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  1. Hi all. I'm on a 2 night mini cruise on ventura in Nov with a large group. All in our 30s 40s and a couple in their 50s. Found out one night is 60s theme which isn't really for us. Is there venues onboard that will play more up to date music? And is the a disco/ club onboard. Thank you for any info you can share Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  2. Managed to pay for the upgrade to aurea as there was a cancellation apparantly. Should be fine now with a table for two and with anytime dining too. Thanks for all the advice. Sent from my KFSUWI using Forums mobile app
  3. Thank you all for the replys. After much deliberation we have decided to cancel the cruise after booking a lovely looking rear corner suite. We found a fab itinerary with MSC and will give us a chance to go back to Brazil. Thanks again for all your views. On a positive note though, i have booked a mini cruise on Ventura later this year with a large group of friends. Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  4. Thanks for the replys everyone. I rang today too upgrade to Aurea so we could do anytime dining and go into dine when there was a table for two available but it's completely sold out. So i will have to keep checking for cancellations. After reading more about msc and your comments I'm not confident well get our table for two especially as the ship is nearly sold out with 10 months to go still. Some people are more than happy to sit with strangers every night and won't understand where I'm coming from but it's just not us and we enjoy our meals together. That's why we have always gone with NCL, they are so flexible... Hopefully it will work out and we will enjoy MSC too. The lady on the phone at MSC has put down that its our honeymoon and sounded hopeful that well get the table. Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  5. I spoke to MSC today and the lady was really helpful. She did happen to mention that the first guests to be accommodated for tables of two are those with medical reasons for the request so hopefully you will get your table. Like you we will be in the buffet if not... Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  6. Hi Were just booked onto the Seaview for next april. It looks amazing! I have never been on MSC (always NCL) so i rang before booking to figure out the dining situation, as a table for 2 is important to us both. The gentleman said we wouldn't have an issue getting a table for 2. He even said he can email head office to get me a letter to show the matradee if for any reason we dont get the table requested. He was a very helpful over the phone but i dont know if they have to say well get what we want to promote the cruise line and help push through sales? We have booked a Fantastica Balcony as apparently we will have higher priority for our late dining time request. He said we would just be placed where there was space if we booked Bella. I wanted to book Aurea level but it sold out today :-( Anyone had any experience with this request? Obviously i know the ship isn't on the waters yet but i presume Seaside will be along the same lines and someone may have experience from other large MSC ships? Many Thanks
  7. Thanks for info. Great help. We wouldn't ship brugees for the afternoon tea, just overall time onboard and to fit in with what everyone wants to do onboard. Can you order alcoholic drinks during the service? For example could we have a few bottles of fizz bought to the tables? Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  8. Hi I'm trying to plan an itinerary for a large group on a 2 night mini cruise to Brugee later this year. Will the afternoon Tea i keep hearing about be on offer in the MDR on the port day in Brugee. We're actually thinking of not getting off and enjoying the ship as its such a short cruise. Could anyone also tell me how the afternoon tea is served, is it table service or a buffet style and what's offered? Deciding wether its worth including in our plans... Thanks Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  9. We have been on a few ncl cruises and always felt comfortable. They have the friends of Dorothy meetings advertised nightly too. Staff always been lovely. Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  10. We love NCL. Very relaxed though. Eat when you want and where you want. No formal nights though if that is something you really like on a cruise. However its not relaxed to the point you could enter the dining room in shorts and trainers and i do find the majority of people still make an effort in the event. I have family that have done HAL, P&O, Royal Carribean and NCL and they enjoyed them all. If you are easy going then i think you would be ok. For people who like traditional style cruising then i would not advise NCL as their aim is to be the complete opposite of traditional. We just love the choice and flexibility onboard. Jade has recently been refitted too.
  11. Hi We have just booked one of these after much research. The balcony's are much bigger and wrap around the side of the ship, i have never seen a bigger balcony. Most of them have two sun loungers, two chairs and side table a well as a full size table and chairs for meals.Inside the layouts are slightly different too as they have double doors from both the bedroom and living area where the bedroom doors face port side or starboard and living room doors face rearwards. Hopefully they gives you a better idea. We found a number of videos on Youtube from past passengers who did a walk through of their cabins. The only downsides we found reported were of soot on the balcony's from the engine funnels as your at the back, this seemed to be worse the higher your suite was. Also a couple of reports of noise from the Live Lounge as that is at the back of the ship on a lower deck and the smoking areas are just outside on both sides. This venue turns into the club later on, however we stay up late and don't think this will be a problem for us. Do try Youtube
  12. Hi all Any experience on P&O? Looking at Britannia early 2019, either transatlantic or Canary/Portugal two week cruise. Hopefully a suite. Any advice for when were on board the ship too? Thanks
  13. We have just booked too. Wish it was sooner though. Still need to sort flights from London and transfers but have cruised from Miami before so shouldn't be too hard. The ship looks brilliant, can't wait! Daniel & David
  14. Thanks for the replys, looks like we should be fine in this cabin :-)
  15. Hi all, I’m just looking for some info and help on the room we have been allocated on our SPIRIT sailing later this year. We booked a BD category cabin on a Guarantee basis, we have been given 10666, could someone tell me what category this is, iv had a look but different layouts show it as different grades, i know it will be very much the same as a BD cabin but i would like to know. Also i have noticed its right next to the kids pool and play centre, if someone who has been on this ship before could tell me if there will be much through traffic outside this cabin or will the floor layout avoid most of the noise from the kids areas? I can’t quite seem to tell from the diagrams where they access each area... I fully understand we booked a GTY and I’m sure the room we have been given will be more than fine, we are not fussy people. BUT if there will be a problem of passing traffic due to the location then it would be nice to know prior and i may consider ringing for an upgrade Many Thanks
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