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  1. ChicagoCrafter

    Twice daily cabin service?

    Thanks. Last year on Glory we were asked one or the other, no option for both so we chose evening. But, having cruised carnival before we may use of the cruising/snoozing sign and our steward stopped us one day to say "cruising" means service please, and that we'd only asked him for evening, so why were we putting the sign up during the day.
  2. ChicagoCrafter

    Twice daily cabin service?

    Is it still possible to request service twice a day or is the option completely gone?
  3. ChicagoCrafter

    Carnival Glory Drydock Update

    Holy poop they just made it right! I'm getting a 25% refund from this cruise and a 50% credit for my next. Didn't even gather my thoughts to ask. Hooray for proactive compensation and appreciation.
  4. ChicagoCrafter

    Carnival Glory Drydock Update

    Got off the boat today. In addition to the slide being disassembled while we were cruising, 2 of the 6 main hot tubs were broken and the steam room in the fitness center broke at some point on day 5. I wish we'd been notified about the slide, I could have altered excursion plans to get some slides in.
  5. ChicagoCrafter

    Massages in Eastern Caribbean ports?

    I got a massage on the beach on Grand Turk. I recommend booking in advance. I believe the name was ocean escape spa and they can be found on TripAdvisor
  6. ChicagoCrafter

    Cruiser's Wish List

    In the past, Santa has brought me a sun hat and packing cubes. Santa saw a sale on the Kindle Fire this year. Trying to think of some other nice to haves that I wouldn't splurge on myself.
  7. Besides gift cards and money, what are some cruise or vacation related gifts you have on your list for holidays and birthdays?
  8. ChicagoCrafter

    Any Time Dining - Pride

    Yes, it's great for 2. I think it even opens up about 15 minutes earlier than the early seating.
  9. ChicagoCrafter

    Miami post cruise late flight

    Just found out luggage express was discontinued but already booked a 9pm flight. What to do for day between cruise and airport, with bags (or suggestions on what to do with bags). Not interested in shopping.
  10. ChicagoCrafter

    Valet luggage offer

    Totally. Anyone have any good ideas or tips on what to do with your bag when you have a late flight and want to hangout one last day? Considering changing my flight now, just need to weigh the pros and cons of a change fee! I guess this is what happens when you only cruiser once a year... we'll have to go more often :)
  11. ChicagoCrafter

    Valet luggage offer

    Is luggage express still available for the return trip?
  12. ChicagoCrafter

    How do you pay for your cruise?

    i LOVE the daily $2 idea!
  13. ChicagoCrafter

    Anything Gluten Free at Tea Time???

    Yes, you just have to ask when you sit down. I don't remember what the options were but a woman at my table was also gf. They also have gf bread at dinner if you ask.
  14. ChicagoCrafter

    How to plan a back to back

    is back to back cheaper than just booking a longer cruise?
  15. ChicagoCrafter

    How to plan a back to back

    I'm interested in doing a back to back cruise next year. Where do I start?