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  1. Susan, sorry you did not have the best of times. Not sure but did you wind up getting the aft balcony? I'm guessing no. But anyway the cabin steward sounded like a disaster, and may have been the root cause of the cabin problems. We are taking two newbies on her next month, and we have adjoining aft balconies on deck 7. I hope the cabins are cleaner. They wanted to do something short, inexpensive, and fun.
  2. Thanks for the review and glad to hear you had a good time. We are taking some newbies on her next month.
  3. I also did a mock booking and they do show up on the BPCL site at $399pp. that was for 10-30-2019
  4. I can't see them on the deck plans I found on cruisedeckplans dot com either. They have the plans from the Costa Classica, but I'm sure the layout is the same. I'd be interested in these if they can be found! On edit, I did find this. Shows cabins 5531 and 5532, as jr. suites, but the current plans show those as white space, (crew areas?) On second edit the BPCL deck plans do show them both. Maybe you need to call them?
  5. I'm 64 and my wife is 72. We have been to both islands on more than a few occasions. We always try to get a clam shell, so we can have some shade. That said, my wife does have trouble walking in the sand at times and the clam shells on HMC are spread out in the back, behind the beach loungers, in a long line, and are first come first serve. If you don't get there early, you will do some walking to get to a clam shell. On Princess Cay, they are in a separate area, also first come, but all together, so the walk is not long. I would choose Princess Cay for the above reason, and also it just seems a little mellower and laid back. I also like the food layout more on PC. Both are beautiful, but I think PC is geared towards an older demo. If you parents were not going I'd say HMC. Either way they will enjoy themselves.
  6. Did you actually read what I said? If you did you would see that I actually agree with you now!
  7. You can read my response here in the BPCL section:
  8. I actually had someone I know, who could actually afford to drop some free cash one this, contact them about 6 weeks ago. He was told the name of the ship would be released to the public around mid August. He was also invited to a private on line seminar. He missed it, but was able to look at the presentation, (powerpoint). It was very obvious The grand Classica was the ship, but never mentioned. West Palm beach was also mentioned. My friend advised the sales rep to forget it as the ship was too old for him. The rep told him that things had changed and they would now do a new build, and to please reconsider. Their website is also now totally new, with an 813, (Florida West coast) number. You may now put me into the group that believes this is a total sham. I would like to hear from the two posters again that actually claim to have bought in.
  9. We had a great cruise on the Miracle. In my opinion the Spirit Class ships are Carnival's best. Absolutely the perfect size ship. The location of the Steakhouse, and Nick and Nora's in particular is fabulous!
  10. According to marinetraffic.com, it looks like she is now making a stop in Portland, OR. before Vancouver. On edit, there is a Vancouver, Oregon, next to Portland. Is that her destination?
  11. I'm not sure, but I think they have used Bimini in the past, again not sure. On edit I found this thread:
  12. Thanks for sharing, this is great. I used to love the horse racing on deck.
  13. I really do not mean to seem rude, honestly, I don't, but you are not showing me any official correspondence, or other communications from BPCL. Just something from your "source". I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are to yours.
  14. I guess time will tell on this one.
  15. Maybe there is some truth to "Storylines" taking possession of the ship? Just a thought...
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