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  1. WE did a cruisetour 5 years ago with Princess. We had a lunch only stop at McKinley Princess Lodge. I was very happy that they had a GF lunch sack ready for me! They were handing our lunch sacks as we entered, and I asked if they had GF and they had my name or #, something, and had one ready for me. So, be sure you have told Princess before the cruise, that she needs GF meals. We stayed at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. Meals were on our own there. I don't remember where we ate, but I did eat, so there must've been places close by that had GF foods.
  2. The Epic also has the Cavern Club, with a Beatles tribute band. They were very good 1 1/2 years ago on our T/A cruise! But, the club is small and you have to go an hour early to get a seat, as it is very popular. In Nassau you can also walk to Fort Fincastle, on your way to the Queen's Staircase. I think we even found a free walking tour map online. But, that was several years ago.
  3. That is sad. Thank you for posting what you saw and what it was like. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed some of the ports and cruise. And thank you for your level-headed demeanor. So good to know there were sensible people on that cruise!
  4. They advertised the Iceland cruise with the prospect of going there. It is NOT their fault they didn't. One of the chances we take when cruising. My TA cruise last fall was a complete change. The one I booked went to ports in Europe I hadn't been. Instead, due to inclement weather, we only went to the Canary Islands. They are nice, and the weather was great. However, I have been to the islands a few times. We also got nothing, no future credit, nothing! This was on RCI. Did anyone on our ship riot? NO!!!!!! I didn't even hear anyone grumble. Were some of us disappointed? Yes. Did we act like adults? Absolutely! Life is full of disappointments. Will I get to those ports that we missed? Maybe, maybe not. Will it impact me in my life? No, other than the disappointment that I handled in an adult manner. Anyway, we have become a ME society. Sad.
  5. Still not NCL's fault. And as adults, we have to learn to live with disappointments. It it no reason for a riot, which people obviously did. Horrible behavior! Act like an adult and suffer the disappointment with dignity!
  6. Plain and simple, read the cruise contract! Also, don't go on a small ship if you like the lack of activities! Just in case! Hey, RCI has a ton of huge ships, with a lot of fun stuff for bored people to do. (oh yeah, but maybe not when the weather is inclement! 😉) I am also peeved with the news reporting of this incident. This a.m. on ABC, they showed the video, then one news anchor said something about the cruise line needing to do something for these people. Argh! Sensationalism at it's worst. My last cruise we missed all of our ports. They changed, due to bad weather. We had been to all the ones they changed to, but what can you do? Nothing, enjoy what we had.
  7. Wow, Judy, congrats! Now where to? :)
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