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  1. skierjj

    Bliss What's Happening Dailies

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. These are so helpful. Going on Bliss 12/22,🚢
  2. skierjj

    Bliss Panama Canal

    Having been on the Bliss for the inaugural Panama Canal crossing, 5/18, I wish we had booked the aft. The aft is great for the rest of the trip as well. We were all over the ship during the locks and Gatun lake. It is fascinating no matter where you watch. The narration is great and enhances the experience. It is beautiful and relaxing and educational all at once. What a thrill. We had a side facing balcony towards the aft. If you don’t book the aft, deck 8 aft is a great viewing place for the locks. It’s all good, no matter what you choose. Happy sailing!
  3. Looking forward to your live review, I did one on 5/10/18 inaugural Panama Canal on the Bliss. Mike and I are on her again for Christmas out of Miami. Have fun and happy sailing!
  4. I’m the woman, yes they pay you in cash. I don’t think I still have that video on my phone. It was on NCL sun thanksgiving day 2016. South America cruise around the horn. I’ll see if I still have it. That was a fun day. Both Mike and I hit Royals on dollars within hours of each other! Yes they pay you in cash! $4000.00 each. We went and put the money on our account. Just FYI: We play A LOT of video poker. We have practiced for many many hours for free on our computer back in the 90s. We look for games with good odds, good pay tables. (Which don’t really exist anymore, even in Las Vegas). Anyway dollars had better odds than quarters on that ship. (I usually play quarters). Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. skierjj

    How to post pictures ??

    Test Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. We had a few on inaugural Panama Canal cruise on NCL Bliss. Here’s my royal flush on Ultimate X. Mike also hit on Ultimate X and Heidi brew house. We also had fun on other slots but not necessarily jackpots: Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    Hi Stephen (and I think Daniel) Yes I remember bumping into you a lot around the cruise ship. Didn’t you just love “our room”? I am now having Bliss withdrawal. I have been toying around with booking a Christmas cruise. Casinos at Sea won’t make us an offer on the Haven though, darn! My family is pretty jealous that we got to drive those race go carts, hopefully they’ll come with us. That Panamanian National soccer player was fun to watch! No we didn’t hear any singing...glad that you got to enjoy yourselves and celebrate! I enjoy reading your comments on cruise critic. Here’s to cruising together! Tina (roll call leader) is thinking of Bliss 2021 in Alaska. We’ll see! Joyce Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Following. Loved the Bliss, can’t stop talking about it. The race track is the best! The food, service and entertainment was incredible!
  9. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    Here are pool pics that I have: I realized that I don’t have very many pics of the regular pool deck. This is on deck 17 pool area: Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    I believe this cruise next year will be earlier in the year by less than a month maybe? Anyway, the ports that you will stop at are warm all year long, hot and muggy as a matter of fact. Bring clothes for warm weather 80% of the time. Many people were sunbathing everyday on the pool deck and the deck above. A lot of people got a nice tan. (We aren’t sun worshipers and prefer dappled shade, since we live in sunny Southern California). Indoors the air conditioning was not too cold where you need a sweater. But I brought a light jacket just to cover my big arms. Lol. You’ll need warmer clothes once you leave your last stop in Mexico as the climate changes on the pacific side of Baja California. Only your last two or so days it gets windy and cold. Hope that helps! You will love the Panama Canal cruise! Especially on our sweet Bliss! You’ll have more than enough sunshine! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    I’d say no. There is spice H2O that has 2 jacuzzis, one on either side of aft. And a water feature. Then there is the vibe, which is adults only; but you have to be one of a lucky group of 90 (?), who get in line right after boarding to buy passes to vibe, approximately $100. There are 2 jacuzzis there, no pool. There are 2 pools on pool deck, a kids water park playground pool area. These are for all passengers to use. I’ll post pics from the cc ap.
  12. skierjj

    Bliss MDR menus? Anyone?

    Yes we went to MDR taste: I have food pics too of that meal if you would like to see also? Just reply. :-) Joyce Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    Thanks I’m just seeing this for the first time once I got home! The video wouldn’t load while on the Bliss for some reason. Thanks for posting this and for letting us know about it. I’m glad it was speed-up.
  14. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    One more thing about tipping: We budget this in before the cruise, as long as we get excellent service, which we did, we expect to tip our room steward over and above the service charge, our concierge and our butler. We also tip at the end of the cruise anybody who gave us outstanding and memorable service. But that’s just us, there is no need to. The crew works very hard and give great service tips or no tips.
  15. skierjj

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    I don’t know the answer to this question. When you have UBP, I’m not sure how the gratuities are distributed. When I was in Alaska several years back, in the days when UBP was not a common perk, they gave you slips that included a tip, then you had the opportunity to tip over and above that. I used to slip the bartender a $1.00 bill, instead of giving more on the slip. He said it went straight into his pocket; whereas the other automatic tip was somewhat elusive and it was not clear who actually got it or how much. Nowadays with everybody seeming to have UBP and prepaid gratuities. We tip cash as we go for excellent service or a fancy drink or if we have a big or a moderately big win in casino. In the Haven, I tipped also at end of cruise several people including Emir who made our cruise fantastic and memorable. If anybody knows what actually happens with the 18% (? I think) that you pay up front when you book, (months and months) ahead let all of us know. I have no clue. Hope that helps.