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  1. So I have unpacked and it is only 12:30 so it seems prudent to go on over to South Beach. I lived here in South Beach from 1995-2000 so I was not unfamiliar with the territory. That opinion will change as I re-experience...the area. The bus terminus is directly across the street and I knew this prior to booking. The bus is $2.00 and will take me directly to Lincooln Road and 16th Street which is essentially the heart of South Beach. Next up: South beach Kev:cool:
  2. So...I always start a post with the word so...It's a great segue to any stupid thing I might say. So I booked on-line through the NCL site. Then I called and spoke to someone that answered about my reservation and if I was elegible for any OBC... I was not, however I did enjoy my conversation and learned a little about the solo cabins. This is my general method of booking....Through the website or direct with NCL. I once booked through Expedia and had a wonderful experience..and a great price but since NCL has limited TA's to their own pricing (unless they book a block of cabins) I prefer direct so that I...and Me can control my booking. I do not use a PCC don't even get me started on those nightmares....Some..not all PCC's no little or nothing about the product they are selling, so I have learned to speak to anyone nice who answers the phone and if I do not like the answer..I supervise....that is ask to speak to a supervisor. Supervisors have a bit of leniency when it comes to solving problems or fixing mistakes. So I am booked and now I need a flight. My prize from that unnamed Travel Mag is a round trip anywhere etc...so I booked a Delta out of Boston for Thursday March 10th to MIA. I needed a Hotel for 2 days prior and 2 days post ..as I wanted to get in a little South Beach as well. (First $ Mistake..LOL) I checked on line at the NCL site and they were offering The Biscayne Bay Marriot for $169.00 per night. Kev said, hey thats pretty good...for such a nice hotel...but to be sure I googled them and they wanted $300.00 per night plus almost $500.00 for the returning Saturday. So loyalists...what do you think Kev did...Yep he booked his four nights through NCL and was happy for it. Never book a hotel before checking out NCL's prices. So on March 10th I blue lined it to Logan Airport, boarded my Delta skinny jet and flew like the wind to MIA. A taxi ride later and I was ceremoniously dropped at the Biscayne Bay Marriot and shown to a 27th floor suite with a view...no less...of South Beach and the Miami cruise port. Next Up: Some South Beach Miami Fun Kev:cool:
  3. :cool: Thank you for your great thoughts. Here is the link for the recent Star review I just completed: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1732203&page=17 This will give you an idea of my...Kev...not Ken..LOL writing style. It was a humorous account and it certainly will be hard to top it or find better material. Thank you Kev
  4. That was also our first cruise ever...NCL majesty to Bermuda docking at St Georges. Although a smaller ship the Majesty was very special and I think it hooked a lot of Bostonians to cruising and NCL. Thank's for your support. Kev:cool:
  5. So to begin this Epic adventure we need to start with the basics...My partner always proclaimed I was too obsessive with planning and schedules and the what like so I need to clarify that shortcoming,...or in my opinion asset.... Who knew? On our first Bermuda cruise my Donald took some very good pictures...he was a natural camera/photo type...who always fixated the frame to the surroundings. He was in actuality a Doctor of internal medicine,..but when it came time to be treated he was left out to eventuality... His pictures were phenomenal and when I reviewed them after, I found one that was truly special. I entered it on-line to a travel magazine and was awarded first place. The prize was a round trip ticket anywhere in the Continental US. Here was Donald's award winnig pic from Bermuda...Titled A Horseshoe Sunset: So with prize in hand, an a natural vent for cruising I researched, parlayed and talked to my family to determine that an Epic Solo adventure was in the cards.. So next up: Kev's solo adventure on the Epic. Kev:cool::cool:
  6. First I will give you a quick synopsis of myself so you will know where I am coming from and can base your opinion on that. I am Kevin and I am 54 years old and I am from Boston. I lost my partner of 12 years in 2010 from multiple cancers. We were avid cruisers after our inaugural NCL majesty from Boston to Bermuda. This voyage will be my first solo voyage. I have had many misgivings on solo travel but since I have the Cruise bug I have been scared but optimistic on how to travel alone. Since the death of my partner I have traveled with friends and family... My personality is rather strong so that when I travel with family or friends they tend to pick me as a leader. For instance: Kevin, where are we gonna go eat...I dunno, there are twelve restaurants ...go pick one. Where should we lie out on the deck...anywhere you can find a chair. Which show are we going to go to. Pick one....etc....and on and on. I am on vacation and don't want to make decisions so now I travel solo....LOL... I am a 2 major graduate student in English and Historical Archives at University of Massachusetts Boston. I like being a student since there are no jobs anyways. I Travel exclusively on NCL so I cannot say what my experiences are say to RCI or a Carnival ship so I usually compare from one NCL to another. This review will be on the Epic out of Miami to the Eastern Caribbean for the week of March 12-19th 2011. I know it is a while back but many friends and loyal readers have asked me to post this so I will. So sit back, relax and have some fun..cause a Kev review is anything but boring.... Kev:cool:
  7. LOL no ROMFLOL..Your son is not a snot...but he is witty, and at his age he could be seen as a snot...but god love him..he is witty.
