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  1. Thank you for posting this. Your experiences are far more in keeping with what we have experienced and expect from Viking. Sometimes I think attitude and approach can seriously affect the response one gets when making special requests!
  2. We stayed there last summl was "okay". The room was functional but the AC was less so ... probably as we were on the west facing side of the hotel and the afternoon sun worked its magic and we were sweltering until well after midnight each night. Opening the windows helped but it was very noisy and the light from the outside Figures we were there on two of the only sunny days for the year!! Just ask at check in for a room on the shady side of the building!
  3. Sorry you had to cancel your cruise but at least Viking was willing to admit they could not accommodate you before you boarded ... saved some expensive disappointment onboard. After your first experience with Viking (which is absolutely contrary to any experience I have had or even heard of) I'm surprised you would undertake the planning of another trip with them ... just wondering. I'm not sure it is fair to assume that the chefs "are not educated in their field" is really a fair statement. Food trends are constantly changing and I'm not sure it is reasonable for us to assume that they will always be up on everything.
  4. Viking will split their king sized beds. We have been on 8 river cruises and simply ask for that option when booking. If you forget they are happy to do it after you are boarded as well. We have done three winter/holiday cruises and the only one where the markets were in full swing was one we boarded on the 20th of December. Most shut down a day or two before the 25th ... but some in the larger cities might stay open later ... Vienna and Prague and Budapest are ones I remember. Mid-November will likely be too early for the markets.
  5. Each person in the cabin can have one device connected to the WIFI at a time. We just got back from a cruise on the Jupiter and when we signed onto the WIFI we each created an individual four-digit passcode. We did not need to use the passcode every time we signed onto the WIFI ... just the first time. We only had our phones connected so can't get personally specific about using other devices but if I understand correctly you can easily switch to another device. I seem to remember that if your phone is connected and you want to use your laptop with the WIFI you simply open up the WIFI on your laptop and you will get a prompt asking if you wish to disconnected your phone and use the WIFI on the laptop ... sounds easy but don't have any personal experience with the "switching routine".
  6. FWiW ... just a couple of notes. We just returned from a cruise with Viking that included the dreaded Heathrow and leaving from Bergen. I have a love/hate relationship with Heathrow but they now have automated passport control and it was AWESOME! Not we were just arriving, not connecting so things might be different but our usual hour+ wait at passport control took about three minutes ... and most of that was figuring out how to use them! We flew out of Bergen which I generally try to avoid but when making the air arrangements the agent in Viking Air referred to our flight as a "charter" by Viking. Sure enough just about every passenger on the plane was someone from our cruise. We connected in Amsterdam and it was a very easy and much more pleasant an experience than our last trip out of Bergen in 2015!
  7. We were in Rome last winter in a hotel booked through a Viking extension and there were no additional costs.
  8. We tendered in Greenwich, Edinburgh, and Geiranger and all went very smoothly. We have tendered on the older ships (Star and Sky) and saw no difference whatsoever on the Jupiter.
