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  1. I have to say this... the OP's source is CCN.COM. A crypto currency site? IMO, at the top of the heap of non-reputable news sources. Possibly trying to get people to mistaken it for cnn.com? Not to mention... click bait. Just say'n.
  2. I'm with @Travrat on this one. We are booked on the Equinox NYE cruise and the Specialty Dining in the Cruise Planner is a mess to say the least. Shortly after booking I noticed the only specialty dinner package was 2 dinners plus a lunch. I have no interest in Morano or Tuscan Grill for lunch. Then suddenly that package vanished and was replaced with the Holiday and Premium NYE extravaganza. According to the Cruise Planner all nights other than NYE have a "Holiday Menu" for $70.00pp. Another difference is the sample "Holiday Menu" shows only two choices per course. I attached the menu below. The NYE dinner in both restaurants is $119.00 and the sample menu is nothing special. I agree it is unfair to not reveal the offerings until after you book, but that is true for all sailings. The Cruise Planner is not available till after you book and sometimes prices or discounts are different from ship to ship and sailing to sailing. I enjoy Morano's normal menu and will miss it on this cruise. C'est la vie. We have been on only two Celebrity cruises and enjoyed them both. This is our first holiday cruise on any line and expected it to be a premium. But this specialty restaurant mess is a strange twist. Keep your expectations low and you will not be disappointed 🙂 Enjoy the cruise. Tom Murano_HolidayMenu_8.28.19.pdf
  3. The Wonder Awaits press release links to the producer's web site Iconoclast. Take a look at their other creations. Most if not all would be enhanced if you were in another state of mind (if you know what I mean).
  4. Bartender said this new menu was announced this week. I didn't ask if it is fleetwide. I'm not thrilled with the change in gin brand from Tanqueray to Beefeaters. New menu includes some additional liquors too.
  5. As has been posted prior... beverage package pricing is going up beginning in 2019. Was it announced that it will increase on exactly 1/1/2019? Only time will tell.
  6. My drink plan does not include vodka. I stick with gin and rum.
  7. We were in Izumi on the last night of a cruise and a large group of entertainment staff (8-12) came in for dinner. The problem with this, as with any restaurant, a large party can slow down the service/kitchen. Good thing we got our order in prior to them showing up. Normally in the WJ, I only see staff in the final hour when it's nearly dead.
  8. Chili with noodles would be called chili mac in my house.
  9. I don't hang out in the spa area, so are there no Steiner guys (or boys)?
  10. Red-eye flight arrives at SJU at 5:10am on day of cruise. One idea to kill time would be to drop off luggage with cruise port porters and then take a taxi somewhere for breakfast and return early afternoon to board the ship. Thanks, Tom
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