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  1. I would book that TODAY!! and then buy some trip insurance!
  2. There is no porter available for the 90 minute wait in line getting off the ship. We have never had any issues once we clear immigration.
  3. Has anyone used this at Port Canaveral? I have had 2 miserable debarkation and both were at PC. It is almost worth it to me to have the Key just to avoid the 90 minute line with all of our stuff and tired cranky kids!!
  4. In NYC we had a bunch of luggage and 4 people (2 adults and 2 kids) was cheaper to get 2 lift cars. One adult and the luggage in one and 3 people in the other. It worked well for us. Run the cost on both and see how it works out.
  5. I agree that 6-8 weeks even for the pier looks iffy, but I am going to have a solid plan B for our September trip. I don't see the waterpark being done before then.
  6. We refer to is as the "toilet bowl pool" My kids were 11 an 9 and both tall enough as long as I was in the water too, but too short if I was not. They were both over 54" tall at the time.
  7. I think it depends on the height and weight of the kids. If you have 9 year olds that just miss the cutoffs, then there HONESTLY isn't much more to do on Allure but be disappointed about all the things you can't do.
  8. If you find out will you please report back here. I will make a similar decision. It appears much has changed since our last visit. Kayaks and paddle boards were a favorite of my kids so adding the $25 to the basic price is the most appealing. I can pack snacks and water if need be.
  9. My 12 year old will be driving a car in 3 short years!! I do not want that to be the first time he is out in the big bad world alone. We do lots of things to build independence. I walk into the warehouse store and had each kid $5 and tell them I expect them to be done with lunch before I finish the shopping. There is a store not far from our suburban home at 10 and 12 I send them for milk. I honestly don't think the world is more dangerous than ever before, I just think we know more and that gives us more to worry about.
  10. Having just completed a cruise that the average age was close to pushing 65. I do think that the industry is going to have to do some catching up to lure younger passengers. I think the first thing is going to be internet. On a shore excursion, we were having lunch at the providers shop and they had an internet hot spot, so I connected to catch up on a few things. After 9 days with out, it was nice to check in. One of the land vacationers on the tour asked about my comment about internet and could not believe that people still went on a week or more vacation where they knew there would be no internet. The interesting thing is lack of "connectedness" is what got us cruising in the first place. A ship was the only place my DH's work phone didn't work!!
  11. The major issue is that the staff are not allowed to help AT ALL. So if there is an accident, their options are pretty limited, especially for a male employee (not that it should make a difference, but it often does) parking him in the bathroom may have been the only option. I am not saying it was not unkind, or the only option. But because of strict hands off policies, the staff often finds few options.
  12. Any guesses about the water park? My kids will want to check it our they will be 10 and 12. One of us need to be around for supervision purposes, but don't need to slide. Do I need to buy 3 passes so that we can have an adult near the slides??
  13. I was on the fence and about to do it for $19.99 but there are 4 of us so even at that it was steep. NO WAY for $31. Maybe there will be another sail before we leave in Sept.
  14. Interesting, the full day water park on our Sept sailing is $68 for both kids and adults. The zipline and water park is over $100. It surprises me that it varies that much sailing to sailing.
  15. I thought it was going to be a big deal fo rmy family, but in 14 days, I honestly didn't miss them at all
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