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  1. My Alaska Cruise is doing that too. My Panama Canal Cruise lets me book excursions. Weird
  2. I will post pics when I’m home and more info. Had done stuff going on i had to use my minutes so I was out. Overall it was a good cruise. It clarified what I want in a cruise going forward as well.
  3. 1st was E436, had the new mattress, 2nd was E430 (with possessed plumbing) old mattress. Now I’m in M433, new mattress but there’s a big bump in the middle.
  4. St. Maarten- I booked a 6 hour speedboat tour with Billy Bones boat charters. You could walk about 15 minutes or take the $7 round trip water shuttle to shopping/beaches to the meeting area. The water shuttle drops off at the same spot we were picked up. The directions could have been clearer as some of the landmarks they noted in the directions weren’t there. There were 23 of us on the Rum Bum, which can hold up to 31 passengers. Captain Miguel and first mate Diane were awesome and very helpful and fun. We stopped at several locations to swim and snorkel. An awesome lunch was also included at a locals restaurant. I’ll post pics when I’m back home. It was a great day! In Antigua, I booked with Heavenly Tours for a 4 hour tour. The meeting point was right outside the port. Jacqui was our guide for the day. She’s energetic, fun and loves talking about her home. We visited a private residence with a lot of historic memorabilia and their resident pets. We also visited a pineapple farm and drove around the area as she told us about her life in Antigua. We had lunch at the beach. I went in the water for a bit. I think it was Ffryes beach, I’ll check the spelling when I post the photos. I was moved to another cabin due to the plumbing issues, the demons that possessed the plumbing can keep it 🤣 they have several days to fix it before the next cruise so hopefully it will be in working order for the next cruise. I don’t think they’ve actually had the fountain show yet. The times I’ve gone it was canceled due to “wind” it wasn’t really that windy but that’s what they said.
  5. Well the possessed plumbing saga continues. They offered to change my cabin but I want to stay where I am so they are trying again. If it’s still not fixed tomorrow, I’m moving to another cabin. The plumber was saying it was fixed so I took video this time 😡. I think a demon possessed it for Halloween.
  6. My bathroom is working this morning so far so I’m happy 🤣
  7. Oct 31 was Halloween of course and there were several Halloween themed events including trivia, movies and a party in the piazza. Some dressed for dinner, some after. They are doing an escape room, it’s $8 USD to participate. The shows this cruise are Born to Dance, Fiera, Bravo and Sweet Soul Music. Comedians Carlos Oscar, Michael Minor, Tom Franek and Robbie Printz are performing this cruise as well. I’ve never seen 4 on one cruise! I didn’t have to attend the muster again so relaxed in my cabin during the drill. New cruise, new dinner mates! I enjoy talking to people. I had early dining on this cruise, they changed it to late for some reason so I had to see the maitre d to change it back and am with Rolando once again. Nov 1 was the first of 3 days at sea. Always lots to do on a sea day! We had our cruise critic meet and greet at Club 6, with the 2nd largest turnout I’ve seen. Several officers joined us and chatted for a bit. I unfortunately had some customer service related issues on the first cruise so spent a lot of time at the front desk the first cruise. In all the cruises I’ve done, I have never been mad enough to complain or ask for a manager. I’ve spent more time at the front desk this cruise than all of my cruises combined. I was able to talk with Beryl and she is fabulous. Even some issues that weren’t her department she addressed and took care of. After having a lack of assistance and in one case outright rudeness, she took ownership of taking care of the issues that needed resolution. I made sure to mention to the Customer Services Director how wonderful she was. Now it’s Nov 2nd and another day at sea. Today was the cabin crawl and we saw about 9 cabins including a large suite and one of the fwd mini suites with the huge balconies! We are having a group solo lunch... but first I’m off to the front desk yet again. The plumbing in my new cabin hasn’t worked right since day 1. The plumber has come 4 times already in less than 3 days for the shower and toilet. I’m a very patient person, but I’m getting very frustrated.
  8. Today is turnaround day in NYC. I opted to take a Lyft to the 9/11 museum. I pre booked a skip the line ticket through Expedia and downloaded the audio tour. The tour evoked memories from that day, shock, fear, anger and grief. It was very well done with many exhibits and and pieces of history. In A large part of the museum photos aren’t allowed, but I wouldn’t have anyway. The artifacts there were personal to those who we lost that day.
  9. Day at sea headed back to New York. It was overcast and chilly headed back. I didn’t do anything very excited but while we are back in New York today, I’ll upload some pics. Here are some from the tour in Halifax. Awesome small group excursion! We saw so much and a lot of places the ship tours don’t go.
