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    If you've "been there, done that" in Cozumel...

    I love that idea. i'm going on a cruise there next month, I think I may do this too!
  2. Sorry, Work has gotten in my way this week. Will post a bit more when I can Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeahhh im behind.. so to get caught up... I missed this one... I did origami with Jase the 2nd sea day afternoon. He’s from Australia and he has quite a fan club... which is likely why he mentioned his girlfriend... who works on the ship... a few times 😂. He told us how before joining Princess he went on safaris and adventures and knew nothing about crafts. He’s learned several on ships and enjoys teaching people and . This was a beginner class and we made a tray, a swan and a heart.. which I could likely remember how to do again👍 Today is October 31 and we docked in Puerto Vallarta. I got up this morning still not knowing what I wanted to do 🤣. I went off the ship to ask what Tours were available. Keep in mind this was to be a RESTFUL trip so yeah, I decided ziplining and mule riding with hiking sounded great. It was with, a company I’d taken a tour with before and are well regarded. I forget the name, I’ll get it and share it. Short version is I was the only one on my tour at that time so it was me, two guides and a photog. The zip line part was 11 lines and was very strenuous. I made it with a few breaks. I have nerve damage in my legs that makes stepping up a lot hard... but I made it. After the mule ride, which my singing guides, I had time for lunch in at their beautiful ranch area. They are at the pier or you can reserve online. Onboard they have lots of Halloween themed movies, trivia and of course a party. A lot of the crew is dressed up as are many passengers. Several rooms are decorated and there are carved pumpkins in the piazza. Halloween night (pv night) was the twice baked soufflé night by the way. Ok, caught up! Today is Mazatlan day and 4 folks from the roll call met up with me and I showed them how to get to Stone island on the local ferry. It is about a 10-15 minute walk from the port to the ferry and a walk along the beach. You need to be pretty stable to get into the small 18 person boats as well. I believe the boats on the ship tours are more stable but if your mobility is fine it’s a great alternative. I know where the ship tour goes and so of course we chose another place. We are at El Velero which is pretty close to where you enter the beach from the water taxi. It has a beautiful trellis that provides shade and there are also loungers and umbrellas by the beach. I had a mango margarita which was 6USD, as well as a coke and chips with guacamole. There are beach vendors who come by a lot but saying no thank you is easy enough. There are places further down to rent kayaks or ride horses or the banana boat. It’s an easy and relaxing day. The water is amazing.
  4. I got off the ship In PV with no plan, which is very unlike me. Normally I’m a rabid planner. There is a massage place by the ship, which I’ll likely make use of in the way back!! I joined a zip line, mule ride excursion at the port. There were other options like a city tour as well. I was put in a van to the office of Canopy River Tours where they arranged transportation, which is where I am at this moment [emoji16] they have free WiFi here In the office. The others in the van were going on a city tour. I’ll let you all know how it goes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Grrr I’m trying to add a quite long post about the day but it’s blank when I look at ... can anyone see it? Starts with “for the first time ever...” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. For the first time ever, I actually won at the yes no game!!! Usually I’m a 7 second wonder though I did get close once. I think this was the 5th time I’ve played. I do have tactics I use but they’ve never worked long enough before. [emoji23] she asked me how many times I cruised and I have no idea so I made up a number. I knew if I was unsure she would keep after me and I’d be too busy thinking and not paying attention. Princess won’t like me anymore if I share too many tips but I will give one. If you aren’t sure about something they ask, make it up and stick with it. Don’t act unsure or you will be shark bait [emoji16] Cassia from Australia was the ACD on my turn. She’s very nice and does a great job on the Wake Show with Duke. Her and Duke have a running competition to see which could get someone out the quickest and she won this cruise. Yay Cassia! I think it was 7 seconds. Duke asked one person if they’d be the person to mess up the first question and they said no but he took too long and it was 10 seconds. Gotta be quicker that that mister haha. I don’t remember all the cruise staff names yet as I’m slacking and not going to events the way I have before. The ones I remember are Duke, Cassia, Martin and Jase. There are two more, I’ll sort out their names to share. I did get a pic of Duke’s shoes as well to share! I’m not sure who hosts the Stammtish but will have a look next time. It was in the Patter they’d have it again today but it was a misprint. They are having a wine tasting today. The table had a beautiful setting. The lip synch battle may not happen [emoji30] only 4 of us are signed up and they need 5. If you are onboard and want to play, find Jase or he says go to guest services and have him paged for leave him a note. There’s a list of songs to choose from and you don’t need to have talent... which is perfect for me!! He said it’s a new event on this ship they’ve tried a few times. I would have thought getting people to do this would be easier than karaoke. Oh if you are onboard I am looking for rock and roll props in case this happens... like a long scarf or feather boa maybe? I have no clue what I’ll wear. I should have left over temp tattoos from my Halloween costume I could use. I also have hair chalk so can color my hair. Any other ideas ?? I’m doing “I love rock and roll” if the event happens. They are having the British Pub Lunch today And of course afternoon tea. The