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  1. Got verified, booked a cruise in March which as now been cancelled. Don't think I will be booking one prior to December 9th, hope they expend the deadline. Great perk fo all of us that have been working the front lines this year.
  2. I bet the businesses in the port cities are not to happy about this.
  3. CDC suddenly stopped all crew transfers today of coast of San Pedro. They were not coming into port but transferring between anchored ships. No explanation was given, so they still sit anchored off the coast.
  4. Lol, part of the tour is learning to pour the perfect glass of Guinness. The guide shows you how and tells the group, whoever pours the best glass gets his glass in addition to your pour. I won!
  5. Hmmm, there are 2 Princess ships in San Pedro, 3 Carnival ships in Long Beach and several ships in San Diego.
  6. Rancho Palos Verdes checking in here. I am "essential", so I go to work everyday. All vacations have been cancelled through May, which sucks but since everything is shut down it's OK. I see the 3 Carnival ships everyday as there is 1 docked and 2 are anchored in Long Beach. I see the Star and Royal when they are in port but they have been out and about quite a bit lately. The USS Mercy is currently docked where the Star usually is so I don't believe both ships will be in port at the same time any time soon. Hope all are doing well and this will be over soon enough.
  7. Of course, as soon as a sale which includes OBC is offered. The current promotion isn't of value to me, so I'll wait.
  8. So the question I have is, was a crew member from the Diamond relocated to the Grand?
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