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  1. I should imagine she would they're all in the same boat (pardon the pun)
  2. Surely when your away 9 pints is just the afternoon session ;)
  3. I was on the dream July last year there are plenty of teenagers (myself included) on board, once you meet up with a few you tend to not worry about the activities provided and do your own thing
  4. It was £25 on the destiny should imagine it will be about the same. I remember years back when you give them the key back they give the money back
  5. I'd agree that they didn't seem interested in the cruise at all, the crew did their best but decisions made above their heads didn't help them at all.
  6. I thought he was brilliant, sorry a little confused do you mean Steve's wife is in the destiny show team? (Maria). Dylan Roberts was assistant cruise director he was fantastic also he had brilliant voice.
  7. Currently the only photo I can upload as it's through my phone,once I put my photos off the camera there are much better photos of her
  8. Being on the destiny on its final cruise we were told by some waiters no one visited the majesty to look around and when we asked the reception we were told that it was unlikely that anyone could look around it.
  9. I just came back off the Destiny I have to say with out doubt the best show team, entertainment hosts/hostesses I've seen on a Thomson cruise to date, the cruise director Steve Johnson was brilliant such a nice guy he had time for everyone played his role so well, i thought he was exceptionally funny and quick witted and a good interviewer when he interviewed the captain in the can can lounge, he is easily the best cruise director i've seen on the Thomson ships. People talk about Steven Guy, I personally think he thinks too much of himself, where as this guy was fantastic and not just me everyone I spoke to thought highly of him too He said that the destiny was his first ever Thomson ship he's worked on but I wondered if he's been on island escape? I very much hope he gets on the majesty or another Thomson ship, as he went home on the final day and wasn't sure where he was working next.
  10. Just returned from the final cruise on the destiny very emotional. I'll post some photos of the majesty as soon as possible
  11. That isn't what you want to see web your on a ship and I totally agree that it shouldn't be taken to such an extreme. I feel sorry for his partner who no doubt would have been totally embarrassed by his behavior.
  12. I'm not one for drinking loads but when i'm on holiday and i've paid my money for AI and I feel I deserve to have a few more than normal ;)
  13. Yeah we are, the itinerary that is on the website is the new one, the letter says "due to technical complications we are no longer calling at Toulon or Naples and instead spend 2 days at Corfu arriving at 8:00am Thursday" (or something to that extent) a little disappointed but then we can look around Corfu, and take a look at majesty which I'm guessing is the technical complication ;)
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