Salty Dog Pub dinner is on this ship in the wheelhouse Bar In the evenings. I will stalk the goat cheese soufflé and German night and let you all know. Last night was Asian food night and tonight is Mexican good night it the buffet. Yesterday at the meet and greet, someone mentioned they didn’t see a military veterans get together the previous week. I do see it In The patter today and Duke mentioned it on the Wake Show as well. I found the info about Obc for Vets I’ll share as well. The musicians on this ship are awesome. We have Los Brilliantes, John Giedosh (guitar), Colin Salter (piano and vocals), and the Static band. The Static band played at sail away and were one of the best party bands I’ve heard on board. They were fun, engaging and very talented. Regarding the escape room, it was free and they had the sign up time and place in the patter. If it’s in the library, get by the desk. There were a lot of people who were In The library first and The cruise staff member went to the desk and some people cut the line. Seriously if there are people ahead of you, don’t cut the line. Having said that, sign ups were limited. I think he said there were about 8 times over the last two days (Mazatlan and the last sea day) and they were limited to 8 people per session. Escape rooms are becoming popular in many cities. You have to work together as a team to solve puzzles and escape the room. I’m curious to see how difficult it will be given that it’s on a cruise ship but will report back with general details. I took some menu pics today to share. I’m screen shotting questions to get the answers then I’ll answer them as I can. I still don’t know what I want to do in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve done Las Caletas (PVR280) before which is an awesome tour and I’ve also done the Viva Tequila mariachi with lunch (#PVR115) which was great as well. I think I’ll just get off the ship and see what I want to do. I’m usually a rabid planner... this time I can’t make a decision to save my life [emoji23] I did play in the casino for a bit... lost $30 in 5 minutes and quit haha. Ah well I’ll try again another day. Tonight they have comedy and magic showtime with RJ Lewis and the production show “Once Upon a Dream”. Tonight will also be the 70s night party and majority rules as well as the champagne waterfall and officers address. Thanks for following and let me know if you have questions [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I wasn’t going to do a live review for this cruise because I was feeling lazy but this one is interesting so far so I thought I’d share some anyway. This is a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise over Halloween and we will visit Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. I’ll upload the officer list. We had the meet and greet today and CS Director James Eaton and Maitre d Giorgio Pisano joined us and actually spent about an hour answering questions and talking with us. James is very funny and likes to talk with people I can tell. He did say he reads the Cruise Critic boards every week and mentioned the ocean medallion and something else that’s been discussed a lot on the boards lately. Two of my favorite Cruise Directors are on this sailing. Duke Christopher is the cruise director and Lisa Ball is the Entertainment Director. They are both down to earth and fun as well as very approachable. If you love shoes, you will love Duke. Even if you don’t you probably will though [emoji16] He has a lot of unique and beautiful shoes and they match his fun personality. He was also the muster station lead in the Princess theatre. I love his accent... which means if I’m against him in the yes no Game I will lose because I won’t be paying attention haha that’s tonight so we shall see if I sign up to play. I did a lot of dancing yesterday at sailaway and line dance class and my legs feel that I can go jump in a lake today [emoji30] I’ve already seen a few events I haven’t seen on a cruise before in the patter... an escape room is one. I’ve done a few escape rooms and am excited to see what they do. My team’s time is on Mazatlan day and I’ll share my experience. Another is a lip sync contest between passengers and cruise staff. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but I can fake it so I’ll check that out too. Regarding Halloween, it will be celebrated on Halloween even though all aboard is 1930 in Puerto Vallarta. We will see how my motivation is to actually deal with my costume. They are showing 3 football Games today on MUTS and in the staterooms. They didn’t have the Raiders or 49ers on but I saw the final scores and it’s probably better that way [emoji30] Magic To do was in the theatre last night and is a beautiful show. It’s only on a few ships I believe so if you see it available, I’d recommend seeing it. There is gelato on this ship in the IC for 1.50 us for 3 scoops. It seems they are having issues with people using the toilets properly... since there was a paper in the bathroom, a ship wide announcement and another write up today about it in the patter. Jeesh They are doing a Stammtisch event today at Vines... $15 per person and it says it includes food and drinks. I have no clue what I’m doing at Cabo or PV, this is the first cruise I’ve ever had no plan. In Mazatlan I’m taking a group with me to show them how to use the local boat to get over there. In the spring it was $2 round trip. I actually did the scavenger hunt for once and the drawing is soon so I’ll be off to that. Thanks for following along if you do [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. pkt1976

    What to do in Matzatlan?

    HI, i'm on the same sailing (10/28) and plan to go to Stone island on the local ferry if the weather is nice. I've done it a couple times and it was convenient and now I know where i'm going :) . We are having a cruise critic meet and greet and I was going to offer to get there as a group if others want to go. You are welcome to join :)
  9. My voice is mostly back.. just gravelly. Sorry work was crazy next week but I'll post pics when I have time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk