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  1. Looking at the BPCL website this morning a noticed they now have a rewards club program. Looks pretty basic, but does offer the opportunity for a free cruise after four sailings with an OV room or, if you book a suite, after two sailings (Pinkie). Here is the link
  2. There is a review posted mentioning the RCCL incident and how everything on the ship was horrible and how the Oasis crew was more important. Wonder if is the same woman. I also doubt the validity of the review as the poster is a one hit wonder with the user name "Wpbfnews" . Anyone who is a local will know WPBF (Ch. 25) is the local West Palm Beach affiliate of ABC. I wonder what the TV station would think about someone taking that as a user name.
  3. Thanks for the trip report, sounds like all in all you had a good time . I'm guessing that the ship was not very full for your sailing based on the buffet being closed for dinner. Was it closed both nights? Also, was lunch in the Main Dining Room both days, and was it only buffet? In rereading your post I see there was less than 1000 people. When we did Celebration last, it was a Fri-Sat and it was pretty well packed, but the dining rooms were always empty when we went about 7 PM. Thanks again for your report
  4. I've used Groupon and there are no hidden fees, but, when BPCL is running deals like they are now, the "triple play" for example, it may not pay to use Groupon although a poster above said BPCL will match the Groupon price with no promos. They have a promo running for the last few days that if you can leave during the week, they are practically offering a 2 for 1.
  5. You will really appreciate the convenience and ease of use they offer!!
  6. Sorry, I think your post was read as to questions about Groupon itself. I did a review of my last cruise on the Celebration. you can read it here. The cruise is a great value and the ships are clean and fun. Keep in mind the the ships are smaller and older, not full of bells and whistles. I thought the food in the buffets and MDR was as good as anything on Carnival or Royal. The 10 drink coupon deal is worth it if you are a drinker. The on deck activities and music are geared, in my opinion, to a younger, more urban crowd, I'm in my 60's and still enjoyed myself. My only concern for you is if that you are planning to come down just for this cruise alone, the cost to get here may outweigh the cost of the cruise. You may want to plan some other things around the cruise. Would I do it again? You bet, planning on late May or June.
  7. That is good information to know. I'm assuming you did not get their "Triple Play" offer, of drink coupons, etc, but that Groupon price more than makes up for it. I have used the Groupon offer in the past and they are legitimate and I would not hesitate to use them again, but if BPCL is matching, there is no need.
  8. What Kmom mentioned above is true. Although still a bit of a party atmosphere the Mon-Fri schedule tones it down quite a bit. We have never done a West Coast 3 or 4 day, but we live in Florida within 2 hours of Port Everglades, Port Miami, and Port Canaveral, so we do short cruises often. Also cruise alot on Celebrity, Royal, Princess and HAL. We may be a little past middle aged. On these short cruises you would be hard pressed to notice any difference between Carnival, Royal, or NCL, at least in Florida. If anything, perhaps just slightly more subdued on Royal, but not really. I actually prefer the food on Carnival over other lines. We always get at least a balcony cabin and tend to avoid the crowds though. I've walked out on most of the Carnival production shows, but the comedy clubs are the best. Don't go into this cruise looking for comparisons with Carnival Fantasy Class ships, and bigger newer ships from everyone else, it is not fair. As someone else mentioned, these ships are great for what their market is. Go, have fun, lay back and enjoy. You'll want to go again. And, by the way... When the Imagination was based in Miami a few years ago, it was our favorite Carnival ship!
  9. We were on the Feb 3rd Nieuw Amsterdam and did not see this at all. Seated at an 8 top and some of our table mates ordered a 2nd entree a few nights. None of the wait staff said a word.
  10. We fit the older Florida demo, I'm 63 and DW is 71. We always pick late seating, have been since we started cruising in the 1980's Our dinner time at home is always around 8 PM, so it makes sense. At home, our "Early Bird" is "Happy Hour", cocktails until about 6, then we watch the news and catch up on emails. Cruising, we find a nice location and do "Happy Hour" until about 6-7 then go shower up, get dressed, (yes I'm the guy everyone is looking at in the Tux) and head to dinner. We like the long drawn out dinner that late offers, if we stay until after 10 PM, so be it. We also love big tables and conversation. A stroll on deck and a nightcap on the balcony and all is good with the world. I have noticed that late seating is not filling up anymore, there are alot of empty tables, as opposed to past years, and, at least for me, the crowd at late seems older. Maybe they are just sitting us with older folks. My guess is that early seating is popular for families, and also people want to get up, out and do things. See the shows, party, gamble, not hang around at the dinner table all night.
  11. I thought I would come back and advise what we decided. We picked the Liberty. DW did not want to leave from Port Everglades again as our last four cruises were from there. Last time we left from Port Canaveral was our last Carnival cruise in 2016. I also had some concerns about the crowding and decided to read some reviews first. But the big clincher for the Liberty was this reason... I hardly ever sign in to carnival.com as I'm tired getting calls from my PVP when I do. She is a total sweetheart, but no matter how often I ask her not to, she still calls, so I just do not log in. Yesterday I did. Since I was ready to book and call her anyway, it did not matter. Well, when I logged in and started looking around again, some very inexpensive, (like $50.pp less) expired VIFP pricing came up only for the cruise a week after we had planned. No matter to us, we are retired so dates are not that important. We never get off the ship on Bahamian cruises anyway, so the ship could float around for four days and we would be just as happy. All the aft balconies on deck 7 were open! When I called, my PVP she said for some reason the prices were still in the computer, and available. So aft balcony on Liberty it is. I'm a happy cruiser, (and saved a few hundred over the Sunrise)
  12. I agree totally. I have been watching all the sailings we have been interested in for about the last 2-3 weeks. There are no real sales and prices have been bouncing up and down, changing around $20 pp each time. Worse than the airlines lately and one can go dizzy for nothing. Yesterday the prices were $10 pp less than today, but today they are offering a $25 per cabin OBC. So yeah, it's all BS. We are looking at the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, so those are slow weeks. I usually don't do Early Saver, cause I always bargain hunt, but will do it this time. I'm not going to cancel unless something happens, but that is what insurance is for.
  13. Not yet, leaning more and more towards Sunrise, but not the aft. Either a regular balcony or a Cloud 9. Sunrise will just seem to have all the newer venues and we have been on Victory, and Liberty looks pretty much the same. I doubt we will get off the ship no matter where the ships stops, so I'm not that worried anymore about crowding. We can snag a spot on Serenity while everyone else is on whatever private island or port and on the sea day just relax around. I may hold off until the weekend to see what prices may do. I'm hoping for a March Madness sale.
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