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  1. Fla Mike

    Heads up Grand Celebration lovers

    Thanks for the info Pinkie, I'll be watching!
  2. Fla Mike

    Grand Celebration in Boston

    This was posted on BPCL's Facebook page about an hour ago. The Massport website still has no departure time for her listed. "You’ve seen her around the Boston Harbor for a few weeks, but the Grand Celebration is starting her journey back to Paradise!! Who’s ready to sail on this beauty?!Sailings on the Grand Celebration resume December 21st! #ABetterWayToGetAway"
  3. Fla Mike

    Grand Celebration Review

    I saw the Classica review and wondered how it got under the Celebration also. There are actually 2 more after that one, both dated November 2018. Perhaps the CC staff is not aware the Celebration is on charter. If you ask me the last 2 are from the same TROLL, and my guess is that all three may be from a unhappy BPCL employee. The majority of us that have actually sailed BPCL know that none of the information posted is true. Sometimes it is ignorance on the part of a first time cruiser, but again, in my opinion, either someone looking to stir up trouble or someone, (like an employee) has an axe to grind. I'd once read a very nasty review of an Azamara cruise we were on, and thought to myself that there was no way this person was on the same ship as us. Every other review was stellar.
  4. Fla Mike

    Grand Celebration in Boston

    Cruise Mapper still shows her up in Boston and the Massport Directory is not showing anything for her, (at least that I can see). Her first cruise out of WPB is scheduled for 12-21-2018 according to the BPCL website. If I had to guess, I'd bet on her being back around 12-17-2018.
  5. Fla Mike

    Closest Parking to Princess Terminal?

    Park and Fly fans here.
  6. Fla Mike

    Miss post

    Don't forget the young son...Master Post
  7. Fla Mike

    Celebrity 5 night - chic

    Just off the Monday - Saturday 5 day Infinity Thanksgiving cruise. Our sea days were three (Wed) and five (Fri). The chic night for us was Wednesday or day three. The reasoning I was given from the concierge was that no one would want to get dressed after being in port all day on our second day. Just a guess, but I'm betting on your cruise it will be day 2, or the first sea day.
  8. Fla Mike

    Has anyone NOT done any specialty dining?

    We too have not been to a specialty restaurant in a few years. The price has gotten out of hand and the food and service has declined. Besides, our meals last week on Infinity, along with the service was excellent.
  9. Fla Mike

    Nieuw Amsterdam (refrigerated medication)

    Glad it all was good!
  10. Fla Mike

    Gin and tonic

    Not sure of the tonics offered but here is a link to the Celebrity Beverage Packages that list all the brands. Just click on the blue "Learn More" buttons next to each package. The Gin offerings look pretty standard. I'm sure someone will chime in with more info and prices.
  11. Fla Mike

    Evolution of Dining Attire

    Well said!
  12. Fla Mike

    To bid moveup or not to bid......

    We'd take the aft cabin any day. As you'd never sailed in one before, it is great. Could sit out there and look at the wake all day during a sea day. Personally, We are not a fan of Blu. I know we in the minority, but we are not a foodies at all. The MDR is fine. What you also need to weigh is the price you paid for your C1 vs the upgrade cost per person. Will it less than when you originally booked? If it not, why bother, you didn't want to pay more originally. Do you have any perks with your booking. If not, perhaps you can use the upgrade costs towards something else. On our upcoming cruise the cost to move up to AQ was minimal, only $50.00 pp and the original cost for our C3 and AQ were identical, but as I mentioned, BLU is not important to us. The cost to move up to a SS was more than we paid for the cruise. Again, I'd stick with the rear C1, save AQ for next time when all the aft facing's are sold out.
  13. Fla Mike

    Port Everglades Parking

    We've always used Park and Go in the past, but as others have mentioned, it was starting to get very crowded, and cars were pack in like sardines. You will save a few dollars. The parking at the port is always plentiful, but sometimes the walk to the ship can be tough on my wife and dropping her off at the door with that madhouse is worse yet. For the last few cruises we have been parking with Park and Fly. They always seem to be a lot less crowded and you always park your own car, on a paved lot. Also, our experience is that you do not have to wait and cram into the shuttle back. We have always been able to call and in a few minutes they come for us. They are no less expensive than the port parking, but do offer a AAA or AARP discount, so it saves a bit. We will be utilizing them again on Monday.
  14. Fla Mike

    What is pearl status?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but If I'm reading that chart correctly, you need to drop One Million Dollars in the slots to get to the highest Ruby level? Looks like I'll never even make it to Onyx!
  15. Fla Mike

    Celebrity USS Enterprise at it again

    The Connie after the Celebrity Revolution...