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  1. "Yes sir, you can remove the automatic tips. Step right this way".
  2. What popped into my mind when reading this question was a person in a lounge chair by the pool, and the Abominable Snowman dressed like a butler bringing them drinks.
  3. The only way to handle the kids in port would be group excursions where everybody does the same thing. And I think it would be best to require that everyone who goes has a passport, and it's the parent's responsibility to get that done. On the ship, I guess each kid and their parents would need to sign a code of conduct contract which clearly spells out the consequences of breaking the rules. This would include the child being flown home at the parent's expense for serious offenses.
  4. The first thing we did with our rental car ($40) was drive to Wal-Mart. They have a large souvenir section with all the standard t-shirts, hats, etc. at a substantial savings. Also picked up some drinks and snacks. Then we went to the University of Alaska Museum of the North which is well laid out and very interesting. Finished our day with dinner at The Pump House restaurant. You can watch YouTube videos of anyplace you are thinking about going to see if you would like it. Thats how I decided North Pole was not worth the drive for us.
  5. Oops you're right. My bad! Forgot which board I was on
  6. Depending on your cruise line, they might also have self service laundries on board. And if you are doing a land tour, you can do laundry at the lodges
  7. Regarding dressing for dinner, your preferred dress for dinner would be fine on all the mass market cruise lines now. No need for fancy dress anymore unless you want to
  8. On the land part they prefer one suitcase per person ( which gets trucked to your next night's lodge), plus a small carry-On you keep with you for essentials. I have read that if you kick up a big enough fuss you can get extra luggage tags for your land luggage. But we had no problem packing enough clothes in one piece of luggage each. It was mainly jeans, shirts and sweatshirts. Our extra luggage pieces with things like dinner clothes and swimsuits we put in suitcases that were sent directly to the ship. I hope this answers your question
  9. They have a website you can check out. You can also see reviews about them on Trip Advisor
  10. The best way to splurge on a massage when you cruise is to get one at home, shortly before you leave. It's like starting your cruise early, at half the price. I've got a massage scheduled this Friday, leaving next Thursday. I may also add a pedicure
  11. We are doing a Princess cruise/tour that starts in Fairbanks. When we decided we wanted an extra night in Fairbanks we just told Princess we needed an extra night and they added it to our booking. So there was no need to know which hotel, but we probably paid top dollar for the convenience.
  12. I just got an email about the onboard entertainment for our upcoming Alaska Cruise (Coral Princess). I was excited to see that one of the movies listed is Black Panther because I have been wanting to see this. But I really don't want to watch it out on deck bundled up and freezing. Will I be able to watch it somewhere cozy and warm?
  13. The printed boarding pass is like your tickat to get on the ship. You will need that, plus proper identification. You will also print out luggage tags. These will have your name and cabin number on them so your luggage gets to the right place. You fold them up and put them on your luggage, but if you are flying to port wait til you get there to put them on. When you check in you will be issued a plastic card. This will be your room key, your onboard charge card, and your ship ID for getting off and on the ship
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