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  1. I purchase beer and wine at a CVS a few blocks away. As for dinner there are so many choices. My favorites are Big City Tavern and Royal Pig but there are loads of good restaurants. Breakfast I usually do at the Crepe place. I can't remember the name.
  2. Bus service is totally cancelled for now. I would guess there is an unofficial driver labor slowdown. Probably will be settled in a few days. As for protesting to NCL I believe they would cancel the cruise if there was nothing to do or it was unsafe. Honestly if I were booking a cruise this year I would understand that the Covid situation is constantly changing. As much as I would love to cruise to Bermuda this year I have not booked keeping that in mind. That is because I don't like the uncertainty.
  3. They shop at local stores that sell everyday items. There are grocery stores, pharmacies, discount stores, convienience stores etc. Like what you would find in any small US town. There are no chain stores. No Target or Costco.
  4. You can visit them both in one day. They are both worth visiting. They are different. I don't consider one better than the other. I always do both when I am there more than one day. Some will have the opinion one is better than the other.
  5. The ferries are running to Hamiltion. The ferries are not running to St .George.
  6. I put three favorite brands. That was my complete list of favorite brands so it was easy, Apple, REI, and Prana 😀
  7. I have no iPad or iPhone problems. I read your post and replied on my iPad.
  8. I can't say from experience and have not read any reports but part of the governments agreement with the developers they were to maintain public access. Bermudians want access. Another issue and probably a reason for not getting reports is that St. George's not as easy to get to as the ferry from the Dockyard to St. George is not running this year. I checked on TripAdvisor and the last reviews were from summer 2019....
  9. As a FYI I don't have this issue. I get logged out on my iPhone, iPad every 7 to 10 days. Even when I have to log on that is no big issue for me as I have autofill which fills in the username and password with Touch ID of FaceID. I am using Safari 14 as my browser.
  10. I think the analyst might not have understood or been clear that this will be a feature for emergency situations, like being lost in the wilderness and not for normal use text or calls. So we should not be expecting to be making texts or calls at sea. Another report says that it may not make it this September but the following September.
  11. In my opinion there is no difference or little difference. I have had both and was able to do the same with surf as with stream. Really should not be able to stream well at that slow speed a speed. What have you tried streaming?
  12. Charles4515

    Scuba diving

    I would suggest Dive Bermuda. https://www.bermudascuba.com
  13. This rumor is from a reliable analyst. https://www.macrumors.com/2021/08/29/iphone-13-to-feature-leo-to-make-calls-and-text/
  14. Fun for you is misery for others. People should be themselves. I don't want to be a cast member in your fantasy.
  15. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean IT works in mysterious ways. You may never get them. You should contact the Captain's Club. They may fix it or they might not. A month is probably not long enough ago though.
  16. Thirteen of the calls are on Crystal Symphony and six on NCL Breakaway. https://www.royalgazette.com/tourism/news/article/20210819/cruise-ships-to-make-19-extra-calls-to-bermuda/
  17. I prefer the Celebrity onboard experience somewhat over Princess. Princess tends to have better itineraries though sp I often go on Princess. Princess is better for Alaska than Celebrity as Princess does Glacier Bay which I think is a must do if this is your first Alaska cruise. I also prefer Princess for long cruises as they have self service laundries.
  18. The requirements could very well change by the time of your sailing. Bermuda's requirements are often modified in light of changes in the situation.
  19. Verizon does not have cell service in those places. What it has is roaming agreements with local cell companies. That will be an add on to your domestic plan.
  20. You are not allowed to remove sea glass or shells from Bermuda beaches.
  21. I love Bermuda and I am not motivated to go through all that trouble.
  22. Thank you for the report back. I would guess when large scale cruising to Bermuda returns the prices will change again.
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