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  1. Crew have more proximity to passengers than other passengers— I can (shameful confession) more or less go an entire day without talking to another passenger, but I talk to crew at meals, at the bar and they are in my stateroom at least once a day. Plus crew are IIRC about 40% of the entire ship population?
  2. Exactly. Obviously I don’t want them to make things up and I certainly understand if they can’t find a source of vaccines for crew, but there’s a big difference between sailing with a vaxed crew vs an unvaxed one— probably big enough to make me not consider sailing until it’s sorted out.
  3. I saw somewhere that crew will be required to get the vaccine when it is available to them, which is much less clear than I would hope for.
  4. We were really looking forward to the Svalbard cruise last year and I think Azamara was going to overnight in Bergen so we had a plan to do the Flam railway as part of a roundtrip from Bergen (railway to Flam, fjord cruise and bus back to Bergen). Longish day but seemed like it would be fun. Unfortunately we can’t go this year (if it even goes) and I am a little nervous they will drop that itinerary.
  5. Discover seems in line with both the current names and their current marketing campaign?
  6. I didn’t think there was such a thing as “no fee cancellation” — was that some kind of promotion/LCV perk? Just curious, since $75 pp is not an unreasonable fee.
  7. Thanks for all your work maintaining stickies and the board generally— even (especially) as a new person I appreciated it— and I also like those pics!
  8. Interesting— we were charged the usual $75 pp fee, but I can’t complain about that.
  9. The same would be true if you had taken the cruise without any problems. You purchased insurance against losing money and you didn’t lose any, so congrats!
  10. In case the information is helpful at all, we had a cruise (and one-way Choice Air) for the summer that we canceled in early March just before the 120 days, so as US residents we were entitled to get all but $150 back. We received most of what we were due back within about 10 days of cancellation. I called in mid-March and was told we were owed more but that there might be separate cancellation fees associated with the choice air reservation. We got several hundred dollars back in late March, about 2 weeks after that call. I called again and they agreed I was owed more (and
  11. Not sure there is any point in speculating while we wait for an answer (although I guess the question is whether Azamara’s understanding or ABTA’s controls) but bullet 1 doesn’t match my understanding of a FCC because I didn’t think you could convert a FCC to cash?
  12. So glad they got off. Feel terrible for the people stuck on cruise ships in/near Miami. Seems Coast Guard might not be letting any more dock?
  13. I canceled before 120 days and a full refund of my final payment, but no refund of my deposit, posted to my credit card around 9 days later (in the US so my deposit was $1100 and my cancellation fee should have been just $150). I called back and it took about an hour but Azamara is now refunding me the additional $950. The Azamara person was very helpful and pleasant— it did not take any arguing from me just time for her to look at my file and talk to various departments while I waited on hold. As part of that discussion she confirmed that passengers who cancel should get port fees a
  14. My *guess* is that when they rolled it out for people denied boarding they said “refund” and as the problem became bigger and the policy expanded to cover more people that got changed to “compensation”. But given the latest news about how the virus won’t even peak in the US/UK until May or June I don’t see how the cruise happens as scheduled.
  15. I thought people who were denied boarding for medical reasons would get full refunds not FCCs? If so (I can’t find the policy on the website because it seems to have been superceded by the pause in operations) it would seem odd that people who couldn’t get a dr’s letter would be treated worse, but it may be that they are losing so much cash they have to be less generous. In any case, I think it’s a better than 50% chance, probably much better, that your cruise on 4/26 cancels — China which is past the worst of it is now imposing controls on visitors so they don’t bring it ba
  16. Wow — I appreciate you posting that and I am not at all blaming the messenger— but that seems incredibly insufficient to the realities of the situation and scale of the problem. I am shocked Azamara can’t do better than that (the way most other cruises companies have).
  17. Doh15


    Windstar has also canceled all cruises til May.
  18. My point is that the State Department recently issued a “global level 3 health advisory” which they seem to view as being a level 3 advisory for every country in the world https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/travel-advisory-alert-global-level-3-health-advisory-issue.html
  19. It seems to me if you read both the State Dept advisory and the Windstar policy to their letter then WS ships will not visit any non-US ports and will not allow anyone on board who has been outside the US in the previous 30 days.
  20. So the US State Dept has just issued a “global” level 3 advisory— basically saying Americans shouldn’t travel anywhere internationally. And Windstar has said they will not sail to any port under a level 3 advisory, nor allow anyone on board who has been in a country subject to a level 3 advisory in the last 30 days. should make for some interesting discussions
  21. Well the review was quite amusing so I can only imagine what it would have been like in person! Cheers
  22. I came across a review recently that had quite a lot to say about the trivia contests— was eye opening for me.
  23. It amazes me that you think you can make that judgment apparently from 3,000 miles away with no first hand knowledge. I too don’t have first hand knowledge but I have seen the reported increases in infections and the stories of people dying in hospitals waiting to be seen and it would never occur to me that I know better than the infectious disease specialists and Italian government. I just hope you aren’t one of those people who gets asked to self-quaratine for a week or two and ignores it.
  24. Nothing in the link you posted supports what you posted as far as general policies for refunds for cruises that haven’t been canceled. I think you are either comparing things that aren’t comparable— like what happens when a cruise has been canceled vs when it hasn’t— or else just making things up. I am not trying to say Azamara has covered itself in glory— there’s plenty to complain about, including whether they should be canceling more cruises— but if you think they should generally give refunds for cruises that haven’t been canceled then I don’t see any evidence that they are t
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