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  1. Yes mbs we are sailing last weeks of feb, maybe st vincent not popular enough
  2. I have had an e-mail today to inform me that a excursion we have booked to st Vincent whilst sailing on britannia has been cancelled and p&o have successfully processed a refund into our bank, well two things......no money yet showing in bank and at this moment even more annoying no explanation of why the trip has been cancelled. Anyone had any experience of this in the past? Thanks.
  3. Went to the Baltics on this ship in may, not a well travelled p&o couple but really enjoyed this ship and hope the Britannia is as good in jan!
  4. Have another try as there has been some strange messages coming out of there in the last few days, I had been trying to book flight seats for January but the site was down most of yesterday but managed in the end but not before some strange messages coming back about my site was not secure and people were trying to hack my computer!
  5. Trying to book flight seats but when I go to pay it says site is down and they only hold the seats for 2 hr ( 20 min left)
  6. would not want to go it alone, even the passport girls seemed angry and spilling for a fight and the one going into russia was a stunning girl that should have been happy with the world!
  7. Having taken our 1st p&o cruise in may to the Baltics we found it easy to pick our excursions as we wanted to see all the countries we docked at and chose different ways with p&o to view these places. Our next cruise is in January to the Caribbean for my wife's 60th and this is the problem.....we are docking at nine destinations and feel to a certain degree if you have seen one Caribbean beach you have seen them all so we may pick about three ( cost comes in also) if I give the nine can you give me the must go-to and the ones to forget. Barbados Curacao Aruba Granada Saint Vincent Saint Lucia Saint Kitts Antigua Sin Martin Thanks in advance for answers.
  8. I am 60yr old so no spring chicken but the point I am trying to make is that it seems silly to me that people can wear the same suit 4 times on a formal night that may be years old and looking it and yet on a casual night smart trainers are banned.I appreciate that standards need to be kept but clothes and fashion change with time and generations, people in their 4os are getting to a cruise age but doubt they want to wear a dj on holiday. Also I may live in the north and have been a season ticket holder of my club most of my life but I do not own a football shirt, I also do not shop in primark and mr moonstone I will have a different shirt on everynight, how about you?
  9. Shows how out of touch some people and p&o are, adidas are a smart expensive item of clothing the ones I own are smart fairly plain but not black( I have more taste).I could go to various lower range shops and buy a pair of cheap looking shoes for a tenner and they would be ok, I get the formal bit where you have to be looking the part expected but this is casual nights I am asking about, this reminds me of the hotels we have been in where shorts are barred in the evening meal( I agree with) yet people are allowed in with cheap shabby three quarter pants on and yet the m&s shorts that can cost much more are not allowed, very out dated!!
  10. Another dress code question and that is p&o say no trainers on casual nights, does this mean trainers as in tracksuit bottoms or footwear because if it is footwear I find this strange as I have a few pair of smart adidas that cost over £100 per pair which is more than the cost of most pair of shoes and also they say CASUAL NIGHT !
  11. Going here on our cruise a week sunday and looking at the cruise personaliser there are 4 pages of excursions something for everyone but looking at your question the nearest I can find to suit would be simply st Petersburg, a two day trip costing £237 or splendour of st petersberg again over 2 days costing £264 (adult ).Hope this helps.
  12. Going on a Baltic cruise(arcadia) 26th may and after reading on here some of the well known artists that p&o get how do I find what acts will be on during our cruise?
  13. Had our embarkation time sent which is 2pm the problem is our coach down ( intercruises p&0 ) has sent details of pick up and arrival times and we do not get there until 2.30pm will this cause problems ?. Also WhatsApp or txt for contact when on ship, thanks.
  14. Hello, just need to know how soon(or late) does the pick up times arrive by mail, we are on a Baltic cruise 26/5/2019 and still have not had notification of the times. Thanks in advance for any answers given.
  15. Sorry, forgot to add thank you in advance for any answers!
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