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  1. Yes the biking was easy on both trails in Astoria and Monterey. In Astoria the trail is mostly on a boardwalk with trolley car railway tracks. It takes a little practice to cross the tracks. Our guide said to get as perpendicular as you can to cross them. Then it was easy. I think if I had known about an ebike tour of the 17 mile drive beforehand, in Monterey, we might have been interested in doing that. But we thoroughly enjoyed our 2 days of biking on this cruise. The weather was perfect.
  2. The next day was Monterey. We had been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and we have driven the 17 mile drive before. So we decided to rent bikes through Adventures by the Sea, on our own. We rode our bikes along the recreational trail along the coast. It was beautiful. Monterey is a tender port. They had early bird tenders, I think starting at 6:00 am! I was still sleeping then! There were no lines getting on the tenders. We ate breakfast first at great outdoors, which I love. We tendered a short distance 10-15 minutes at most. There were otters in the bay among the private boats in the
  3. The night of San Francisco, we saw the show Velvet which was very good. We had a late night dinner at La Cucina and a nice bottle of Spanish wine. I think it was a Tempranillo. The wine steward came over and suggested that we put it in a decanter. It was all very fancy. I had veal shank and I think Mike had a veal dish also. It was very good.
  4. More of the Golden Gate: And the setting of the moon in the middle of the night:
  5. Here’s to the air show and staying onboard ship for all of the action. Luckily we live in California and have seen San Francisco many times. But I still want to see Muir Woods and I would have liked to see the science museum. Mike said that we will come back to do the things that I want to do in and near this beautiful city. These are photos of sailing away from San Francisco and going under the Golden Gate: B2DB4D2C-CA9D-48C1-AF8E-872BE1DE82D3.MOV
  6. Next are some of the air show: The United 777 is the only commercial plane in an air show. DC0020BF-3264-42C8-83A6-2EC303A34EED.MOV 1B17F22B-7A35-46CB-AD4D-22453426E0A8.MOV
  7. Here a few photos and videos of the naval ship parade and the air show. Not the best quality but you get a taste of the experience that day. Like trivimp said, one of the highlights was when the huge F-35 flew right over us with the rocket engine fire blazing out the back end. It was so loud and fast. We were blown away! Car alarms went off 12 decks below us on the port of San Francisco. We were stunned and then everyone just started laughing, it was quite a shock! I don’t think I have any photos of the F-35. Here are the naval ships, if you look close you can see the sailors at ease
  8. Ooh I may have to check that one out. We’ve never been to New Zealand or Australia. I’ve got 4 cruise next certificates to use up by 2022. Joyce
  9. So impressive and so entertaining! Glad that you had a good cruise too! Joyce
  10. Yes! Everyone’s jaw just dropped! It was so loud!. I think I sat with you at the meet and greet. Loved your tiara! Joyce
  11. Thanks for following along. I think that you will enjoy the Jewel. Where will you be going?
  12. Yes we visited the ship store on the sea day and the last day. They were getting rid of all of their Alaska stuff, which was a lot! We were happy with our purchases. We did not need to fly so no worries about weight, but you can only carry home so much! We bought Zacapa XO and Zacapa 23, fine rums from Guatemala, “aged in the clouds”, at high altitude, which we fell in love with on our Panama Canal trip. Glad that you enjoyed your cruise too! Joyce
  13. The next port was San Francisco. What a beautiful city in the fall! Clear skies, sunny and warm days, sparkling water in the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge in all of her glory! I had a shore excursion planned on this day to go to Muir Woods and Sausalito through NCL. Thankfully to cruise critic, from someone on our roll call, I was informed that we we just happened to be in port the day of Fleet week: the naval ship parade and the air show. Mike convinced me to change plans and just stay on board ship and have a front row seat to all of the action complete with food and free drinks.
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