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  1. Sorry, Peregrina ... a simple typo! Should have been Kevin Costner ... Mitina has solved the riddle as he/she apparently did not want the thread to wander off topic. "Kevin Costner" is a charming street vendor in Cusco who frequents the tourist areas of Cusco ... we met him at the train station. He was a lovely gentleman and I still wear and enjoy the bracelet I purchased from him! How many women can "boast" that they have a bracelet from "Kevin Costner"??
  2. Just curious ... were you issued a voucher right away? We cancelled our July 2020 cruise and rebooked for, July 2021. We are waiting for the voucher from Viking that was supposed to take 2 to 3 weeks. It is now four and no word. I wasn't sure why it would take so long to issue it but we are anxiously waiting to complete the re-booking process and lock everything in.
  3. Actually Peregrina, the audience for this thread may be larger than you think. I have been "lurking" in the background enjoying your research and planning vicariously. We did a Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in 2015 with Adventures by Disney and loved it! We had hoped to do Ecuador and the Amazon in the winter of 2016 but had to cancel for health reasons. We loved Peru and got to spend some time in Lima at the front and back ends of the trip. Amazing country, wonderful food, and lovely people. I will just make one suggestion ... when you are in Cusco keep an eye out for "Kevin Kostner". That's all I will say, except for the fact that meeting him will be a wonderful experience!
  4. We cancelled our July trip almost a month ago. We knew we were going to "miss out" on the potential of a 125% FCC or refund by cancelling before Viking did but we also wanted to avoid the "rush" when they did. We booked another trip with the 50% they refunded us but are still waiting for the FCC so we can finish the booking process. They said it would take 2 - 3 weeks to process the FCC but that "ship has sailed" (pun intended). May have gotten caught up in the rush after all!
  5. Glad I checked out this post! We are booked on the 12/20 cruise as well and are keeping our fingers crossed that we can go as scheduled. We have had to cancel one trip already and anticipating having to do the same with our July river cruise, so hope that by December we can go. We too enjoy sea days and frankly at that point we will be perfectly happy if we never had to leave the ship!!
  6. We have had wonderful experiences on all of our cruises ... people are really where Viking's strength lies! One of our all time favorite crew members was Alvin ... a waiter on a river cruise. It was the last cruise of the season and Alvin was wonderful! We sat in his section every day and got to know him well. His family was waiting to celebrate Christmas with him after he returned home. During dinner on the last night of the cruise we slipped him an envelope with a note expressing our gratitude for his wonderful service and a generous tip. The next morning as we grabbed a quick breakfast before our departure he came up to us and gave us a big hug ... he said that he loved our note and the tip would allow him to buy his young son the special sneakers he had been asking for! It was a lovely moment and certainly drove home the importance of acknowledging special service!
  7. molymoo

    Use of FCV

    We may have to cancel our July cruise (we're in watch and wait mode) and will likely try to rebook for the same time in 2021. We paid for Trip-Mate insurance when we booked so assume that that would be part of our FCC ... wonder if we would have to pay again for TripMate ... what happens to the amount already paid? We also paid for SSBP and assume that could transfer as well. Guess we will have to be organized and have a list of questions ready when we talk to them. We also have a December cruise booked that has the same 24 hr. deal attached.
  8. molymoo


    http://crew-center.com/viking-crew-receive-goodwill-payment-new-hires-eligible-financial-support A sign of optimism perhaps?
  9. Although our early July itinerary (we’re watching carefully) is on the river we found that the same cruise in the same cabin would actually be $400 cheaper In 2021! Not necessarily all smoke and mirrors ... just Viking trying to encourage you to rebook and in SOME (not all) cases helping to cover cost increases where they exist.
  10. After watching the email message from TH I logged onto the river site and Mississippi itineraries are showing up. Not a lot of detail but fun to dream about!
  11. While our cruise isn't scheduled until summer and isn't going to involve a significantly affected region we are watching the situation closely. We will "wait and see" as things have been and likely will continue to change day by day. Fortunately Viking has afforded their passengers the luxury of playing "wait and see" with their very generous cancellation policy. It will likely work well for them as it may negate some pre-emptive cancellations by passengers worried that they might lose too much if they wait.
  12. We have a summer river cruise booked and received this info via email. Seems a very reasonable policy ... Hope we won’t have to take advantage of it.
  13. We did a Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu a few years ago and LOVED it! YOU could easily do it with carry-on's only ... as I recall you did the China that way ... this one will be fine as well. We went in December (Christmas Eve/day in Cusco ... that's a story in itself!!) and the weather was quite nice most of the time. It was rainy in Machu Picchu but that is actually in a "cloud forest" so it is almost always humid and boggy. Unfortunately it can impede your photography but if you are patient there will likely be a break at some point and you can get some wonderful shots. FWIW ...We consulted with our doctors and opted for the altitude sickness medication (Diamox). We had little trouble adapting to the altitude and suffered no unpleasant side effects. We debated the decision but knew there would be no time in the itinerary for a slow ascent and there would be a lot of hiking involved and a white water rafting trip that would be physically challenging under the best of circumstances. We were two of the few who suffered no ill effects and were able to enjoy every minute of the trip without interruption. We used the medication again when we did the China trip and enjoyed every minute of our time in Tibet. We loved Lima and although we did not stay in Miraflores we were in a hotel that was a reasonable walk to the waterfront. It was absolutely lovely! The food in Peru was great and while in Lima we enjoyed a wonderful dinner overlooking some ruins that are still being excavated. Lit up in the evenings, the site was a lovely backdrop for a great meal! It was a bit of a distance from the hotel so we asked at the front desk about taxis ... the hotel provided us with a private car and driver who delivered us safely in time for our dinner reservations and picked us up at after. It was a lovely service and not much more than a taxi would have been. Cusco and the Sacred Valley were really a once in a lifetime experience ... won't go on here forever ... although I could! If you have any questions I'm here ... and I'm just a little bit jealous!!!
  14. The WDW trip is an annual Spring Break trip with my daughter who is a teacher. It has been dubbed the "mother/daughter drunk and (just a little bit) disorderly tour" so there will be ample "applications" of alcohol to stave off both germs and small annoyances!
  15. We will be on a Grand European in July ... we have paid in full and and have good insurance so we are sitting tight and assuming we will be enjoying a glass of wine on the Aquavit Terrace on July 7th as planned. We are watching things carefully while keeping in mind that this is a fluid situation and the 24 hour news cycles tend to over dramatize most stories. We are more concerned about a trip to WDW in April ... crowds and lots of "messy" little ones ... ripe with possibilities!
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