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  1. I am looking to go to the same beach I went to in 2017. It probably couldn't even qualify as a 'beach'. It was a sandy strip behind a restaurant. The last time we were there, part of my family went to the perfume factory and my daughter and I walked down to a beach on the advice of the people at the perfume shop. We were told to walk down to where the big grills are and just past that to the right is a public access to a beach. Since we were there prior to the hurricane, I'm wondering if these directions are still good - are the grills still there as a landmark? Is the public access area still there, etc? What can I tell my taxi driver since there really isn't a name for that beach? I know this question might have to go to a local so I'm hoping someone out there knows. It was just a tiny little shallow, gentle patch of water that my young daughter could snorkel for shells. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Not sure if anyone can answer this. For my cruise, we have two reservations. One is DH, me and two daughters and the other is our 3rd daughter (they can only put 4 on a reservation). When I go to the website and log into my 'lets plan and reserve and .....' portion, I can only see the reservation for the 4. Does anyone know where I go to link up our other daughter's reservation to ours so that when I log onto My Cruises, I can see both? Thanks!!!!!
  3. Hi, I've been off the boards for about a year. I'm looking into booking a summer 2020 RCCL cruise. Is there any way to book where you DO get a refundable deposit even though you pay more in the end? I couldn't figure out how to book a cruise online w/o the NRD discount (so I could get my deposit back). Thanks
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