  9. We’re just back from Into the Midnight Sun on Viking’s Jupiter and despite a series of ups, downs, highs and lows we managed to have a very nice time. Bad news First … the “Lows” · One day into our trip as we sailed out of Greenwich the ship experienced an electrical problem that forced us to Tilbury where we sat for about 36 hours. They made the repairs and passed inspections and we were on our way eventually but as a result we missed Lerwick (Orkney Islands) and Kirkwall (Shetland Islands) and had to abbreviate our stops in Edinburgh and Honningsvag. Missing the Islands was a big disappointment and the changes in schedule at the other stops required a lot of adjustments to shore excursions, dining plans, etc. We had to drop two shore excursions which we would have enjoyed but the new schedule just wasn’t going to work. · We “lost” two of our dining reservations … they just disappeared from My Viking Journey while we were in Tilbury. An inquiry at guest services was frustrating. The representative there showed us that we had reservations at the Restaurant on those dates and at those times. She showed us on her “master” screen and sure enough there were reservations at the restaurant … same dates and times as we had made for Manfredi’s and the Chef’s Table. Arguing with her was useless as she was quite insistent this was obviously a mistake we had made since the original reservations. Perhaps we had done it on the “app”. After she suggested that we should have come down to the desk the first night as then we would have lots more times to choose from I thanked her for her time and ended the conversation before my frustration became anger … which is seldom productive. We were able to eventually find other times for the two dinners and all was well … for the most part anyway. · My daughter sprained her ankle on a shore excursion in Tromso. It was the Husky Trek Through Arctic Hills. They were quite clear as to the demands of the experience but we were not ready at all for the intensity! The dogs are very strong and they are racers. They do not walk, they do not “trot” … they run. They do not run in a straight line, there is no path, trail, or cleared land … it is wilderness! It was hilly, wet and “mucky” (one other participant referred to it as a “husky bog slog”). We “shared” a dog but I lasted about ten minutes and had to turn “Donald” over to my younger, stronger daughter. She managed to stay on her feet but rolled her ankle on a hillock when Donald took a sudden right turn. The initial pain eased enough for her to finish the walk but later in the afternoon she was in a great deal of pain and there was a fair amount of swelling. We had our first opportunity to visit the medical center that afternoon! That wasn’t too bad … Now the “Highs”: · We visited the (non-services part) spa for the first time this cruise. I know that’s crazy but true! We loved it! It was a great way to relax on a sea day afternoon (and we had lots of those!) and not nearly as crowded as we thought it might be! Will be regulars on our next cruise! · Manfredi’s has updated their menu and we loved it! It was NOT our favorite before but the changes have certainly improved the dining experience for us! And the new Mexican menu at the Chef’s Table was marvelous! We will be keeping our fingers crossed that that one is in rotation on our December cruise! · Despite the perils of the “husky bog slog” we actually enjoyed this excursion. We love dogs and will forgive them just about anything so Donald is forgiven but after the “hike” we got to meet and hold and cuddle the puppies … come on who doesn’t love puppies? We also had a chance to tour the facility and interact with the dogs who, when not in race mode, were affectionate and engaging. It was fascinating to learn about their training and the races each had run … many have done the Iditarod … and their life after “retirement. It is a nice facility and if I had it to do over again I would opt for the hike without a dog … which was an option some of the smarter passengers took! · The visit to the medical center was interesting and quite nice … all things considered. They were professional, compassionate and took very good care of my daughter; three x rays, a compression “sock”, some pain killers and a shot that she described as “a miracle” for the pain. When we got back to our room we discovered that they had ordered a large bag of crushed ice … ready and waiting! And all at no charge as it was an injury that occurred on a Viking shore excursion! · There were many enrichment/educational presentations on this cruise and they were very good! We watched most of them from our room as many were during afternoons and we were either tasting wine, enjoying the spa, or on an excursion, but they were great! Especially Russell Lee; a guest lecturer who provided us with several very interesting history “lessons” that we thoroughly enjoyed. · The entertainment was a high on this cruise … still a lot of the same thing but there was some “new” material this time. Most of the performances were full … standing room only which was really nice for the performers. The cruise director was one of the nicest we have experienced. She was friendly, approachable, and had a great sense of humor. · The port talks were organized differently this trip … they had them two or three day out rather than the night before arriving in the port. They were very honest about the shore excursions; which I appreciated, and it was nice to have this important information early enough to cancel or make changes if, after hearing the descriptions you decided it wasn’t for you. · The crew on this cruise was fabulous! They did a great job organizing some very nice excursions (free) while we were in Tilbury and never missed a beat in the great customer service we have come to know and love with Viking. Our housekeeping team was fabulous … as efficient as we have ever seen and always smiling and friendly. All in all it was a very nice cruise. The missed ports were disappointing but they immediately issued everyone an OBC and followed up with reasonable compensation once we were home. We thoroughly enjoyed Norway … which really was the star of the “show” and look forward to returning some day! The “highs” far outweighed the “lows” and the awesome Viking onboard experience was as great as ever!
