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  1. There are a number of rapid PCR tests available ... one lab near us offers one with results in 2 hours. That said you pay for the quick results! $250 - 24 hours $300 - 8 hours and $350 - 2 hours. 😲
  2. FWIW ... we have always gone with the insurance offered with Viking (TripMate). We have canceled three cruises in the last year and in each case the amount paid for the insurance was part of the voucher/cash amount credit.
  3. It appears that some Bermuda passengers cancelled their Bermuda cruises and picked up one of the Malta itineraries. The reason was the rather onerous requirements for admission. Sadly it appears that Malta’s requirements are just as complicated. I will hang in with Bermuda but if viking’s “radio silence” continues much longer we may throw in the towel.
  4. Agree with Monty! We were in 8000 on our last cruise and had no issues with noise whatsoever. It was a winter cruise so games on deck 9 would not have been an issue but we were right next to the upper level of the Explorers Lounge and still all was quiet! Have a wonderful time!
  5. We’re on the fourth cruise and figure by then some bugs can be worked out. I trust that Viking is working behind the scenes to get everything in order ... they have a great deal at stake should things “go South”. Frankly, I feel as though we have a great deal at stake too as we have three more cruises booked and paid for after Bermuda!
  6. Being in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area there are several places with rapid PCR testing with results available in as little as 2 to 24 hours. They cater specifically to travelers and those needing tests in a hurry for other reasons. The results are send as a PDF to email so they can be easily uploaded. We’re watching and anticipating that there will be some changes as time goes on and who knows what arrangements Viking might ultimately be able to make with Bermuda ... it is certainly a win for them if we come! Fingers crossed!
  7. Thanks A! Hope you have a wonderful cruise in Iceland! It’s a pretty amazing place!
  8. We’re booked on the 7/6 Bermuda cruise and very excited to be back on a beautiful Viking ship again! We have booked our dinners in The Restaurant ( new procedure for this COVID era cruise ) and tomorrow our window opens for specialty dining selections. Does anyone know or has anyone heard anything about breakfasts in the MDR? Are reservations required? We generally like breakfast in the World Cafe just fine but one in The Restaurant along the way is always a nice treat. When booking excursions and specialty dining I remember that there was a particular time of day when the “time to b
  9. FWIW ... Falsifying a vaccine card is a crime and doing so makes you subject to fines and/or imprisonment. That doesn't mean people won't try it but not sure it would be worth the risk ... just get the darn shot!! Title 18 United States Code, Section 1017: "Whoever fraudulently or wrongfully affixes or impresses the seal of any department or agency of the United States, to or upon any certificate, instrument, commission, document, or paper or with knowledge of its fraudulent character, with wrongful or fraudulent intent, uses, buys, procures, sells, or transfers to ano
  10. And if you let your cabin steward know your preferences (or you can leave a note on the fridge) they will restock with your preferred beverages. My daughter likes a gin and tonic now and then so we ask that they stock the fridge with that and a diet coke here and there for me. You will also find a complementary bottle of champagne in the fridge when you arrive at the Penthouse Veranda level. If you call housekeeping they will bring you a bucket of ice and chances are your stewards will refresh the ice twice daily when they service the room. Prepare to be spoiled!
  11. My understanding is that the acceptable tests are a matter of type rather than “brand”. Bermuda requires a PCR test rather than an antigen variety. Around here most of the “rapid” tests are of the antigen variety. I looked at the Costco option and found it WAY more complicated than it seems it should be and the reviews indicated there were instances where results did not get back in a timely manner. We’re on the sailing on the 6th so we’re concerned about the 4th screwing up the timeline as well. There are several places close by which will deliver PCR results quickly ... specifically for
  12. Those of you who received emails ... did you communicate with Viking indicating an interest in the sold out Iceland cruise? Just wondering how they decided to whom they would send the emails. Obviously I did not get one! 😕
  13. Not exactly sure what "waffle hour" is but am guessing it is when Mamsens opens for afternoon "operations". There is often a "rush" on waffles which are absolutely wonderful IMO. We often split one with the fruit, cream and brunost (brown cheese). They are made to order and topped as you like them. Syrups are available if you are a "traditionalist" but we like them as displayed. We almost always get the spirits package ... mostly a matter of convenience but we enjoy the ability to select wines from a broad selection and have a cocktail or two before dinner ... or after too! At
  14. Thank you Peregrinations ... that’s good to know!
  15. We are on the Bermuda itinerary ... meant to post this in that thread but my fingers got away from me! Thanks! Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing anything!
  16. In the 3 page COVID-19 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES (INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL) document it states: "A copy of the vaccine confirmation/record card must be received by Viking, no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled sailing date." Has anyone heard or read how this is to be done? Where do we send it? In the above referred to document they mention sending an email with a health survey seven days prior to the date of embarkation but this would be too late for the provision of said vaccination record. I'm guessing I missed something but am trying to be sure that we don't miss
  17. Agree! We are already working to make sure that we have dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s. Right now there are a few things we need to do ahead of the trip and certainly don’t expect Viking to cover those ... get a test, complete a form, upload test results, etc. etc. And we’ll have to watch as travel restrictions and requirements are evolving and I expect that changes are very likely. The only thing that seems sure is that Viking will test us on some regular schedule while onboard and they will provide us with testing documents needed for flights home ... and even that is for now!
  18. We’re booked on the July 6th cruise and very excited. We picked Bermuda over Iceland mainly because we haven’t been there ( did Iceland on an extension in 2016 ) but really thought it might be a simpler trip. We haven’t left our “bubble” in more than a year and not sure how this first trip will go. Anxiously awaiting flight info and the “return” of MVJ. Will spend some time watching as re-entry requirements seem to be an evolving issue. We’re in Illinois and my daughter (and travel buddy) is a Chicago resident ... they have their own rules. It can be daunting but I’m sure we’ll figure it
  19. We love the spa as well and are anxiously waiting for MVJ to update (or whatever it is they’re doing) so we can get more information. I’m guessing (and that’s all it is ... a guess) that the spa facilities will likely be available much of the time. We’ve been on several cruises and rarely have run into more than a handful of people using the facilities at any one time. I’m hoping that once on the ship we can call early in the day and potentially set up a time then rather than trying to set a time 60 - 70 days before embarking.
  20. I was wondering the same thing! They sold out so quickly! We booked Bermuda and the agent we worked with said they were receiving calls to book the welcome back trips before complete info about the trips had trickled down to the agents! Have to wonder if the ships will be at less than capacity.
  21. This is generally how we work with Viking. We have never had much luck trying to connect with an agent we worked with on earlier bookings. Contact attempts became complicated games of phone tag. Frankly, booking a cruise takes a bit of time and as we generally do e-check, getting things together to do the booking is an effort and I generally don’t want to leave a message then wait for a return call sometime later ... probably the minute I step into the shower! Most agents are polite, competent, and happy to help. Have only had one frustrating experience in almost 20 cruises!
  22. We are beyond excited! Just booked Bermuda for the 6th of July. Seemed like an easy "dip our toes back into the waters" trip and the price seemed quite reasonable. Honestly, at this point just being able to have a burger and an aperol spritz at the pool bar would be enough to get me packing!
  23. Pages linked by Peregrina earlier notes that if your airline requires a test before flight they will provide you with appropriate documentation of said test and (presumably) negative result.
  24. LOVED Ultimate Italy / Tuscany!!! It was worth every penny and we have even considered doing it again!
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