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  1. Maritime-connector.com says the Panamax maximum width is 110 feet. The HAL website says that Roterdam 7 is 114.8 feet in width. That suggests to me that, without a lot of lubricant, she would not fit in the old locks.
  2. Too bad. The photo above is captioned Agua Clara ( Canal Expansion) and it does not look like the older locks.
  3. Is the Nieuw Statendam a Post Panamax size ship and could only go through the new locks? That would be a cruise I would like to take.
  4. We were on the final sailing of the old Westerdam (the ship that was cut in half and lengthened) and they auctioned off the plaques etc that a ship receives the first time it visits a new port. I managed to get three of them for a nominal price. Now that I think of it I should get them out of the basement and hang them on the wall somewhere. 🙂
  5. We just disembarked Viking Sea, the hand washing at the entrance to World Cafe was all but mandatory, which we very much appreciated. We were told that the serving tongs etc. were changed out every fifteen minutes. This was our first Viking cruise and the first in the long time where we didn't get a ships cold. John
  6. Bodger

    USB ports

    Are the USB ports docked or tendered? 😁
  7. Christine said she was going to the Prinsendam.
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