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  1. Not sure if anyone can answer this. For my cruise, we have two reservations. One is DH, me and two daughters and the other is our 3rd daughter (they can only put 4 on a reservation). When I go to the website and log into my 'lets plan and reserve and .....' portion, I can only see the reservation for the 4. Does anyone know where I go to link up our other daughter's reservation to ours so that when I log onto My Cruises, I can see both? Thanks!!!!!
  2. Hi, I've been off the boards for about a year. I'm looking into booking a summer 2020 RCCL cruise. Is there any way to book where you DO get a refundable deposit even though you pay more in the end? I couldn't figure out how to book a cruise online w/o the NRD discount (so I could get my deposit back). Thanks
  3. Oh, no doubt. We did B2B on the Adventure this past summer and loved every second. I've gotten quite used to the all-out sports deck and extras. I used to be into smaller ships before the girls got older but there is so much more for them to do on the larger ships (us too!)
  4. LOL I'm not a native Ohioan so my Buckeye affiliation is from writing tuition checks with lots of zeros. :D I'm a Hoosier at heart.
  5. We want a nice vacation in 2020. My oldest is graduating college in 2020 (Go Buckeyes!) and my middle one is graduating HS. My youngest would just be along for the ride LOL.
  6. The route that looks good to me is on Vision. We were on Vision out of LA a few years back. The Vision is not my favorite ship but you can't beat SoCarib itineraries and they are usually packed with ports so not much time on the ship.
  7. I shall simply wither and die before then, LOL I'm actually needing something to hang on to as Spring has decided to completely miss us where I live. We barely have gotten out of the 30s. I gotta have the carrot dangling in front of me.
  8. Well, I simply can't wait that long, LOL. UGH :halo:
  9. I realize none of us can do that but for those of you who have been around and watched how things normally work, I have a question for you. Yeah, I've been on these boards forever but I've never taken notice to if 'spring' cruises are usually the same itinerary as 'summer' cruises. I'm interested in doing a B2B and the itineraries I like (So Carib out of SJ) are on the website up until April 2020. I would be cruising in June/July of 2020 and just wondered if they usually change routes for that area between spring and summer. Any insight - no matter how speculative it may be - is appreciated! :D Oh and P.S. Any idea when they will post summer 2020 itineraries?
  10. Hi, This is our first cruise to Alaska (Canada) and I was very surprised when I read about the chance of being denied boarding at Seattle because of a record. DH has a misdemeanor trespassing conviction from 17 years ago. I have no idea about how to start figuring out if we will be denied boarding. On one hand, I have to believe that some of the thousands of people who cruise to AK/Canada have convictions and it is never a problem. I've been cruising and on these boards for over 10yrs. I've never heard about it until I read it here last night. DH wants to just go and 'chance it' because he feels the probability is very low. If it were just him and I- no problem. If we got turned away we would just stay in Seattle and vacation there. But we will be having our young-ish children with us and I don't think I'm willing to pull the rug out from underneath them at the RCCL check in counter. Any advice? I'm honestly very confused even after reading the webpages about the temporary residency. Is there a list of 'not allowed in Canada' floating around that I can call some Canadian official and see if DH is on it? We cruise in July. If it provides any more information, we did go to Nigara Falls (via car) about 3 yrs ago and had no problem. Thanks for any advice.
  11. Sorry. Just saw the other post about rental cars. On my phone so it was hard to see before I posted my question.
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