  10. FWIW ... the Mediterranean and Adriatic are not new to Viking. If you like RCCL and Celebrity why not stick with them. Personally my experience with the larger cruise lines is limited and will stay that way. I find the crowds and chaos to be sources of anxiety (I even have issues in the World Cafe at times on Viking!) so I will avoid them like the plague ... but to each his own. Can I ask why you are considering Viking if you are so happy with the others? Just wondering.
  11. No worries, Dee2226, there will be plenty of entertainment aboard ... much of which will be of the "non-classical" variety. We just finished Into the Midnight Sun but we did the Homelands in 2016 and found that the entertainment schedules do not vary that much from ship to ship. We were aboard 14 nights and after a quick look at our Viking Dailies I tallies 6 productions by the onboard entertainers ... including one featuring the music of ABBA, one featuring the music of the Beatles, one pop piano concert, a "variety" show, a comedy,dance, music production , a show featuring music of several decades (50's, 60's, etc). In addition to these there was a "destination" performance one night featuring music of Norway with a visiting artist, a special concert by a "famous" tenor, a showing of a performance from the Metropolitan Opera; Aida, and another pianist with a concert of dance music classics (tango, etc). There was also a night of Dancing "Under the Midnight Sun" (we saw few stars on this trip) on the pool deck which I hear was great fun (past my bedtime that night!). There was music in the lounges throughout the late afternoon and evening which was lovely but generally more of a background/ambiance thing rather than a specific performance. There were some wonderful educational/enrichment lectures throughout the cruise which can be seen in person or they can be watched from your cabin later ... we often watched these early in the morning ... we are insomniacs at times! As I said ... no worries about keeping entertained. It may not be Broadway caliber performances but they are talented people and they put on a nice show!
  12. Breakfast in the MDR is delightful ... far nicer than the World Cafe on a busy morning .... THAT can spoil the best of appetites! The MDR however is seldom open for lunch ... just finished a 15 day cruise and the restaurant was not once open for lunch ... even on any of our five sea days ... we got a bonus “sea day” after an electrical problem .
  13. Breakfast in the MDR is delightful ... far nicer than the World Cafe on a busy morning .... THAT can spoil the best of appetites! The MDR however is seldom open for lunch ... just finished a 15 day cruise and the restaurant was not once open for lunch ... even on any of our five sea days ... we got a bonus “sea day” after an electrical problem .
  14. Thanks Peregrina! I will bring it up with Viking but generally find I’m better off waiting to address grievances until I am calm ... better to avoid exacerbating the situation with excessive “snark”! As it is we now have reservations for both restaurants at (fairly) reasonable times. As the original times were selected specifically to comfortably work around ports and excursions we are no longer visiting or taking it is pretty much a moot point at this juncture. It has been an interesting cruise up to now (day 8). It’s no Barcelona but has had its own frustrations ... hopefully once we leave Honningsvag we will finally be on “schedule “ ... fingers crossed! Meanwhile we are well fed and the bars are open. I have noticed there is a lot more activity at the bars this cruise! 🤪
  15. Well the dust has settled a bit and we are on our way to Edinburgh ... while we are disappointed to be missing the Orkneys and the Shetlands we are not nearly as devastated as PedroPedro’s friend on board. I am frankly surprised that someone would book a very expensive 15 day cruise that is primarily focused on Norway when they are ONLY interested in two minor ports on the way to the “main event”. They have issued everyone an OBC for the “inconvenience” and the letter indicated that a customer service rep would contact us shortly after our return home to discuss additional compensation based on the impact the “troubles” had on individual passengers and their expectations and plans. Can’t help but wonder if perhaps PedroPedro’s friend is working on building up some righteous indignation in hopes of generating a more generous offer to make him “whole”. We’re disappointed, sure and truth be told Edinburgh would have been the stop we would have happily skipped but we’re going to be just fine! The is is definitely a “first world problem”!
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