  10. Saint John Day We were scheduled to be in Port in St. John today from 12 noon to 11PM. I spent the morning chatting and of course going to the Enclave. Though we arrived on time, The ship wasn’t cleared to disembark until about 1220. They only had one line to exit the ship and although I waited until about 1245 there were still a line snaking through the Piazza. For this port, we had to show photo ID along with our medallion when we reentered the port area. Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with Vickie and Bernie, yes that Vickie and Bernie who cruise Princess often and blog about their adventures! It was wonderful to see them again and we had lunch at a restaurant nearby the pier. Unfortunately the food wasn’t quite as good as we had hoped. There was only one person working and she was the waitress, Buser, cashier and everything else. I feel very badly for her, and unfortunately the food wasn’t good enough to recommend. Vicky help me find the police museum in St. John which is a close walk from the pier. The police museum is free and they have several pieces on display from the past and present. LEOs ca trade patches and coins with them. You can also buy their challenge coins. They have a collection of police patches they have traded for on their wall. There are retired police officers who staff the free museum and Are happy to talk to you and answer any questions. I spoke with a gentleman who’s in charge of the patches and he said he has about three more boards that he needs to make once he has time. By the time I finish looking at the museum, it was about 1215. I knew that there was a $25 local bus that made two stops as was a narrated tour of the city. I thought it was too late but As I walked around the corner, I saw one of the city bus is parked. It Looked full, but I asked the driver if he had one spot left and he did. The tour is about 2 1/2 hours and drives all around the city of Saint John. It stops at a reversing rapids look out and also the market. You have about 20 to 30 minutes at each stop. Our deliver was fabulous. He was thorough, easy to understand and happy to answer questions. He told us today they set a new record for most cruise passengers in a day. The Regal, Carribean Princess, and a very large RCL ship were in port. Once the tour was over, I shopped a bit. This was the last day this season ships would he in port so many places were selling items 50% off. I was back on the ship with time for an Enclave stop 😉before dinner. I’m glad I don’t have late seating for the 10 day and I won’t opt for it again. A lot of the things I like to do are at 9. I wandered by the packed Princess live and watched the Marriage Match game for a few minutes behind heading for my cabin to read a bit before going to sleep. and I still can’t upload pics. I will back in the US, I have some awesome shots.
  11. They usually have the blueberry pancakes the first morning. I just know from previous cruises. Icon is on board and they are awesome! Carlos Oscar the comedian has performed two nights this cruise. I saw them hauling mattresses around the halls but don’t know how many are done.
  12. Well my hips don’t lie and they are mad about all the dancing so far 😂. I’m already behind so will try to catch up. Yesterday was Halifax and we were to port at 7am. I set my clock for 6:50 so I could watch sail in but when the alarm went off we were already docked. My tour wasn’t until 9 so I got up and went to the dining room to see what they had but ended up in the buffet. They have an omelette station where you can add what you like. My tour today was prebooked with Paul McNeil Halifax Titanic Historical Tours. We had 9 people in our 14 person van, and he maxes at 10. It was a great day and Paul knows so much about Halifax. We went to several sites around Halifax and Dartmouth as he told us the history or Halifax, including the Titanic, the explosion that killed thousands of people in Halifax when two ships collided and he had videos and still photos he shared with us. On 9/11/2001, hundreds of planes and thousands of people were diverted to Halifax when the US airspace was closed. It was educational and we saw so much more than the bus tours. We saw the firing of the noon canyon, two of the three graveyards of the Titanic victims, one graveyard had yellow markers for the victims of the Halifax explosion as well. Check him out on trip advisor if you are visiting Halifax, one of the best tours I’ve been on. I am struggling to get photos to upload but will at some point.
  13. Today was Sunday and a fun day at sea and also the formal night for the 5 day cruise. After a good nights rest I had breakfast in the main dining room, knowing that today was blueberry pancake day. After breakfast was another trip to the enclave, something you’ll probably see a lot of in my posts. My OceanNow™ app isn’t working correctly so I went to see the ocean IT folks again. Unfortunately it’s still not working. Because I’m on a back to back my Internet minutes weren’t correct and I stopped by the Internet café and had that corrected while there was no line. I had lunch with a fellow cruiser who’s on the Facebook group at Alfredo’s, then I went to the 2 PM line dance in the Piazza, and then, of course, back to the Enclave. only one of the four button to push to work to jesses working I mentioned to the front desk and they said that they were having somebody work on it. One of the saunas wasn’t working either. The enclave seems to be more crowded this cruise and it was on the 7 day Royal Cruise I was on last. I took my sweet pokey time getting dressed for dinner. I now work from home so my work clothing is generally pajamas or yoga pants and T-shirt. I don’t have have opportunities to dress up as often as I used to. I wore more make up today then I probably have in the last six months. 🤣 After dinner I went to one of my favorite game shows, the Yes no game. I did put my name in to be contestant but unfortunately I wasn’t able to this time. One of my table mates and new friends from dinner got to play. She only lasted about 13 seconds unfortunately. But then she had the opportunity to question The Cruise staff member whose name I can’t remember at the moment, and he only lasted one second 😂the first thing she asked him he said no and it was over. We stayed to play the musical bingo game which was a lot of fun. You get bingo cards with the names of songs on them and then they play the songs and you mark up the boxes that they play the song. The first team to get the correct pattern wins bingo. This is the first time I’ve seen that game. And at 10:45 tonight was a country western party in the Piazza. They played some line dances and some slow dances as well. That lasted about a half an hour and I was out there dancing. Rested me is a lot more coordinated. Well folks, it’s currently midnight and it’s time to go to bed as I do have a full day excursion tomorrow. i tried to upload pics but it’s not in the mood so will try again later.
  14. I went to bed last night but plan to go to the country party tonight and I will check them out
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