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  1. Their costs may be lower, as fewer staff would be needed fo accommate fewer cruises in the cabins and the dining rooms.
  2. I'm in the same situation and also regret that the cruises next year will be 12 day rather than 14 day (and at a slightly higher price even though the cruises are short While I was tempted re rebook on the APEX out of Amsterdam, I chose to book the Silhouette as we were looking forward to also visiting London. The other temptation to book the new ship,, the APEX, is that it docks right beside the Movenpick hotel in Amsterdam, whereas I will have to travel down to Southampton to board the Silhouette. I had an NRD deposit and the only advantage for me was I didn't have to pay the $100pp penalty
  3. This may have been mentioned already, but since vaccines will probably be very difficult to obtain at first even when they are released, perhaps the cruise companies could offer them to anyone taking a cruise with a company, in fact insist on having a vaccine to board (while offering the option dockside). That way everyone on board would be. vaccinated and hopefully not a carrier.
  4. Couldn't cruise ships sail out of Seattle, as many have in the past?
  5. I find l like both of them. With Cruisemapper you can focus on just Celebrity ships, etc, but Marine Traffic lets me (usually) project their paths.
  6. In looking at the anticipated future tracking, it appears the ship is headed for the dockyards at Freeport, which makes sense in some ways, to add some more items or fix any problems that arise.
  7. The Coq au Vin is the best I have had anywhere!! It is the featured dish for Saturdays.
  8. Thanks Esprit. So in the future (2021) when we are dining in the Lawn Club Grill, we can be entertained by the movie playing across the lawn from us. I think I might enjoy that. And best wishes to your SIL.
  9. Thanks. So it appears that the Silhouette after leaving Florida on Jan 3, will only be in actual dry dock for about 3 1/2 weeks, and then work will continue onboard until its first scheduled cruise on Feb 14 And thanks for the further details HS2BS. I hope you will write a review after your B2B on the newly revolutionized Silhouette
  10. Just curious. Where is the Silhouette going for it's Revolution dry dock?
  11. When I was trying to compare non-refundable and refundable, and wanted to compare with 3 perks (love my perks), I eventually noticed on the "lowest price" (NRD) option that when I selected it I could ignore the 1 perk choice it presented and instead chose the 3 Perks-Sail Plus option (which stated that the avg per person additional cost was $247pp) and found when I chose the 3 options OBC, tips, classic beverage, that the resultant cost was $1,000 CAD lower for the 3 of us on a 14 day Europe cruise. So since we were sure we were taking that cruise, it was easy to select the NRD option.
  12. One time recently I choose the decline option under the perks and noticed the per person fare at the top dropped quite significantly and I even acquired a bit more OBC. At least as I recall.
  13. Thanks for your replies. On Celebrity they let you know the difference early in the booking process, but Royal makes you fill in all the guest details etc before showing you the difference. It's a bit frustrating when one is just looking at potential options.
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