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  1. Ponant Yacht Club is the best loyalty program I've struck. We initially booked 2 cruises, and got our Major status cards before the first cruise - which meant free laundry and some discount at the shop etc on our first cruise with them. When we then booked 3 more, we were elevated to Admiral for having booked cruises 3 and 4, so got that higher level of discount (7.5%) off the 5th one despite booking all at the same time. We will also have the Admiral level of discounts etc on cruises 3 and 4.
  2. I recently boarded Le Laperouse in Cairns, and Ponant were strict with boarding times (the Captain greets each passenger as they board so he can't stand around all day!). We were allowed to drop our bags off a little earlier (3pm) and went and had a beer at a bar next door. As there are only 150 passengers to check in and board they whip through it quickly once they start.
  3. Hi all, My wife and I did 2 cruises earlier this year on Ponant's Le Laperouse (first of their smaller "Explorer" series ships, one from Cairns to Sydney and then through the Sub-Antarctic Islands off the bottom of New Zealand, and were very impressed. The cabins were small but beautifully appointed, and the service was generally excellent. The Expedition staff were particularly good (mostly Australian on these itineraries), and the crew did their utmost to ensure the passenger got the best possible experience (we had 3 changes on the Sub-Antarctic cruise due to weather
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