a suite and I always request orange juice and/or chocolate milk for the fridge and request cookies to be delivered every day. We also have fruit in the cabin. I've never needed glucagon on a cruise, but I did once on a trip to Las Vegas. That wasn't fun. And I've forgotten my supplies or a supply a few times. I've always been able to get replacements, though.
  7. Yes. We normally stay in the 2-bedrooms. I'm looking for DOS or OS with 2 bedrooms. We like the extra perks.
  8. Thanks for this information. I thought there was a separate room there, but I couldn't quite figure out if that was supposed to be a bedroom or not. I'll price those out, though. We stayed in 12500 on the Dawn and enjoyed some of the perks of the DOS -- I just wish more of them had two bedrooms.
  9. I know the Dawn and the really freaking expensive suites on the Prima have two bedrooms. What other ships offer a second bedroom in the higher-end suites? We sometimes have a friend that cruises with us and when we do, we want her to have her own space. We've stayed mainly in 2-bedroom suites, but did do the DOS on the Dawn that worked for us. I'm looking at cruises for 2023 and would like some guidance on which ships have 2-bedroom suites besides the aptly named 2-bedroom suites (and the Garden Villas). 😁 Thanks!
  10. Right. Because requiring a test did a lot of good for that family whose son died once they reached Hawaii. We were considering sailing on RCL soon, but those plans are now on hold indefinitely.
  11. The reason you want others to be vaccinated is because it will lower the chance of an outbreak on your cruise. If there's an outbreak, there's a good chance the trip you thought you were going to have is going to be spent in your cabin and any port stops will be cancelled.
  12. When I was looking at 2022 cruises, I noticed a few of the itineraries had "regular" ports marked as tender ports. I think there are simply more ships than dock space. In 2022, just NCL, you have at least the Joy, Breakaway, Escape, Encore, and Dawn sailing the Caribbean. Plus, the Epic is in the southern Caribbean, but those ports don't often overlap. Then you consider that every other cruise company is pumping out new ships and running them in the Caribbean in the winter and the ports are just saturated. I think this is another instance of things growing a bit too quickly and cruise lines making all of their itineraries the same. We went to St. Maarten on our first NCL cruise and I would enjoy going back...but that's been a rare port for NCL the past few years.
  13. More power to you, but this would drive me crazy. A few years ago, we were flying to FLL to stay overnight before flying to San Juan for a cruise (it was the year Hurricane Maria hit and there were no hotels to speak of available in San Juan). While on the plane, my husband looked at me and said, "I forgot your Glucagon." I'm a type 1 diabetic and this is what is needed to quickly bring up my blood sugar if things get bad. He was in charge of bringing it because he is in charge of giving it to me. So once we got to our hotel, time was spent calling CVS and getting the prescription filled. And that was the last trip he was in charge of packing the Glucagon.
  14. I remember the first year World Wide Stout came out. We lived in Dover and would often go down to Dogfish Head in the off-season. We would sit at the bar and they would sample anything for you. When they opened up a bottle for people who were at the bar to try, I fell in love. We bought a really expensive case of beer that year to keep and give as gifts. But I will say that their 120 Minute was the first IPA I ever had...and I probably should have started with something a little less potent. To this day, I'm not an IPA fan. I prefer the stouts and other dark beers.
  15. We do this as well. We book our specialties, but once we are on board we ask to see the menus for the week and adjust the reservations as needed. There are a couple of entrees my husband really likes. And although you won't have an assigned table/server for the cruise, if there is someone you enjoy, don't hesitate to request that server. We had the same server for three nights on the Dawn. She was awesome and we made sure we wrote her a nice Hero card at the end of the cruise.
  16. For my husband, he was in end-stage kidney failure and limited his alcohol to a few drinks a year (mainly on cruises). I only saw him drink one NA beer and it was on that cruise. It wasn't the night he ordered it, though. They didn't have any at the bar that night. The next night we came in and the bartender put one down in front of him before he even asked. So my husband shrugged and drank it. 😀
  17. The last time we asked about this (several years ago) it was the Heineken NA beer. This was on a Caribbean sailing out of Miami. I'm not sure if this is still what they are carrying now, though.
  18. I know we are in the minority, but we hated it. We rented a cabana and that still didn't make it worthwhile. The tendering process was awful. My husband is color blind and the walk to the cabana was difficult for him (he had a hard time seeing where the ruts in the sand were and things were very uneven), the food was meh and we had to deal with that walk again, and it was difficult to get in and out of the water. It just wasn't for us and we likely will not go back.
  19. We had one booked for this year, which we knew wasn't going to happen. We moved the deposit to a 2022 cruise, but I am doubtful we will go on that cruise. Even if cruises are running, there is a chance we won't want to deal with some of the things in order the cruise. The deal breaker for us will be if we can only do NCL excursions. I understand this limitation, but I won't cruise with it being one of the restrictions.
  20. Honestly, you COULDN'T pay me enough to be there. We hated GSC.
  21. Besides being a slimy person, do you really want to deal with water all over the bathroom floor?
  22. On 1/26/20, we got a phone call at 4:56 a.m. telling us that they had a kidney for my husband. As we were getting ready to go to the hospital, my husband looked at me and said "Four more weeks..." because we were scheduled for the Epic at the end of February. Of course, we would much rather have a new kidney than a cruise. That cruise that we didn't go on turned into a cruise for 2021 that we didn't go on...and we're wondering if we'll end up going on the 2022. And I remember hearing about Kobe Bryant while waiting for news about my husband's donor.
  23. We've been on the Dawn twice. Once in a Family Suite with Balcony and once in one of the forward facing DOS without the balcony. The major issue we had with the Family Suite was the step up into the bathroom. You can see it in the photos posted above. It will likely cause you issues at least once on the cruise. We loved the size of this cabin for two people. It was great. The balcony was also large and we did use that some -- we only had one sea day on that cruise, so we didn't have a lot of down time. The second time we were on the Dawn, we chose the DOS with two bedrooms because our friend was traveling with us. We did miss the balcony some, but we had great forward-facing views. If you are already wiling to be without a balcony, you might want to check the prices on these. We got a good deal on our suite because it didn't have a balcony. Even though we had the drink package, it was nice to have the bottles of alcohol and all the mixers in our cabin. While we don't spend a ton of time on the balcony I would always prefer to have one. The Family Suites/DOS are good alternatives because they offer great views and you don't feel enclosed.
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