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  1. Your post made me check on the status of my renewal... Our passports expire in November 2021. I mailed the renewal information on 4-7-2021 and the USPS said that it was received by the passport office in 4-9-2021. When I checked the website a few minutes ago I got this: The U.S. Department of State has received your application for your passport book on 04/27/2021. We're now reviewing your application and supporting documents. You requested routine service when you applied, which we are currently processing in 10-12 weeks. I hope this helps a
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers to you and your family.
  3. Asking in relation to the $40.00 fee for the "Health Visa". If you do not get off the ship will you still be subject to the $40.00? My guess is yes. If not, how will they screen you to get off. Show your " Health Visa" when you disembark in Freeport? An extra step that BPCL most likely would not do for liability issues. So, add the $40.00 to the cruise price. The major cruise lines will probably pad it into the cost upfront, or add it as a line item to the "Plus port taxes and Fees". IMO, just a money grab for the Bahamian government.
  4. So, if you stay on the ship, you are off the hook for the $40.00 fee? I hope so.
  5. Not sure, but I did a mock booking on-line and it wanted to put me on deck 7. This was for an October cruise. If they actually do sail, we will book a cruise as a warmup to our longer cruises, hopefully starting in November.
  6. No, they issued a credit. The first email I received after I filed my claim: We've received your recent inquiry regarding the account listed above. We're researching your dispute(s)and will respond to you within 30 calendar days. The second email I received after I filed my claim:
  7. We were booked on the 11-8-20 cruise on the Seaside, not sure if it was the same cruise. Anyway when I called in November to request a refund, I was told "one to two billing cycles". When I called in December to check, I still received the "one to two billing cycles" excuse, but I was refunded the taxes and port charges, as you were. When the end of January came and nothing was done, I called my credit card company, (B of A) and filed a dispute. In less than a week a I received notice from the bank that they (the bank) had issued a credit to my account.
  8. Yes, I have... It was for the Nov 8, 2020 cruise on the Seaside from Port Canaveral. It was canceled on Oct 8. I called, as requested in the MSC email and requested a refund on Nov 20. I called again on Nov 23 to double check and was advised that the port charges and taxes were refunded, (they were) and it would be one/two billing cycles for the rest to be issued. A call on Dec 23 and was made and was still advised it would be one/two billing cycles . I called my credit card company on Jan 25, (Bank of America) and explained the situation and filed a
  9. Also, there as not been a post on their Facebook page since Nov. 11th.
  10. My port charges were refunded also, but I did not receive the FFC email. so yesterday I called them. I was told that my FFC is showing in the system and anytime I am ready I can apply it to another sailing by calling in. My booking number will remain the same. I was also told that I can call in for a refund, if I do not want the credit. I asked the CS rep to email me the information as she explained it, and she said OK...I'm still waiting. I think I will just take the refund. Also have a Feb, 2021 Carnival cruise booked, doubtful it w
  11. Looks like the November Seaside cruises from Port Canaveral are canceled also 😢. Not sure if the FCC or $$ is better at this poit. When our Princess cruise canceled it only (yeah, only) took 45 days.
  12. And as of 3:10 EDT the CDC website still says the order expires on Sept. 30
  13. Head on over to the Nov 8th roll call for the Seaside. I asked the same question... Posted Wednesday at 11:32 AM All I know is that I just booked the Seaside for Nov. 1 to the 12 and the 7th is a sea day. It returns to Port Canaveral on the 8th and then to Nassau and then Ocean Cay. I guess it's two cruises but I booked it as one.
  14. We are on the November 8, 2020 sailing. I checked my booking this morning and I am able to book the ONE excursion, (Ocean Cay Snorkeling) and purchase web, drink, and dining packages. Still, none of the November sailings out of Port Canaveral are showing, only Miami sailings. Carnival and RCL, still show from PC.
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