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  1. I have a KYSS (keep your stuff safe) bag...it has a steal chain and lock inside that you wrap around a chair, post etc. to keep it safe! This way we can both enjoy the water at the same time!
  2. Looking forward to your "Lives"! We will be on her in April for 4 nights.
  3. We are driving from Central Jersey to Naples in April for our daughters wedding. We have to transport the wedding gown, my gown and the maid of honors gown (our other daughter). We will drive straight through to Newport Richey (16 hours) and stop for the night at my moms. I am so afraid to stop at a Hotel and have to take the wedding gown out of the car....too many what if's! We will make the 3 1/2 drive to Naples the next day Wednesday...relax for 3 days have the wedding on Saturday, Then drive over to Miami on Sunday for the night and head to the Port on Monday for a 4 night cruise on the Enchantment...with the our daughter the Bride & son in law the Groom, our older daughter, son in law and 7 month old grandson, and our best friends from California! I'm sure we won't be as excited when we get off the ship on Friday morning and we are the only ones driving back while the others fly home and the bride & groom head out for a week in Cancun but it will all be worth it....we will be done paying for WEDDINGS!! We have decided to leave here about 3:00 am on that Tuesday morning to HOPEFULLY avoid all the crazy traffic in the DC area! We shall see how that plan works out!
  4. Thank You so much for letting us all tag along with you on this cruise. My hubby, best friends and my daughter and son in law will be on the Enchantment in April...thanks to you I am now so excited to board her!
  5. Looking forward to your cruise & following along. I agree with reallyitsmema...I have only seen bad reviews and we are cruising on her in April...2 days after our daughters wedding in Naples.
  6. We are going on Enchantment in April (first time on her). Does anyone know if the balcony doors can be opened between cabins on the AFT? Just found out our best friends are going to join us and were able to get the AFT cabin next to us.
  7. Lois, I am doing very well, thank you! We moved from Texas to NJ exactly 1 year ago, to be near our daughters. Since then our youngest daughter accepted a job transfer to Chicago....which was a great career move for her. She is getting married in Naples, Florida next April. Our oldest daughter who was married in 2014 bought their first home last year and now we are awaiting the birth of our FIRST grandchild...a BOY! He is due to arrive in 5 weeks! Life is GOOD!
  8. Lois, I love your new sandals! They look a lot like my Vionics...which I wear everyday. I may look at TAOS now and try them out! Have a fabulous cruise....which I know you always do!
  9. I am going on the Enchantment next April and have found no posts about the ship at all! I am so happy to hear that people love the ship...I was starting to worry!
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