  8. I think you all may be missing the point. First..the commercial is playing in 3 markets...Boston, NYC and Philly....Second..it's purpose is to emphasize a homeport...NYC that requires no airfare for these ancillary markets. And Third...NYC is quickly surpassing Miami as a favorite port... so NCL wants to take advantage of that. There are over 35 million possible passengers in the 1-6 hour window of getting to the port of Manhattan. The setting of the city on top of the ship I will admit is a little over the top..LOL... but it is a marketing tool. NCL has put all of their apples in this new ship...which is homeported in NYC... Also NCL has the most agressive advertising campaign for cruising in the world. Over 1 Billion dollars per year is geared toward on-line and internet advertising..Think people,...have you not seen these ads every time you internet anything. Their ultimate goal is to directly challenge the BIG ONE Royal Caribbean...They have actually left Princess and Carnival in the dust with their bold new moves. They have actually had serious discussions of building an Oasis /Allure but they ended up in the decision to build a Breakaway Plus ...which will be smaller but as exciting as the aforementioned RCI ships. Their new ship Breakaway has so many unique cruise features that it is hard to surpass, by any line from Carnival to RCI. New York Features described so far are multiple. Sabra Hot Dogs Jeffrey Zakarian Rock of Ages and all shows Slam Allen NYC inspired Ice bar Fireworks Rockettes and many more I forget to list This is NCL's bold and ambitious move to corner the market, the very lucrative NYC/Nortrheast market....They are very soon entering into their public IPO and with Kevin Sheehan's brilliant leadesrship and their bold moves I would not hesitate to buy into this progressive company. Beware RCI...theres a new kid in town...In the worlds biggest town..New York, New York..and I am from Boston, who also has reaped the foresight of NCL market grabbing. Just MHO
  9. Hey everybody; My name is Kev and I have most recently concluded my Star review. With some persuasion and a little hubris I have decided to add a new/ old review...My experiences on the Norwegian Epic as a solo traveler on Spring break ....March 2011. It sounds enticing...but trust me it is more untraditional than most might think. I will present a realistic and hopefully factual friendly view of a solo advnture on the Epic. I hope you can forgive the delay and mistakes over time.. OK? Thank's Kev
  10. So now I am downloading and quite optimistic I can start the Epic review. I only hope that A: I can remember stuff...like I ever could..LOL and If I will have any criticism for the way things are now opposed to then. And B: will people think an almost 2 year old review is relevant. But I had such a nice time with The Star review and I met so many nice people such as yourselves that I am gonna wing it and try to do the Star review Justice....I will need to pull up all my writing skills not to repeat the style of the Star...so you must bear with me...amd keep an open mind. It was my first solo ..alone cruise ..since I had lost my partner of over 10 years so I had some moments. Stay tuned and stay true to Kev. Kev:cool:
  11. I see...well I think it should be mandatory before they earn 1$ of comission. We trust these people to be knowledgeable and to steer us right...not wrong.. Agree?
  12. thank you, thank you thank you, Not only is Kev a great storyteller but he shoots a mean pic as well. I need to download...the go over some NCL stuff so i can be accurate. this review is based on a March 2011 solo cruise so I need to refresh as they say. Now that I can post big pics...wish I knew for the Star review...hey that rhymes.... Anyways, this is my all time favorite picture. I could not for the life of me get it to work for the review. I have actually won several awards for this including a free trip to Miami from Boston...RT...which I will use for my Epic solo adventure..so I am proud. I think you will see why.
  13. Thank's Great lakes Girl, I appreciate your loyalty. I am going to begin my Epic soon....I have finally found a good big pic site and now I will download and begin. Thyank's again. Kev:cool: Here's a teaser Big Pic
  14. :DOK, Kev is gonna try a new pic site so he can begin his Epic review. Photobucket is a $%#$% program and I no longer have the patience for it so: Test: Nope OK but not big enough Yay I got It...OMG.... Now I can start downloading and begin this new review. Kev
  15. Run for the Hills. the only thing worse than getting no information is getting bad information. Not all PCC's are knowledgeable esp... with a new Ship. NCL does seem to have a lack of training geared towards PCC"s and don't even get me started with the website. I am an NCL loyalist and travel exclusively with NCL but PCC's and the website leave a lot to be desired.
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