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  1. I have recently had to personally consider the daily service fee (of what ever you want to call it) in regards to an overall BAD experience. We had a delayed embarcation and did not board until 1am. So in short, we miss the first day on board. For my family of 4, paying $60 for something we didnt get felt, well wrong. However I knew the crew still worked that day, in particular the room steward worked 48 hours with just about 5 off. So in the end, I did remove the first days prepaid service fee, and I left it in cash for the steward. I also have done some mental math and do not believe the crew gets all of the collected service fee in addition to a salary. So for this one day, that was a pretty awful way to start a trip, I decided the line would not get my service fee. It would not surprise me to hear that many removed the entire trip after how embarkation was handled and how concerns after boarding were addressed.
  2. We had a $600 refundable OBC credit at the end of our last cruise. How long should it take to post to our card or will they send a check?
  3. momto2js

    Beds for 4 on Harmony

    Does anyone have a picture of what this actually looks like? Potentially if you don't pull out the sofa, could you put an aerobed on the floor at night?
  4. I am looking at a trip on Harmony for next year, but I need seperate beds for my 2 kids, the double couch will not work for our family. I know Oasis has pullmans in the ocean view rooms. Does anyone off hand know of a category that includes a pullman for the 4th guest?
  5. momto2js

    What to do in Cartegena Columbia

    We did a tour from Friends for Columbia several years ago, it was fantastic!! I dont know if they are still working there, but it is worth a look. We visited 3 nonprofits, my kids played games with local kids and seniors at a community center, we saw a new daycare, and a few back yard gardens. Then they took us to the walled city for a tour. It was great!!
  6. momto2js

    Winter cruises out of New York

    We are in NYC now waiting for breakaway. I would not choose to cruise again from here. Everything is harder because it is a big city. Add in the cold and the rain, not to mention snow, and it is even harder.
  7. momto2js

    Why do you walk out on Rock of Ages?

    The reason that I might walk out over content, is that the warnings are overused and can be useless. We were one a weather extended cruise one year, and they played Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in the theater one night. Outside the theater there was a sign warning about adult content and using parental judgement. Umm, it is Fantastic Beasts?? I walked my 8 and 10 year olds right past the sign and into the movie. Now say, that same sign is in front of the door, later in the week or even on a different cruise, of Rock of Ages. Well clearly the cruise line is over protective, and this is the headline show on a cruise line that hosts many generations, it must be OK for my now 10 and 12 year olds?? Oh, this time they meant it, kids come on we are going. It could easily happen. I do not expect EVERYTHING on board to have multi- generational appeal, but the headline entertainment should be selected and developed to be something everyone on board can enjoy. NCL is not alone in this regard. My children suffered through the first 1/2 of CATS on RCI and I felt so bad for the cast when only about 1/3 of the theater returned after intermission, but that is just honestly not a good fit for a cruise. The cast was really good and the staging was great, but well it is REALLY long and well, it isn't for everyone. I think the main stream lines could do better developing the 2 or 3 main shows to better suit everyone on board. I struggle when walking out, I understand those performers are doing the best they can with what they have, and what they have may not be ideal. But in an "It was free and there are other options" world there are many reasons to leave. The most common for my family, kids in tow or not, is it has simply gotten too late and I am too tired.
  8. momto2js

    Scuba Diving on my own

    My DH is using Happy Divers in Aruba
  9. momto2js

    Unlimited Arcade

    My mom called and bought the arcade package for my sons for our upcoming 15 days on Breakaway. It shows as just them. She was able to gift it to just the kids. We will see how it goes in 7 days!!
  10. momto2js

    Dinner Reservations on Breakaway

    I just went through it the booking of dinner for 15 nights for my family of 4. It was a bit of a challenge but my kids dont wait patiently so having something lined up feels essential.
  11. momto2js

    Arcade Prices on Gem

    You have to buy it for everyone in the cabin. We figure 4 games a day to break even.
  12. We are doing 15 nights after 3 in NYC. Here is my plan. I will wash anything remotely dirty at the hotel before we leave for the ship. Each adult and each child has 3 sets of "travel" clothes that are light weight and will dry fast. Underwear and socks are also not cotton and will dry well. I am packing laundry soap, we have 2 buckets for the kids on the beach and I am bringing clothes pins. That way I have at least 3 oufits each that are easily washable in the shower. We will have other less easily washable stuff, but when times get tight, we will wear the same 3 things :) This issue came up for us last year on or cruise that was extended curiosity of Irma. Hand washing got us through.
  13. momto2js

    GETAWAY arcade plan

    It is pretty clear on the website that everyone in the cabin must purchase the package. Perhaps if grandma wanted to buy it for your kids she could call and have it added just for them ;) ;)
  14. momto2js

    Printing Bag tags

    I print them and put them in our "binder" with all our other plans. Before we leave the pre cruise hotel I put them on the 7 bags between the 4 of us (yes it is a lot but 3 sets of snorkel gear and one set of scuba gear take up a lot of space) I put them on. No one wants a porter trying to fill out and attach all those bag tags while others are waiting. I did find the offending printer setting. Thank you all for your input.
  15. momto2js

    What would you do re: bar package

    I am also type 1 and I don't drink. Too much complication and I can not risk masking a low with a buzz. For my family, it would not be worth it. We instead buy the soda package.