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  1. I'll be really PO'd if they move us. We have an aft balcony on deck 10 and I do not want to lose it. Maybe a move to the YC?
  2. Like others I have been having problems getting my e-tickets to print for our Nov 7 Divina cruise. But for some reason I have been getting copies sent to me daily, sometimes two or three times a day since October 7th. I think I figured it out...maybe. When I go to print my tickets and click all the way through, the system tells me at the top that my docs are not ready and area on the bottom to email or print is grayed out. What I did notice a week or so ago is that my city is not listed correctly in the system, so I went in and corrected it. I received a new conformation, and e-tickets! Went back in and did the same for my wife. Again, I received a new conformation, and e-tickets! For the last few days I have been clicking around in the info section, but not making any changes. Within minutes I always get a new conformation, and e-tickets! I just tried again this morning, and it generated paperwork for me again. You may want to give this a try, it may work for you, nothing to loose really.
  3. Same for me with Our Nov 7th DAVINA cruise. I was on hold for a good 30 minutes and gave up. I also tried with our travel companions booking number and same thing.
  4. Here is a photo of the area mentioned above on deck 11 port-side aft.
  5. No, I gave up on it as it was not a solid offer but a bid and did not want to give up my aft on deck 10 in case I did not get the suite. As odd as it sounds, not really interested in the YC
  6. We were on that sailing also, and I will agree for the most part with your review. We cruise quite a few different lines on a regular basis, and I really like the food on Carnival. I agree that it has gone down a step, and my wife commented on the different ways they tried to change up the beef brisket from the first night. One thing, at least to me, they changed the fries somehow at Guy's, they were still good, but not as I remember. Red Frog Pub was a real winner, Steakhouse was superb, and the service all around the ship was fantastic. Did not care for the comedian, DJ Whatever, but based on the laughs, I was in the minority. Thanks again
  7. For Walgreens, three days seems to be correct. I would try to do a mock appointment on their site to see how far out you can go.
  8. On the Magic sailing Sept 23, there were signs by all the dance floors advising masks were required when dancing. Were people following the rules...not really, about 50% Was the staff enforcing the rules...not at all.
  9. This is actually a balcony suite for $235pp The sealed widow suites are only $120pp. If the upgrade does not come with the Aurea Experience I might I'll keep the bigger balcony
  10. We are on the four night Divina cruise November 7th, and just received an upgrade offer for a Regular suite and a YC Deluxe Suite. The prices offered now were the low bid prices they offered last month, but I may bite on it this time. The prices offered are: $235.pp for the Suite $465.pp for YC Deluxe Suite I already approached Lovey about the regular suite and she actually said yes! I very much doubt she would let me spring for the YC and do not want to push my luck. We are currently in a deck 10 aft balcony, Fantastica Experience, with the "All In" promo. So my questions are: Are all the regular suites Aurea Suites in the forward section of the ship? If I upgrade, do I also get upgraded to the Aurea Experience, or do I stay at Fantastica and only get the room? Would you do it? I'm sure this has been asked before, but I cant seem to find anything on it. As always, thanks!
  11. I know you will have better luck boarding this time than you did with the Magic a few weeks ago, we were on that cruise also. Although we had a good time, you really did not miss much.
  12. I just received my e tickets for our November Divina sailing and it says not to arrive before 15:00? Is this correct? Ship does not depart until 6PM, but really 3PM! Has anyone else gotten a late check-in like this, and really with the ships being so empty, can I just show up whenever? Thanks!
  13. Same for us...even on shorter cruises!
  14. Thanks for your honest review. We will be on Divina in November and you addressed some of the questions and concerns I had. It seems that getting a status match is an exercise in futility. I gave up after trying a few times. I have also heard the dining room service can be spotty and you verified that also. I was/am looking forward to a "Formal Night". Decided to bring my white dinner jacket, and the DW is getting all decked out for portraits on the crystal staircase. I've seen t-shirts and flips flops on HAL. Dress for yourself. It's all good. Not happy about the noisy group of college kids on the beach, but at the price point, it is to be expected. Also the bar staff was most likely getting tipped well from them. I will say something if there are little kids in the adult areas. I can get much louder than them. Again, thanks for your review.
  15. Thanks, I might even dust off the Tux!
  16. Do the photographers to portraits on the stairs?
  17. yes it is! Or is Thurston Howell III really me???
  18. No trouble at all. They gave it the once over and we were on our way. Easy peazy, as they say.
  19. We just got off the Sept 23rd Magic sailing yesterday. My PVP said it was capped at 65%, but it sure seemed like a lot more to me. We also had a very slow debark due to a escalator being down at the terminal, but IN THE MIDDLE OF DEBARK THEY CLOSED ALL THE SHIPS ELEVATORS FOR AN OPERATIONAL MAINTENANCE CHECK??? Who does that? We were able to self assist off at 9:45
  20. Our test were 9:30 and 9:45 with me being first. We drove up to the drive-through window I showed my ID and said DW (sitting next to me) had the next appointment, she verified her ID. I did my swab, handed it back, wifey did hers ...done.
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