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  1. We cancelled our flights -American Airlines- online. It was easy
  2. It's actually a smart business move. Since people know they can put off cancelling their cruise til that final 48 hours, they are less likely to cancel it before that final payment deadline of 90 days out. So people can wait and see if things improve. And I don't see how it will cost them anything. They are not giving any money back, they are keeping your money and giving you a future cruise credit. But I will agree that it does remove some of the stress when trying to decide what to do and also helps anyone that is past the 90 day deadline.
  3. Some people may find this useful...Buy everybody brand new underwear for the cruise. Leave it in the original package and just throw it in your suitcase. Of course there is always the alternative...Take raggedy underwear with you and throw it out after wearing. On the way home use that extra space for souvenirs.
  4. This is a good question. I'm not sure why I wanted to go on that first cruise, but it was probably because of that tv show Love Boat. I didn't know anyone who had been on a cruise, and this was pre-internet, so I studied the cruise catalog like crazy and based my wardrobe on what people were wearing in the pictures! Cruise #9 is coming up next month.
  5. Royal cruisers who have never cruised Carnival: "All Carnival ships are full of obnoxious drunks". Not True. Carnival cruisers who have never cruised Royal:"All Royal Caribbean ships are full of stuffy people who hate to have fun". Not True. If you go with an open mind and a good attitude you will have a great time on either cruise line. TRUE
  6. Regarding finding an unbiased jury, not everyone pays attention to the news. As cruisers, any cruise related story catches our attention but we probably all know people that are barely aware of this incident. (Although I will admit that in San Juan probably everyone knows about it). So I'm wondering - the criminal case will of course happen in Puerto Rico, but what about the Civil Law Suit?
  7. I don't think your question was silly, and I actually found it helpful
  8. People here are familiar with cruise ships, and know that it is not easy to accidently drop a child out a window unless you are doing something stupid. But what about the general public? Does anyone have any feedback from non-cruising friends who might believe the story that it is easy to fall out those windows?
  9. I'm guessing the lawyer took the case on a contingency basis. His payment is a percentage of whatever the parents get. If they lose he gets nothing. But if the parents drop the case there is no possible payout, so they would have to pay the lawyer for all the hours he has put in so far.
  10. Seems obvious, but make sure you know where your boarding identification is now, don't wait til the last minute. People have come here crying because they couldn't find their birth certificate, or the name was wrong, or their passport was missing,or their passport had expired, etc., and they didnt have time to get a new one
  11. It's possible you might be able to book the excursions that are listed as "sold out" on the website when you get onboard. And if you check out the St Thomas and St Maarten boards you may get some ideas
  12. I got up and went to breakfast and when I got back my bed wasn't made.
  13. If the card doesn't already have a hole in it, I get a hole punched in it at guest services. Then I put a key ring thru the hole so I can easily snap it on my lanyard or remove it
  14. 1. You can be walking around on deck, minding your own business, and Oops, fall overboard. 2. Everything a crew member tells you is true
  15. "Yes sir, you can remove the automatic tips. Step right this way".
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